“It’s not TV, it’s HBO,” has been the prestige cable TV network’s moniker for generations, and for a long time seemed like a justified advertisement. HBO offered sitcoms and sitcoms that had better filmmaking and more suspenseful performances than the majority of what was in theaters; There were few early 2000s dramas like the sopranos or the wireand a few other comedies that were as relevant and noisy as Curb your enthusiasm or vice president. Those looking for real, high-quality entertainment seemed to be better suited to networks like HBO than movie theaters, which had come to be dominated by franchise films.

After a great show ends, HBO is always looking for the next potential sequel. game of thrones It’s been HBO’s most popular show for a long time thanks to its blockbuster qualities, and it’s no surprise that HBO aired a few shows in the midst of the George R.R. Martin adaptation that could potentially replace it. while westworld He may have failed to start an equally loyal following and His dark materials With little fanfare, HBO surprisingly found that audiences were interested in dramas that bore true events like theirs Succession.

Now this Succession It’s over, and HBO is having some challenges finding its next hit series that will turn Sunday nights into “events.” It seems that both Dragon house And The last of us, despite their positive reviews, will only be shown for a limited amount of time due to the stories on which they are based. Reviews for idol Not to suggest that pop star Sam Levinson’s series would take on this “prestige” mantle either, but that doesn’t mean HBO doesn’t have another great show on its hands. Here’s why Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is the upcoming hit drama show for HBO.

Filmmaking talent and style


Similar to previous HBO hits such as Corridor Empire And Deadwood, Time to Win: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty It is based on a series of real events. The difference between sports dramas and crime epics is that the events win time It will probably be familiar to the audience that watched it as it happened. Nostalgia in and of itself isn’t a reason to watch in the event that the show can provide some insight into why these events are important to cover, but that insight was provided thanks to Adam McKay. Although he was once known as the titans of Hollywood comedy thanks to his collaborations with Will Ferrell, McKay has become one of the greatest non-fiction storytellers in mainstream Hollywood.

both of them The Big Short And Vice She examined real historical events through a layered prism; is similar to win timeThey cut music, news footage, fourth-wall-breaking dialogue, and humorous tunes to explain how major political changes affected the development of the United States. McKay applied all of these same skills when he became the executive producer of SuccessionWhich became a window on reality in its later seasons. Storylines in Succession About the presidential election, the consolidation of the news and entertainment media, the scandals that rocked the most powerful families in business, and the economic turmoil that seemed so close to the real events. This prepared McKay to take over series such as win time.

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win time It’s not based on events that dictate the country’s future like the rise of Dick Cheney or the economic crisis, but it’s interesting to see how the rise and fall of the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s affected the future of the NBA. Basketball and sports media changed significantly during this era, and McKay provides interesting insights into the importance of the season in today’s sports coverage. It helps that the show has also enlisted several other great directors, including Jonah Hill and Tanya Hamilton, to direct major episodes.

Excellent offers

Jerry Clark

Anytime a “historical series” attempts to replicate real events, internet critics tend to focus more on physical resemblance than on whether someone actually represents the person they’re playing. While John C. Reilly may not look quite like Jerry Buss, he still works as an excellent narrator for the series. It is important to understand that display like win time Not a documentary, but a translation of real events for dramatic purposes. Its goal is to entertain the viewer, so it stands to reason that some historical facts may be falsified in some cases.

Unsurprisingly, the real breakout stars of the first season of win time They were the actors who played the mainstay basketball players. Quincy Isiah’s performance as Magic Johnson is “star-making” in many ways. Not only does it show how the underdog rose to become the face of a generation, but maybe Isiah just became an overnight sensation in his own right!

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It was somewhat strange to see this first season of win time It didn’t get as much attention from the Primetime Emmy Awards as the previous HBO show had; Sure, the network has a lot on hand right now with the latest season of Succession and new seasons The Last of Us, House of the Dragon, And white lotus Everyone competes for prizes. However, it might bring the next Emmy cycle win time better results; Not only would there be one less show due to the writers’ strike, but some recurring drama would end her run.

specific end date

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

An issue many dramas face is building a conclusion. Many have argued that the reason game of thrones She felt so dissatisfied that she didn’t plan things out in advance, but having a definite ending can also reduce the tension surrounding the series’ storylines. win time The advantage of being history based. Even if the show wraps up the main characters’ stories in the next season, there’s a chance that some other players will follow into their later years in later installments.


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