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In a recent interview, Zack Snyder An amazing revelation about him Moon Rebel: The movie does not display the moon’s name at any time.

The next sci-fi scene on Netflix Moon Rebel It is already gaining interest from space movie fans. Snyder has teamed up again with Netflix after a successful run Army of the dead. The director embarked on an ambitious two-part journey with Moon Rebel.

The story follows the heroine, Kora, played by Sofia Boutella, across multiple planets as she raises an army to fight an oppressive ruler. The film has an intriguing premise brought to life by an impressive cast of talent, including Charlie Hunnam as Kai, Djimon Hounsou as General Titus, Donna Bay as Nemesis, and robot Jimmy, voiced by the brilliant Anthony Hopkins.

Not only does Snyder push boundaries in terms of storytelling, but he also sets a new course in accommodating diverse audience tastes and preferences. However, in a recent interview with Empire for the magazine’s August 2023 issue, Snyder revealed that Moon referred to in the title does not appear in either of the franchise’s first two films. This reveal demonstrates Snyder’s bold and confident vision for his next sequel.

The director intends to introduce said Moon in a potential third part of the franchise, which makes an interesting statement:

“The Rebel Moon isn’t the moon they’re on. The title was conceptual, but there’s a planet named Vanna, and Vanna is the Rebel Moon. It’s not even in one shot of this movie!”

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Snyder’s epic plans for Rebel Moon


Beyond that, Snyder’s ambitions Moon Rebel It extends far beyond a movie. He has expressed interest in turning the project into a full franchise. There is the possibility of merging a TV series and a trilogy of films. Currently, only the two films are officially in the pipeline. Netflix, recognizing Snyder’s creativity and potential, reportedly invested an estimated $166 million to develop these two films, underlining their confidence in Snyder, especially after his previous success.

Snyder’s previous movie on Netflix, Army of the dead, despite not making the top 10 most watched Netflix original movies, it garnered a huge viewership with over 186 million hours watched within the first month of its release. Its performance was commendable enough to merit a sequel approved in 2021. Snyder noted that Fate Army of the dead The privilege is conditional on performance Moon Rebelconfirming Netflix’s keenness to continue its alliance with the director.

future expansion of Moon Rebel Excellence hinges on viewership. on condition Moon Rebel Positioned as a family-friendly space adventure (with an R-rated sequel to be released later), the film is expected to exceed the ratings. Army of the deadwhich was aimed at a more mature audience. if Moon Rebel Meets or exceeds Netflix viewers’ expectations, it’s very likely that Snyder will be given the opportunity to create a third movie, and possibly expand into a TV series.


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