When Winnie the Pooh falls into the public domain in January 2022, writer/director Reese Fricke Waterfield wasted no time crafting a movie to capitalize on Disney’s loss. by May of that year Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey It was in development and is scheduled to be released in October. Thanks to media frantic talk of “nightmare fuel” and “ruining our childhoods,” the movie caught on before it was finished, prompting extra funding from the studio and subsequent additions and reshoots. The right call was, like blood and honey It has earned over five million at the box office and already has a sequel with five times the budget in the works. Hopefully this means we get to see more of Christopher’s old friends in the next movie, including Tigger – he can’t be in Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey Because he didn’t appear in A. A. Milne’s childhood classics until 1928 The house in Bow Corner.

So, it is Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey scary? Barely, as evidenced by the film’s very low Rotten Tomatoes score. No, the movie about everyone’s favorite silly old bear-turned-homicidal psychopath probably won’t scare more, but it has blood and brutality that might make some viewers squeamish. Pooh and Piglet did go savage, after all, crushing, slashing, and beheading in their quest for revenge.

10 Boo and friends are going savage

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blood and honey It begins with one of the scariest moments. Using stylized ink illustrations, the narrator explains the tragic backstory that led to Pooh and Piglet becoming homicidal maniacs. As a child, Christopher Robin used to visit the Hundred Acre Wood to feed his forest friends. When he grew up, he abandoned animal/human hybrids and left them to fend for himself. Starving and seemingly without any other options, Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit and Owl eat Eeyore; The act is enough to make them all snap and vow revenge on humanity, especially Christopher Robin. And in case you forgot the death of the depressed donkey blood and honey It reminds you to show his rough grave in the background.

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9 The locals can’t help it

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2023 movie
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When escaping from Pooh and Piglet’s compound, Maria and Jess encounter a group of local men and frantically try to tell them what happened. To no avail, however, as Pooh arrives and the locals decide they need to confront him despite the warnings. The four beat the bear mercilessly, but nothing happens to this creature in the woods; Pooh dispatches his potential rescuers with ease.

In one swift motion, Pooh swipes half of his face, leaving behind only his skinless muscles before dropping dead. Pooh cuts through the second with ease, karate chops his hands before crushing his head under his feet like a watermelon. Overpowering the third, and killing the fourth, Pooh reveals another power: he can control bees. Sending a horde of vermin after the last man, the Beast is so confident in his killing power that he doesn’t even bother looking back.

8 Alice kills Piglet, Pooh kills Alice

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey
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After the horrors she witnessed, it’s no wonder Alice was out for blood. She is able to jump Piglet and knock him out with his own sledgehammer; When he wakes up, he is tied up, and Alice is standing over him with the weapon. As she avenges the deaths of her friends and lover, the film cuts to Pooh in the distance sensing something is wrong with his piggy friend. Fortunately, Alice is able to get the final blow on Piglet before Pooh arrives. In an act of revenge, the Beast lifts Alice off the ground and slowly slashes a knife into her throat, pinning her to a pole.

7 Jace’s head was cut off

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2023 movie
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There is a moment when Mariah and Jess may see a light at the end of the tunnel. When Pooh arrives and the locals try and fail to fight him off, the two prudently lock themselves in their van. They turn on Pooh, but it’s barely enough to finish off that bear; He climbs onto the bed and crawls creepily towards the windshield as Maria speeds off at great speed. Bo inevitably flies when Maria collapses, but nothing will stop the bloodshed. He pulls Jess out of the truck by the hair, and Maria watches in horror as the killer monster rips off her head and cleans her body. Nonchalantly, he threw his head against the windshield and Maria opened the wipers to keep her away; There is no such luck, though he smears Jace’s blood and entrails on the window to Maria’s bitter horror.

6 Pooh Isn’t Done with Christopher

Winnie the Pooh blood and honey
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After Bo decapitates Jace, it is time to claim his final victim. A feral bear pulls Maria from the truck, but before he can act, Christopher arrives to save the day. He slams the truck into Pooh, folding him over the hood and incapacitating him, but not for long. Christopher leaves the bear to be burned by the truck as he goes to help Maria, but Bo gets up and moves before they have a chance to escape.

The truck explodes in a massive fireball that burns in the background as Bo chases menacingly toward his final victims. He grabs the bloodied Maria and holds a knife to her throat as Christopher begs for her life, offering to stay with Pooh if he shows her mercy. But this bear had no mercy left in his heart. In his only line in the film, Pooh tells Christopher, “I’m gone,” before slitting Maria’s throat.

5 Christopher arrested

Winnie the Pooh with blood and honey captures Christopher
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It seems that watching Piglet murder his fiancée in cold blood wasn’t enough to convince Christopher that his former friends were no longer friendly. Bo, and a pair of monster men soon find Christopher’s corner as he repeatedly begs for their understanding and forgiveness. They slowly approach a screaming Christopher and then, in another scene from the demo, drag him into the cave where they ate Eeyore. Bo forces his former best friend to see the consequences of his actions – the bones of the friend who was doomed to die. To rub it in further, the unloved duo cremated Mary and tortured Christopher with her charred remains.

4 Lara gets crushed by a car

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2023 movie
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Social media obsessed Lara just wants to have fun, but gets more than she bargained for when Pooh and Piglet show up at the women’s cabin. Bored with her friends and desperate for attention, Lara plunges into the hot tub alone to take lots of wet bikini selfies. Unfortunately, she never gets to see what’s going on behind her in those selfies; Crawling towards Lara through the blinking lights are Pooh and Piglet. Taking Lara by surprise, the two chlorine and then beat her up. When she wakes up, Lara realizes to her horror that Bo is slowly driving towards her. Piglet eggs him and harasses Lara until the tire finally reaches her, crushing her skull and popping out one of her eyeballs.

3 Pooh tortures Christopher Robin

Winnie the Pooh blood and honey
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After Pooh and Piglet show Christopher what they were forced to do, the two appear to kill him. Instead, we later find out that Pooh is keeping his ex-boyfriend alive and chained up in his treehouse. Christopher begs Bo to stop what he’s doing, and Bear has a moment of crisis as he remembers Chris when he was a little boy. The memory infuriates him, and Bo begins violently tearing down the treehouse before carelessly yanking Eeyore’s tail off the wall. He unconsciously whips Christopher before showering him with his fiancée’s blood.

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2 Piglet kills Zoe in the pond

Piglet honey blood
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Couple Alice and Zoe start the movie in rocky territory, but eventually reckon with their relationship when the killing begins. So, when Alice is forced to watch Piglet brutally murder her love interest, it is even more devastating. The two are ambushed by Piglet while hiding by the indoor pool; He immediately punches Alice and pushes Zoe into the pool. She frantically tries to get away as Piglet tortures her off the ledge with a swinging chain. Having fun with this, Piglet swaps the chain for his sledgehammer and slowly walks across the water to get to Zoe. Try it, Zoe can’t turn away and Alice tearfully watches as Piglet smashes her lover’s face.

1 Piglet eating some blood and honey

Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey Charlene Death
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Poor Charlene. Discovered tied up in the compound, the captive woman Maria and her friends are battered beyond recognition. She explains that she was forced to watch Piglet kill her husband and, after seeing her face in a mirror, lost it completely. Charlene steals the gun from Maria and shoots her to summon her captor. Piglet obliges, but Charlene cannot shoot him – she has already served her last bullet.

Charlene backs away in terror, and meets Pooh from behind, who pushes her to the ground before pouring an entire bowl of honey over her face. Maria, Jess and Alice watch from afar as a piglet nibbles on Charlene’s face, her blood-soaked screams echoing throughout the complex.

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