Unlike those born in big cities and sprawling suburbs where opportunities to advance in life seem to be swarming, people who grow up in isolated or lower-class communities all tend to come to the same obsessive conclusion about their current reality. The odds are stacked against them. It is almost impossible to escape. This train of thought then creates two types of individuals. Either they will end up believing that they are locked in their current stagnant path with no way out, or those who are undeterred from this life-altering challenge will take full advantage of any opportunity presented to them to try and advance their social and financial lives. classification.

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As we’ve seen in other productions where characters go on journeys outside their usual comfort zones in order to achieve personal success, such as 2011 Giants, which saw a group of young boys having to decide the outcome of life for themselves, and 2022 Kings of the world Currently streaming on Netflix, there is a newly released action-fueled drama series on the same platform that shows what happens when a newfound path on the wrong side of the law is the only way out of a grim and naked life.

Consists of seven episodes that premiered on May 26, the first season of turn of the tide About four friends who live in a small commune in the Portuguese archipelago. While Eduardo (the main character), his best friend Rafael, Rafael’s girlfriend Silvia, and the cornerstone of the group the Carlinhos all have dreamlike aspirations while they all hold dead end jobs, everything suddenly changes when several packages of cocaine float up on the island. Beaches from a drug smuggling operation that strayed into the sea.

Drug-driven fate


What’s unique about this Portugal-based series is that while it follows a slightly modified version of the usual rags-to-riches story, the characters in this tale spend a lot of time wondering if what they’re doing is right or wrong. Played by Jose Condesa (who starred in more than two hundred episodes of a Spanish TV series called Valor Da Vida), Eduardo wants, above all, to get to America, where he believes he will find much more luck in his life than on this small island.

While the other three are too afraid to use drugs as a way to make more money than they ever dreamed of, he automatically views the abandoned cargo as a gesture of fate and convinces his friends with motivational speeches to join in his plans.

in the beginning, turn of the tide It draws viewers in not only with its cheerful soundtrack but also with its quirky and charming characters who seemed to have finally found their ticket out of the trap of class. However, in a very short time, the entire city was engulfed in this narcotic frenzy.

Not only does this end up attracting the attention of the authorities, who quickly pounce on the many villagers who use, buy, and sell without a care in the world, but also the original Mafioso members who were on that boat during that dark and stormy night want their belongings back.

With both sides of the law approaching for our young and inexperienced entrepreneurs, the audience will surely be left on the edge of their seats watching this amazing multi-layered cat-and-mouse chase.

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Four friends fight against all odds

Eduardo, Silvia, Rafael and Carlinhos

Besides Mr. Condesa filling in for this excellent actor as the son of a blind man who believes in the American Dream and is willing to go the extra mile in his pursuit, credit must also go to the other men and women who made turn of the tide fact. Both actress Helen Caldera and actor Rodrigo Tomás, who play Silvia and Rafael, respectively, have a wealth of experience in international soap operas, bringing a welcome but urgent believability to their roles that really draw you into the dangerous world defined.

With a cocaine trigger wreaking havoc on all residents of Rabo de Peixe, actor Andre Leitao crafts his own emotional arc by shoeing Carlinhos, one of this story’s four central characters, who momentarily finds romance with a conflicted priest. A certified in the works since 2013, Mr. Leitao has starred in various genres, including hardcore military dramas, casual sitcoms, and high-intensity crime operas.

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People who can’t take their eyes off the scene turn of the tide They should keep their eyes on the creator, Augusto Fraga. Having made commercials starring the likes of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and making short films like Partilha o Que Estás a sentir (Translated to Share how you feel), Mr. Faraga’s future could get even brighter with a Netflix series under his belt.

To help produce this one-of-a-kind hit, Ukbar Filmes also has a portfolio of released work dating back to 2009. One of the most recent titles is The man who killed Don Quixotewhich stars famous American actor Adam Driver in a leading role and delivers a laugh.

With an elegantly delivered story by a brilliant cast and crew, turn of the tide is a passionate love letter to the dreamers of this world that balances slippery moral beliefs with a bad world of crime that is not to be missed.


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