When we think back to our school days, many of us can’t wait for the final bell to ring to announce the start of summer. Something in the air changed in that state. The hassles of homework and annoying teachers are gone, and the priorities are finding the first gig of the season and getting a tan by the water. The warmth of the sun was welcomed, and the friends began making plans about when they would finally catch up again. As people get older, they crave the same excitement many felt on the first day of summer.

Lucky for us, nostalgia for simpler times and long nights lives on in summer romantic films. Teens and adults alike find themselves searching for something new during the sunny season. It’s time to travel and explore new places while also thinking about what you want. As fate would have it in the movies, there is always someone new and interesting waiting around the corner to fall in love with. This sense of seasonal hope and happiness is why we love summer romance movies.

Summer means a new beginning

Walt Disney Studios

While spring may signify new beginnings with birds, bees, and flowers, summer is the time of the year when people usually get a break from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives. It is the season that tempts people to step outside their homes and offices into the golden sunshine. As people stay outside, go to water parks, and travel, new encounters are bound to happen. Meeting new people over the summer is a different experience than meeting them at school, work, or through a friend. There is an awareness of time that plays into interactions because it seems that once the summer is over, the relationship or friendship will fade away.

The best summer romances make use of longer days punctuated by late night heart-to-hearts. This is where the true chemistry of two strangers still lies, waiting for an instant connection. Without the weight of school or work on one’s shoulders, more energetic and energetic personalities emerge from the individuals, and conversations become more focused on one’s future and true desires.

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Long walks on the beach

Mama Mia!
Universal Pictures

Did you know that people who live near a body of water are proven to be happier than those who have to travel long distances to get to the same location (according to The Guardian)? Whether it’s the sound of waves crashing against the rocks or the warm sand beneath feet, most would agree that a certain calmness fills the air when they’re at the beach.

The beach is a go-to for summer romance because everyone is simply trying to have a good time. From those in the middle of the water trying to catch a wave to kids running around with ice cream in hand, happiness is contagious. “Hiking on the beach” has become a cliché when asked what someone likes to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lie. Walking on the long strips of sand is an ideal setting for conversation. Two people can talk without having to forcefully look at each other; They can admire what is happening around them, or they can simply enjoy the sounds of the ocean. Writers often choose the beach during sunset as an ideal location for romantic films because the perfectly painted sky creates intimacy.

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Sunshine equals happiness

Grease - Sandy
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It’s no secret that getting out in the sun can increase your serotonin level, which in turn makes you a happier person. Going to theme parks, taking a stroll through the neighborhood, or going to the pool are all things that get people out of the house, in a happier mood, and most importantly, they bring out the child in everyone. Summer romance is meant to be fun, flirty, and carefree, and the activities that usually come with the warm season make it the perfect way to get to know each other.

While lounging on the couch watching the best summer blockbusters, viewers feel a strong urge to go out with their loved ones to experience the same fun things that happen on screen. Characters falling in love and having a good time in the sun is something everyone can relate to, and a few summer romance movies can give people a little jolt or a reminder of what it’s like to feel anxious again.


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