Dr. is considered. Jordan, a vulnerable young woman, has one job for him: to assess her psychologically to support her innocence on her brutal double murder conviction. Her pleasant demeanor and kind words do not paint a picture of the “killer”. But in 1843 Upper Canada, Irish maid Grace Marks is the subject of public interest due to her involvement, along with fellow maid MacDermott, in the murder of her master and former housekeeper. Some say she’s insane, others a cold-blooded, calculated killer, while some, like those who pay Dr. Jordan to evaluate her, think she’s an ignorant little girl with a traumatic past who was forced to be complicit in the killings. Something imperceptible brewed behind the stillness of Grace’s piercing blue eyes.

Alias ​​Grace is a Netflix series based on Margaret Atwood’s first novel, and was released shortly after the premiere of another Atwood adaptation, The Handmaid’s Tale. The Handmaid’s Tale The dystopian drama has captured worldwide attention, while the cerebral drama is of a smaller scale Alias ​​Grace Maybe it’s lost in the shadows.

Likes The Handmaid’s Tale Alias ​​Grace The narrative centers around women and women’s power, or lack thereof, in a restricted society. But perhaps this is where all the similarities end. Based on a true story that wowed audiences in the 19th century, Alias ​​Grace Examines how truth is just the most common narrative. Gameplay confined to the screen, storyline Alias ​​Grace It will open its wings inside your mind for days to come.

It has been a long time since Nima adapted the pseudonym


Sarah Polley is in the spotlight this year for adapting and directing the Academy Award-winning film The woman speaks. But a flashback to two decades earlier, when 17-year-old Polly wrote to Atwood asking for her novel to be selected Alias ​​Grace To make a TV series. At first Atwood turned it down. But Polly couldn’t let go of that story, and 20 years later she worked with Atwood to make it happen Alias ​​Grace To Netflix with director Marie Harron (American Psycho).

Polly has been dominated from the start by Atwood’s book of the female psyche in an era far from Victorian romance intertwined with the obscurity of truth. She knew this story had to get to the screen.

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Stories, truth and mystery

Alias ​​Grace netflix

structure Alias ​​Grace Grace is shown telling her side of the story to Dr. Jordan during the patient’s sessions as she explains her past leading up to the murders, with flashbacks to the scenes telling the story she is telling. But the more Grace reveals, the less certain Dr. Jordan becomes of his ability to prove her innocence, and he begins to lose his mind in pursuit of the truth.

Sarah Gordon gives a stunning performance as Grace, capturing the essence of Atwood’s novel. The audience questions it with every blink, every little twitch of the lips, with a desperation building to determine what is really going on inside the character’s mind. The deepest glimpses into Grace’s wary and restless thoughts are given through portions of the narrative in each episode adapted from Atwood’s novel. Grace’s language in her mind is many things at once: eloquent, beautiful, sad, and unsettling. A mystery just like the story Grace tells Dr. Jordan.

Unreliable narrator

Alias ​​Grace netflix

Another exciting element of the series is that it is told through Grace’s perspective, and begins to reveal that she is a very unreliable narrator. Whether this is by choice, necessity or unconsciousness is up to the viewer to decide. Grace is trying (or might be trying) to explain the truth amidst all these stories that have already been told about her in the media and the public eye to identify her. No matter what story you tell Dr. Jordan, will she be believed? Being a woman in this Victorian society, yet an immigrant servant, she was taught time and time again how little she could sound.

True crime thriller

Alias ​​Grace netflix

There are eerie parallels between the Victorian-era story to the present day, as modern fascination with and speculation about true crime cases weave stories, identifying people in the court of public opinion. In many situations of adversity, speaking out loud feels useless because of the fear of being disbelieved.

in Alias ​​GraceWe see that every character around Grace, past and present, sees her as a means to an end that is beneficial to themselves. Whether it’s the wealthy daughter of the mayor who has a horrific infatuation with the dark abilities of a would-be “assassin”, or Dr. Jordan with his sexual gaze on Grace. While contemplating Dr. Jordan’s controversial gaze, Grace thinks to herself, “You want to open up my body and peer in. In your hand, you want to hold my beating female heart.”.Grace also later recounts of a major figure in her life that he loved portraying the suffering she endured. He listens to it all, like a child listening to a fairy tale.

This begs a deeper question, one that reflects today regarding the popularity of the true crime genre that features heartbreaking true stories on screen. What are the reasons for fascination with the suffering endured by others? What perspective is actually being offered? Self-awareness’s introspective type Alias ​​Grace It leaves the viewer wondering about the roots of this true crime thriller.

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After a 15-minute sequence in the final episode that adds another nail-biting thrilling dimension to the endless possibilities of reality, the finale Alias ​​Grace He slowly paused, leaving many questions unanswered.

But Grace’s story, whether that of the protagonist or the antagonist, lives on, poking into the back of the mind.


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