K-dramas have been gaining increasing popularity recently, thanks to their expansion into different genres. For example, we have a plethora of exciting dramas this year, ranging from a quiet romantic love story to a revenge-themed thriller starring Song Hye Kyo (descendants of the sun). Moreover, we also have some surprises, such as Police dogswhich introduced unexpected actors into complex characters, which we thought wouldn’t be easy to pull off.

If K-drama fans are happy to see these developments in the industry and are excited for more, they are waiting for one around the corner in 2023 in the form of a crime drama. vigilance. The series revolves around a young man named Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk), a police academy student who lost his mother at the hands of a gangster when he was young.

When his day as a cop is over, he introduces another character as a masked vigilante, storming the streets to purge any criminals so he won’t see more victims like his mother. While the premise gives you plenty of reasons to be excited, the drama holds many surprises, which only add to the anticipation.

Nam Joo Hyuk in the action role

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Many people who are not familiar with actor Nam Joo Hyuk may not think that it is important for him to play a full role in the upcoming drama, as many actors often venture into these roles. However, K-dramas are known for putting a lot of effort into crafting action scenes and rarely using stunt doubles unless necessary.

For example, many actors like Ji Chang Wook, Lee Je Hoon, and Song Joong Ki do most of their own stunts unless they involve jumping through buildings or breaking ankles. In this sense, Nam Joo Hyuk will venture into uncharted territory and needs to undergo training before fighting criminals in the drama by wearing a headgear.

Moreover, since the actor has only taken on mood-relieving roles in romantic dramas so far, seeing him in the spotlight of a drama that is completely filled with violence and gore will be something fans are looking forward to.

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One of the darkest Webtoon stories around

Vigilante webtoon IMG

As many may not realize, the drama is actually based on the popular webtoon, much like adaptations that have come out in the industry lately. However, K-dramas usually don’t delve into darker stories the way movies do, so they’re a welcome addition to this year’s schedule.

Sure, there have been some dramas that have explored some very dark and disturbing stories, like the mouseAnd communicateAnd dark holebut none of them managed to exceed the limit set for them by the public before their release.

vigilance It may end up in the same place as the others, but something tells us it will be different, perhaps because of its uncomplicated story, which is easy to pull off. latest drama, Police dogswas the epitome of sustained action and suspense, carrying a similar premise to vigilancealthough it is on the surface.

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The only worrisome thing is that Disney+ will take over the project instead of Netflix, which has clearly had tremendous success with its Webtoon adaptations. However, given how Disney+ has already come close to understanding fan interests with the previous drama, communicateit is very likely that they may withdraw it.

More reasons to get excited

Alert korean drama
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While the fact that the drama is adapted from a popular website and its dark premise is interesting enough, there are plenty of reasons to get excited. For example, it also boasts a star-studded cast that includes Money theft in KoreaYoo Ji Tae, who would be perfect for the role of the detective chasing after Kim Ji Yong in the drama.

The actor previously played several prominent roles, such as Choi Kang Woo in Dangerous DogKim Moon Ho in Healerand Park Hee Soo Fei swindlers. Moreover, the drama stars two of the most famous Korean actors: Kim So Jin and Lee Joon Hyuk. While their roles in the drama are currently being revealed, the actors always give strong performances no matter what their roles are.

Members through the dark You’ll know how versatile Kim So Jin is, and likewise, if you’ve watched enough K-dramas, you’ve probably seen Lee Joon Hyuk in at least one of them. Nine times out of ten, the actor gets as much of a spotlight as the main protagonist of the series.

Disney+ doesn’t seem to hold back while adapting the webtoon into a live-action series, going so far as to cast these notable actors. If you haven’t read the webtoon yet, we strongly recommend that you do – while that may spoil the drama experience, you’ll be more excited than ever to see it in live action artwork that speaks only through words.

vigilance It will be released on Disney+ in November 2023.


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