K-dramas are often highly anticipated even before their premiere because they are based on hugely popular webtoons. Webtoons are visual stories that are similar to comics but usually consist of only one panel per frame. Even before their debut, like the drama We are all deadAnd Super counter And real beauty He was largely expected to be successful in the television industry. Weak hero class 1 is another example that can be added to context.

Weak hero class 1 It is an action drama based on a popular website named “Weak heroWritten by SeoPass and illustrated by Kim Jin Seok. The plot revolves around Yeon Si Eun (Park Ji Hoon), a model student who always comes out on top in his school but is physically weak. Muster it up. While the drama sequences were a major selling point, it’s much more than that.

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A woven drama about friendship, happiness and despair

Rakuten Vicky

Weak hero class 1 It starts with popular topics like bullying and students pushing themselves to achieve good grades in order to get into Seoul University. All high school K dramas have explored the topic, however Weak hero class 1 It adds something new to the mix. Although Si Eun initially appears as a loner who does not want to interfere with anyone nor wish to be bothered, his interactions with Soo Ho (Choi Hyun Wook) gradually change him, opening his mind to the outside world.

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Due to his parents’ divorce and constant arguments about his career, he begins to alienate everyone, but believes his new life isn’t so terrible. However, the drama not only brings a smile to your face but also a tinge of sadness as you progress through the plot. It makes you feel what the characters are feeling, and you’ll just want to wrap up on a fun note at some point.

While there is plenty of action between scenes of desperation, with Soo Ho being amazing in close combat and Si Eun using his intellect to take advantage of everything around him to put up a fight, the drama focuses on their friendship and how they come to find comfort in each other’s sorrows.

Realistic depiction of bullying

Weak hero of the first tier why should you watch it
Rakuten Vicky

While many people believe that bullying in South Korea is not as terrible as it is portrayed on television, a minority believes that it is serious. Apparently, South Korea has legislation stating that typical offenses committed by teens under the age of eighteen are not punishable by imprisonment, but instead, they are allowed to walk free as if they did nothing wrong.

Good deal on Weak hero class 1The storyline revolves around the foundation that gets things going, with Si Eun getting caught up in the middle of bullies and Soo Ho helping him. While most dramas fail to explain why these people become bullies, Weak hero class 1 no. It shows how their parents treat them out of social respect while failing to see their children’s pain and vent their anger on the victims, even though they are also victims in some ways.

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Some of the dramatic portrayals of ordinary life in South Korea are accurate, though feel exaggerated, such as using baseball bats to break bones, getting involved with a gangster, and fighting to the death. Even if you start watching Weak hero class 1 For the action, which many people find after reading a good portion of the webtoon, it has a lot to offer.

The first season is just an introduction

Weak hero of the first tier why should you watch it
Rakuten Vicky

Viewers of the show frequently think that the protagonist lacks fighting ability, and wait until the end only to be disappointed that he can’t fight like Soo Ho. However, that is the purpose of the entire series, and is one of the reasons why he is referred to as a weak hero. The drama feels vastly different from the webtoon, with Si Eun confronting bullies like it’s nothing.

While the webcomic began with Si Eun starting at a new high school notorious for terrorizing bullies, the drama didn’t get to that until the end, suggesting that they were content only to explore Si Eun’s past before moving on to the main action in the second season to Besides So Hoo and Oh Beom Seok (Hong Kyung), you probably won’t recognize anyone else from the webtoon in the drama. So, in a sense, Weak hero class 1 It gives you every reason to watch it, and the action is only a small part of what it has to offer in the long run, as there will be a lot to tell the story in the future.

Weak hero class 1 It was released in November 2022, with eight episodes, and shortly after its premiere, they announced a second season for the series, which has yet to be released. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait for the second season after watching the first, you can read the webtoon, which is equally incredible.


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