Known for explosive low budget action films like One in the room, hit list And saints and sinners For example but not limited to, Manager William Kaufman He recently sat down with MovieWeb to discuss the hotly anticipated flick the channel. Joining Kaufman was one of the film’s leads, Max Martiniwho many may recognize from movies like Michael Bay 13 hours: The secret soldiers in BenghaziSteven Spielberg save private ryan, and Prime Video’s Tender bar.

Kaufman, despite his budget, always got the work done, and the channel No different. However, what determines the channel Aside from Kaufman’s previous work, the film thrives on its characters. In particular the brotherly relationship between the two main characters in a compelling and complex survival story. The event does not disappoint and the performance by Clayne Crawford and Max Martini is amazing.

Michael Mann inspiration

It is very clear that the channel He drew a lot of inspiration from the great bank robbery films of the past, and when asked about some of his favorites, Kaufman went on to say:

“I don’t think it will be a secret that yes, I’m Michael Mann heat a fan. Without a doubt, this is a kind of love letter to my youth. So I wink at Michael Mann all day long. I strongly feel that [The Channel] He is his own thing. But I was asking myself about it. Most of the movies I can think of, or movies like that, you know, City, A den of thieves – None of these films, including ours, are as likely as without them heat“.

Why Michael Mann is such a great inspiration to him, Kaufman said the channel. “He’s got a meaty drama with pretty cool action. I think sideways amazing. I just love this type. I love modern noir vibes, and this was my chance to really dive into that. And I think what I found interesting about that movie, and yeah, I wrote it, but I had to really hack who I was dreaming of casting… I had to put the character and the story first. Yes, we do the action, but I think it’s the characters that make it worth the, well, 90 minutes.”

Kaufman, as evidenced by his filmography, is an action director through and through. He admires other genres, but currently does not wish to leave his world full of explosive events. Well, no one will give me a rom-com, Diaries,joked Kaufman. Yeah, I mean there are a lot of different genres that I like and if I get a chance, with the right people behind them. And I’m talking about actors and producers who believe in what we’re doing, to do something more dramatic and, yeah, I’m going to jump at that all day. “

But that’s what the little boy wanted to be a director, that was his path. What encourages me more and more is to seek the opportunity. Finally I have a team behind me, that’s what they want too.

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Michael Mann wasn’t Kaufman’s only inspiration the channel He loves action movies. Legendary directors like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, who fueled Kaufman’s passion for filmmaking, were some of his early inspirations. “I was a little kid running around with a video camera, you know?” Kaufman shouted. “So when everyone was playing war, I was trying to picture it. I grew up on Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.” He completed:

And then as I got older, I got to know people like Luc Besson and Michael Mann, and eventually Fincher and the Scott brothers got me drawn into that movie… I knew it was a really successful genre, and I really enjoyed it. So we made this very little movie. And it’s been a great success for what it was. And it just became my specialty, and I went down that road and embraced it really hard.”

Max Martini’s history with military roles

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Max Martini is perhaps best known for playing military and/or ex-military characters. Most notably his role in Steven Spielberg’s war epic, Saving Private Ryan. This was before he shot to fame for his time on the TV show Unit, where he played Mack Gerhardt, a member of a secret US military group, around which the show is centered. From there, Martini went on to star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger sabotage And in Michael Bay explosives 13 hours.

“I did Saving Private Ryan Many, many, many moons. In his extensive military film career, that kind of kicked off this, you know, military film career, Martini said. Be part of some big. I don’t necessarily think I was focused on business, but there is something about me in the military world that people buy into.”

Although Martini, jokingly, isn’t sure why audiences love his military roles so much, the actor went on to explain his love and admiration for the military and the care he takes when exploring characters with histories in the military. “I try to really focus on tactics and gun work and take it seriously, I take military representation very seriously, and I’m a big supporter, so I love this audience.” He completed:

I’ve been to the ME a few times, pitched Blackhawks in these little bash camps every day all day, and giving these guys a little break from the grind makes this whole business worth it to me. So I just love doing it, man. And Will is a huge supporter of the military, so we have a common denominator. And the work, as a result, translates.

