FuturamaDr. Zoidberg is a complex character, and like an onion, he has many layers. He is impertinent despite his lack of intelligence, cheap despite his expensive taste, and full of himself despite his obvious shortcomings. But at the end of the day, we love Dr. Zoidberg, because despite all of his quirks and idiosyncrasies, he’s hardworking, honest, and even loyal once you get past his tough, sticky exoskeleton, and find your way into his heart. While you may not want to leave your lunch unattended in Dr. Zoidberg’s presence, if you catch him stuffing your face with the contents of your brown bag, his apology will be worth remembering.

Dr. Zoidberg is also one of the FuturamaMost quotable characters, so we wanted to pay tribute to him, and all the side exchanges he’s had Futurama. If we could rank a hundred Zoidberg quotes we would, but we’ll stick to ten of his best for the sake of brevity.

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10 “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Fry. You’ve lost the woman of your dreams, but you still have a Zoidberg. You all still have a Zoidberg!”

20th Century Fox Television

If you for a long time Futurama Fan, you know very well that Dr. Zoidberg has two distinct personality traits: he’s too full of himself, or he’s full of shame. This particular quote highlights the former in the sense that his sense of self-importance is exaggerated, to say the least. The scene in question involves a sad and emotionally depressed Fry.

Having just been dumped by Leela, Zoidberg tries to console him by placing his paw on his shoulder, reassuring him that he still has Zoidberg. As you’d expect, this self-inflated gesture of kindness doesn’t comfort Fry much.

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9 “Once again, a conservative, sandwich-filled portfolio pays off for the hungry investor.”

Futurama Doctor Zoidberg Sandwich Wallet 1200 x 630
20th Century Fox Television

When the stock market goes down, everyone is in distress after realizing that they are financially ruined. Well, except for Dr. Zoidberg who in his infinite wisdom has invested in a bunch of sandwiches. But shortly after uttering that iconic quote, he took a bite out of a sandwich that was covered in mold because it wasn’t stored properly before announcing that it had, in fact, been ruined.

This is just one of many quotes that highlight Dr. Zoidberg’s predatory appetite and how often counterproductive it is. But still, you can’t help but feel bad for the insatiable crustacean, as one of his other brilliant schemes backfires.

8 “I am confused, Fry. I feel a strange new emotion. Is it love to take an interest in a female for reasons other than mating?”

Futurama Zoidberg's Strange New Emotion 1200x630-1
20th Century Fox Television

When mating season rears its ugly head, Dr. Zoidberg reverts to his baser instincts by revealing his desire to mate. And though he usually finds himself bloated with impatience over wanting to push his jelly on to a new generation, we find Zoidberg appealing to Edna’s feelings of overwhelming him with less carnal desires in the episode titled “Why Do I Have to Be Crustacean in Love?”

But leave it to Fry to make Zoidberg’s misguided attempts at romance fail when he assures his fellow con man that he might just be having a “weird weird affection.”

7 “Your music is bad and you should feel bad.”

Futurama Zoidberg annoys Fry
20th Century Fox Television

Although Dr. Zoidberg’s delivery is often difficult, we have to give it to him to reveal the truth in some situations. When Fry loses his holophone abilities after striking a botched deal with the Devil, his narrative quickly implodes when he can’t keep up with the musical notation. Through the overwhelming jeers of the crowd, our old friend Dr. Zoidberg loudly announces to Fry that not only has he done poorly, but that he must also feel bad for wasting everyone’s time.

If only we were brave enough to say the same thing at our friend’s local band show we were dragged to on a Tuesday night.

6 “Hooray, people care about me.”

Futurama Zoidberg smiles happily
20th Century Fox Television

We mentioned that Dr. Zoidberg is someone who cycles between delusions of grandeur and periods of self-loathing, and this quote includes both feelings in some way. On the one hand, Dr. Zoidberg rejoices in the fact that he is deemed appropriate of the moment. On the other hand, he is so hungry for positive reinforcement in his daily life, that he will simply take what he can get.

It is this level of transparency that ultimately makes Dr. Zoidberg such a sympathetic character. Despite his occasional brush with narcissism, he still clearly knows his place in the universe.

5 “I’m swollen with patriotic snot!”

Futurama Zoidberg swells with patriotic snot
20th Century Fox Television

In the year 3000, the citizens of the world celebrate Freedom Day, a holiday that has no legal implications for one’s actions. in Futurama Freedom can be likened Cleansing In the sense that everyone is free to do as they like. In the episode “A Taste of Freedom”, however, Zoidberg’s love for planet Earth is slightly swelled when he is consumed by geoscience with enthusiasm, and is promptly sentenced to death. In other words, Freedom Day has a cap on the kind of ways one can celebrate it.

4 “If rich people think it’s good, I’ll buy it. One art, please!”

Futurama Doctor Zoidberg Art Purchase
20th Century Fox Television

When all of Earth’s citizens receive a $300 tax refund from Zapp Brannigan, everyone in the Planet Express Crew wants to spend their windfall rewards differently. Leela decides to go on a whale tour, Fry decides to blow it all on 100 cups of coffee, and Dr. Zoidberg wants to try living like the rich and famous. Since the rich can usually buy fine art, Zoidberg also wants to buy art, so it can be considered respectable and sophisticated. But in his naivety, he doesn’t know how to do it, so he decides to simply buy “One Art”.

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3 “I don’t like the look of this doctor. I bet I’ve lost more patients than he’s cured.”

Futurama Zoidberg is a very bad doctor
20th Century Fox Television

There is no doubt that Dr. Zoidberg is in fact a doctor, but we can’t stress enough how bad the doctor is. In fact, he is such a bad doctor that he sees the number of patients he has lost throughout his career to his own incompetence as a badge of honor. If we had to briefly describe Dr. Zoidberg’s abilities in the medical field, we’d liken him to a veterinarian who specializes in dogs trying to perform open-heart surgery on a lemur.

This just goes to show you that length of service doesn’t matter much in the medical sector if all of your patients are dying early on your hands (read: claws).

2 I ate garbage yesterday, and it didn’t cost me $300! “

Futurama Zoidberg dumpster diving
20th Century Fox Television

Given Dr. Zoidberg’s voracious appetite, he’s not in the habit of diving into the occasional dumpster. But when he charges $300 for a small amount of food at an upscale restaurant, he has to make it clear that he’s eating more satisfying meals for free. Listen, we’ve all had our low points, but the way most people get through the day is by not acknowledging out loud for everyone to hear. But in the end, he is right.

Some of these upscale restaurants that are emerging could probably do better if they lowered their price points a bit.

1 “Wooop, noob, noob, noob!”

Walking Whooping Crab by Dr. Zoidberg Futurama
20th Century Fox Television

We can’t pinpoint a specific episode where we hear Dr. Zoidberg fire his signature “whoop-whoop-whoop,” but if you want to hear it, just fire up HULU and pick an episode. Zoidberg yells when excited. Zoidberg yells when he is excellent excited. Zoidberg even lets out a hollow whoop when taking the wind out of his sails. Pair his wailing sound with his famous crab walk, and it’s safe to say “whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop!” is the best quote from Zoidberg throughout the run Futurama.

But given that Futurama Created by Matt Groening, we couldn’t help but notice how strikingly reminiscent Zoidberg’s shouts are Homer Simpson’s in the episode “Last Exit to Springfield.”


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