Although the movie was based on a 2006 book written by Max BrooksAnd world war z It came out during prime time for the latest era of dystopian movies and series. With shows like the walking Dead and privileges like hunger Games And maze runner Thrown to the masses, who wouldn’t want to see another version of the world go wrong chaotically? Brad Pitt stars in this apocalyptic horror movie as a super dad who simply tries to save his family from a strange outbreak that is turning people into zombies. The plot is action-packed, and there are many instances where you will find yourself holding your breath along with the characters in anticipation.

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Since the movie’s release in 2013, all of the actors have gone on to lead lives that are more successful and “normal” compared to how their characters end things. Check out what he casts world war z Since they were fighting zombies and where they are today.

Brad Pitt

Paramount Pictures

Brad Pitt It’s been a household name for quite some time now. People usually know him for his movie scores, his previous marriage to Angelina Jolie, or his status as one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. In 2013, the same year, it was his highest-grossing film, world war zwas released, Pete also produced and played a role in it 12 years a slave. He also had roles in dead poolAnd Once upon a time in hollywoodAnd the lost City, And Express train.

However, after becoming sober in 2016, Pete found himself more behind the camera than in front of it. His production company, Plan B Entertainment, has supported films such as beatiful boyAnd blondand the limited TV series Underground railway. Include the latest projects of Beit beetle 2 (Production Only) and a new thriller by John Watts titled Wolves.

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Mirai Enos

Mirai Enos in World War Z
Paramount Pictures

before Mirai Enos She was defending her daughters against the flesh-eating zombies world war zShe is best known for her role as Detective Sarah Linden in the drama series the kill. Of her seven award nominations, she has received six for her role in the crime drama series—the seventh was for her role in the series Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? Something about her looks, talent, or personal preference seems to constantly draw Enos back into the action and drama genres.

since world war zEnos has starred in movies like If you stayAnd The lieAnd Miranda’s victim. As for the TV series, she played the main role in them HannaAnd Good omenAnd Lucky Hank. When it comes to her personal life, fans find it gratifying that in 2008 Enos married Alan Ruck (who played Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and they have two children together.

Sterling Jerins

The sequel to World War Z gets the director of the orphanage, Juan Antonio Bayona

world war z He was Sterling JerinsA great movie, and even though she wasn’t on screen most of the time, her portrayal of the intimidating youngest daughter made an impact. In the same year, Jerins appeared in Sorcery, and went on to star in the next two films of the franchise. In 2015, Jerins played the daughter of Owen Wilson and Lake Bell in another action-packed movie, no escape.

Since her main role in the TV series, divorceJerins has kept a bit of a low profile. Her Instagram looks fairly normal for a young adult who recently graduated from high school. Overall, fans hope to see Jerins in bigger, more mainstream roles.

Abigail Hargrove

World War Z - Rachel Lane
Paramount Pictures

Before you were rachel lynn in world war zAnd Abigail Hargrove He had a small role in the independent short film, Butterfly Circus. Next, Hargrove starred in Firebird, where you play a curious girl who is more in touch with nature than she ever imagined. For the most part, Hargrove has stayed out of the spotlight. Like Jerins, she’s taken to more social media.

In which Twitter Biography, Hargrove considers herself “a follower of Jesus, an actress, a singer, a mild allergy to pistachios.” She sure has a great sense of humor and seems genuine in her lauding posts. As of now, Hargrove doesn’t seem to be working on anything, but we hope to see her name on the big screen again one day.

Fabrizio Guido

Fabrizio Guido in World War Z
Paramount Pictures

Although many may not know his name yet, Fabrizio Guido has made waves in his career. In the same year, Guido was able to see his own performance at world war zHe also played the role of Demetrio Hernandez Welcome to the family, in which two families are forced to interact due to the pregnancy of a young couple. Guido took a break from acting for a few years, but came back in full force in 2018 as director and executive producer of his first short film, dog days.

His most recent work includes directing a science fiction short film the train and starring alongside the great Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias as Mikey Gutierrez in the TV series Mr. Iglesias. Guido seems well aware of what he wants to do with the business; He just needs a big break in an adult role.

Daniela Curtis

World War Z - Daniela Curtis
Paramount Pictures

To prepare for her role as an officer in the IDF in world war zeveryone Daniela Curtis She had to look back on what her father and brother did in real life. Originally from Jerusalem, Israel, Kertesz found her footing in the entertainment industry while abroad. She had roles in a few different shows until she came to the States and landed the part of Segen alongside one of the biggest actors in the business.

Since her zombie-fighting days, Kertesz has starred after deathand participated in the Israeli TV series, stezel. As of now, Kertesz maintains a more private life, but fans expect her to return in more blockbusters.

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Fana Mokoena

Fana Mokoena in World War Z
Paramount Pictures

before his turn in world war zFans knew Fana Mokoena Among his roles in films such as Rwanda HotelAnd Preacher machine gunAnd safe house. Shortly after his time as a man who essentially saves Pitt’s character, Mokoena took a break from the film industry to return to South Africa and focus on politics. He was a member of the National Council of Provinces for nearly three years until his departure and was appointed as a member of the National Assembly in 2016.

He founded Praise Poet Pictures, and in 2021, Mokoena has a lead role in a South African series. scandal! As of now, Mokoena seems to have his hands full, but fans don’t think they’ve seen the last of this talented guy.

James Badge Dale

James Badge Dale in World War Z
Paramount Pictures

James Badge Dale No stranger to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Before hooking up some awful gear to world war zDale is best known for his roles in TV shows 24 And Pacific. As for the movies, some may recognize Dale from his younger days when he played Simon in it lord of the flies or his 2013 appearance in Iron Man 3 Like Eric Savin.

Dale has been a part of some successful acts with bigger names, but for the most part, he’s maintained a steady line of work. As of now, Dale is set to be a part of the late blooming action thriller, Rebel Ridgeand is working on the third season of the TV series Hightown Where he plays a detective in Massachusetts.

Woody Boykin

Ludi Boeken - World War Z
Paramount Pictures

althoug Woody Boykin Not much in front of the camera, he knows his way around the camera crew and his position. Boeken has been making films since 1987, starting with Israeli dramas Unstable Earth. Boeken has traveled all over and directed some great movies like life train which focuses on an entire Jewish village’s attempts to escape the Holocaust.

Over the past decade, Boeken hasn’t been directly linked to much of anything. However, he was noted as a partner in the French production company, Acajou Films.

David Morse

David Morse in World War Z
Paramount Pictures

David Morse He used to be the biggest guy in the room at 6’4″, so when he appears on screen or on stage like almost any character, all eyes are on him. Morse got his big break in the industry through the medical drama series St. ElsewhereFrom there, people wanted his strong presence in their work. He has been a part of movies like negotiatorAnd green mileAnd concussion.

At this moment, Morse’s latest film, Gettysburg addressis about to release the premiere date of his miniseries, The last thing he said to mejust released in the spring of 2023, he was nominated for a Tony Award for his role as Uncle Beck in the theatrical production How did you learn to drive?.


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