Canal military camp

Channel 2023
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For any great action movie, especially one that requires the actors to use guns, there is a great deal of training before shooting. It is evident in movies like John Wick Franchising, now with the channel. We had a great training the channel. Generally, you do an extensive training period before you start shooting these types of movies,” Martini explained before going over his extensive training roster with nearly every branch of the military and law enforcement under the sun:

“[For The Channel] We had a former Seal lead our training sessions. I’ve worked with the CAG, I’ve worked with the SWAT guys, I’ve worked with the FBI, the CIA, and pretty much hit every military branch of law enforcement you can work with. So I came in with some training, but it’s something I love very much, and it’s infectious. So, the other actors who didn’t have the training that Klein and I had, they were able to kind of feed off our energy, and it was very fun and interesting.”

Martini is no stranger to playing bad guys. However, the complexities surrounding his character in the channel He is a highly regarded aspect which is what helped him get him noticed in the movie. “He’s not the first bad guy I’ve played. What I love about this character, what makes her so rich, and kudos for building the character that way.” [to William Kaufman]. Martini explained about his character:

“He’s out of time. I think he thrives on violence. It’s something that, if he didn’t exist, he would create. But he also has this tremendous love for his brother, which was really cool to play because I had to go back and forth between having no regard for human life, or risking it all.” It’s mainly for my brother in Ultimate Sacrifice. And that’s what made this character special for me, is that there were levels to explore as an artist, and it was cool to do that.”

Starting their own movie bucket list

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Both Kaufman and Martini dabbled in a wide variety of genres and subgenres. Burdened with activism, Kaufman immersed himself in war films and thrillers alike, as did Martini. However, directing and starring in a bank robbery movie respectively was something they had wanted to check off their bucket lists for a long time. Since at least 1992. When heat Kaufman said, “and went on to show his admiration for the Michael Mann classic.

“I’ve had ideas before,” Kaufman continued. And as dense as this area of ​​great heist movies is, I wanted to try and take it from a different point of view. That’s why the heist happens in the first minutes of the movie, and it’s not so much about theft. It’s about survival and about brotherhood and family, and all the madness. Which someone like Max Martini brings to the table.”

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“I mean, it was definitely something off my bucket list,” Kaufman added. “So I can check it out. You know, I’m still looking for my Western and my boxing movie.” Wink, wink, Kaufman.

How will william kaufman imagine his movies

Max Martini on The Channel 2023
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Kaufman visualizes his films and the action surrounding them with unique clarity, without having to alter much of his script. “I have a very specific idea of ​​what a photo is, and I think it’s also because we capture what we’re going to use,” Kaufman said. “We have to, because we obviously have a more compressed schedule then some of the bigger movies. But that’s also why I collaborate with people like Scott Phillips, my technical advisor, because they’ll always come up with great ideas.” Kaufman explained:

“You have to have that room to be able to adapt, to improvise, to beat. So I think you have to go forward with a really solid plan, where you have the grounding and the flexibility to add to the really good things that come out of your team.”

Martini responds quickly, praising Kaufman’s vision, competence, and mentoring style. “We rehearsed the tactical stuff so much that on the day it went very quickly and very efficiently, because Will would have such a clear picture of what he wanted and we didn’t want to spend so much time on so many productions wasting money. And what it did is it freed us up to work in The actual scene, to rehearse and explore and pick out some of the lovely little human moments out there.”

“Someone was playing Grand Theft Auto”

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The audience might find it the channel Kind of like the hit video game grand theft auto. It’s full of epic shootouts, car chases and masked characters wrapped in a criminal underworld. So when asked if Kaufman and Martini would consider directing and starring in a live-action grand theft auto film, the two responded with “Done and dusted off”.

Commenting on their favorite moments during the shoot, Martini stated that “…this was ours [Clayne Crawford and Max Martini] Fourth project together, and in the three projects leading up to this one…we didn’t share a lot of work together.” Martini continued:

But my favorite moments are, in an apartment where we’re talking about our history, our family history, our dad and how many beats I took for him, and suddenly like an action movie steps aside, these guys are taking a break from killing people to hash their differences. I loved our relationship.

“Making movies is really hard,” Kaufman concluded. And it’s hard to make movies with budget constraints. And having gunfights in the city streets and driving everyone crazy is a real challenge. But I’ve never had more fun with these actors, and how much we laughed. This is by far the best I’ve experienced. “.

the channel Released in cinemas and on demand July 14, 2023.


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