It’s time to find out who will be the last heir to ‘Succession, the series through which HBO Max continues to demonstrate its ability to produce the best series of the moment. To do this, we spoke with Logan Roy himself, the patriarch of the Empire of Fire and Brimstone who was reincarnated by the most fun. Brian Cox, delighted with his visit to Madrid and adores the Prado Museum.

    It was amazing, I love it, I adore PradoHe admits after he was in the news when all the media covered Brian Cox’s visit to the Prado Museum. I first came here in 1971, yeah, I think it was my first time. I made my first film in Madrid, “Nicolás y Alejandra”, playing Trotsky. And I’ve done it here“.

    Integrators who should have read our analysis of the beginning of the first chapter of the final season of “Succession” will be looking for the movie Franklin J. Schaffner shot after helming such hits as Planet of the Apes (1968) and Patton (1970). ) and before the fantastic “Papillon” (1973). Fortunately for them, “Nicolás y Alejandra” (1971) is available in the Amazon Prime Video and Filmin catalogs.

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    It’s Franco’s time, and you know, Franco, the less the better.Cox continues. The point is that I went to the Prado and couldn’t believe how terrible the museum was at that time. All these amazing paintings were very poorly lit, you couldn’t see through, it was a very dark place. Now, and not just now because I came recently, I went to Prado again about four years ago, and it’s great.

    “I mean, Perhaps it has become the best art museum in the world.“, Sentence.” The lighting, the rooms… There is an elegance in the rooms that embraces you, and the paintings embrace you in a way. I love him, I really do.”

    Prado Museum

    Masterpieces of the Museo del Prado

    Prado National Museum

    23.75 euros

    “The knowledge of his team is simply impressive. When they stopped at Bosco, the triptych, and started talking about it, I was amazed,” says the dedicated Cox. “It’s impressive, you’ve been so impressive with the team and with the Prado State. It makes it worthwhile to come to Madrid, don’t you think?

    Thanks to his roles in jewelry such as Braveheart (Mel Gibson, 1995), The Bourne Case (Doug Liman, 2002), Last Night (Spike Lee, 2002), and Adaptation. The Orchid Thief (Spike Jonze, 2002), “Troy” (2004), “Match Point” (Woody Allen, 2005) and “Zodiac” (David Fincher, 2007), Brian Cox will go down in history as his amazing incarnation of Logan Roythe head of the Impossible Enterprise family who stars in “Caliphate,” a production that presents its fourth and final season as it searches for a place at the top of the best series in history.

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    Courtesy of HBO

    Son of Spielberg, Lynch’s assistant and look-alike Shinji Ikari.


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