It is safe to assume that Donnie Yen’s appearance in John Wick: Chapter 4 It was the first time many saw this gorgeous star in motion. While his brawl with Keanu Reeves was a scene worth watching, Lin had a long history in the action genre, pumping out stellar movie after stellar movie that not only shows off his martial arts prowess but also tells compelling stories on top of it. It is arguably one of his most successful projects ip mana series chronicling the life of a Wing Chun master who was famous for mentoring the late Bruce Lee.

It now spans more than four entrances over a decade, with another major line being announced ip man The movie surprised and astounded some. Although it will be some time before we see Yen on the big screen again, there is no better time to invest yourself in the great story of ip man. It’s a must-see movie series for any martial arts fan, with some of the most intricate choreography you’ve ever seen. If that’s not reason enough, there are plenty of reasons to watch the prolific movie ip man franchise.

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Ip Man uses Wing Chun

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Ip Man, and beyond ip man By popularizing a form of Chinese martial art known as Wing Chun. Wing Chun was originally used by Bruce Lee before the creation of Jeet Kune Do, and is a must-see sight if you’ve never seen one in action.

Wing Chun is characterized by practicality, simplicity, and fast punches, and differs significantly from the Pencak silat used in Raid Or Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. High kicks and other movements that can expose weak points of the body go against one of the basic principles of Wing Chun: maintaining the “center line” of the body.

Essentially, the object should act as if it were a stalk of bamboo. It should be strong, firmly rooted and straight but able to bend and relax as necessary. In addition, energy should be saved as much as possible to redirect the opponent’s attacks rather than pierce them. Rather than flaunting physical prowess, it’s a refreshingly practical martial art, contrasting with the other forms depicted on film.

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As a result, you get a martial art that is incredibly translated into film. Donnie Yen was a Wing Chun practitioner before ip man He sells his performance as a famous martial arts master, giving the character an interesting stoicism with his tough official status. A particular scene at the end of the first movie is an excellent example of this, in which Ip Man takes ten black belts at once and methodically removes them one by one.

Ip Man is loosely based on reality

Mike Tyson and Donnie Yen in Ip Man 3
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Did the real-life Ip Man really defeat ten karate experts at once? Mostly not. But, like anything based on true events, plenty of liberties were taken with Ip Man’s storytelling to amplify the drama.

all ip man The movie, whether they have Donnie Yen or not, takes place at a different point in the life of a Wing Chun master. the first ip man The film is set before and during the Japanese occupation of China, and follows his struggles under the ensuing bleak living conditions, financial hardship, and government oppression.

The second movie Ip Man 2follows Ip Man in British-occupied Hong Kong, as he attempts to build a Wing Chun school in the face of direct opposition from rival disciplines. Ip Man 3 He has Donnie Yen fighting Mike Tyson, and Ip Man 4 Elaine’s character is confronted with his impending death.

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Is it unfair to reduce the film to one blunt statement? Sure, but it’s not like we’re being deceived. Similar to how rocky The series begins with an emotional core and gradually turns into a parody of the fourth film, ip man It goes through a similar evolution from seriousness to silliness. But this is not inherently a bad thing.

Donnie Yen is the cornerstone of making ip man A highly entertaining series, and the surrounding historical context present in the first two films only adds to an already compelling action movie. Subsequent entries, while stepping back from Yen’s performance, become entertaining in their own absurd way. The fourth film was originally intended as a thematic finale to the series, but with the upcoming fifth film, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a possible return to the qualities that made the original. ip man Good to start with.

If you can’t get enough of ip man After the main films, there is also a surprisingly well-received minor film. Master Z: Ip Man legacy Cheung Tin-chi follows from Ip Man 3played by Max Zhang (Pacific Rim: Uprising), where he fights triad members and foreign fighters in Hong Kong. It is directed by Yuen Wu-ping, who was previously responsible for the first film Drunk master Movie, it’s a well-made martial arts movie that looks somewhat different from the enduring adventures of Ip Man. It also has Dave Bautista in it, which is a plus.

ip man As a franchise it is arguably responsible for Wing Chun’s modern revival in popular culture, along with being some of the most effective martial arts films of the new millennium. While the movies themselves are split across different streaming services, most of them will stream through free, ad-supported services, which means there’s always a high chance of seeing Donnie Yen punching in quick succession. It’s a great martial arts series, and any fan of the genre will miss it if they don’t give it a chance.


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