The prologue begins with a private militia being sent to a remote island in hopes of saving a wealthy family of three who have gone missing. Unfortunately, the helicopter transporting these rich soldiers is suddenly ambushed, and a lone mercenary ends up fighting for his life on this dangerous island. Strange cannibal tribes exist at every turn with each individual having unique anomalies and physical deformities. The Forgotten Soldier’s only ally is a fellow recruiter who not only suffers brain damage, but is also deaf from the fall. Most importantly, many hidden portals leading underground help the main character slowly uncover the truth behind this huge forest and everything under it. Along the way, one of the three who went missing is not only alive and well but is now a mutant, with an extra arm and leg.

All of the plot points just laid out sound like they belong in the idea of ​​the next big movie to come out of Hollywood. Rather, they are all plot points from a survival horror video game that was released for Windows PC on February 23 this year. Created by Endnight Games and published by a company called Newnight, Children of the Forest It is a sequel to another game that was officially released in April 2018, and aptly named the forest.

Traveling to rescue a missing family


While each entry in the series focuses on individuals from different backgrounds with different goals, the overall story involves two mega-corporations who have infamously invested in this peninsula just so they can be closer to the ancient artifacts that reside in its depths. Although both companies, Sahara Therapeutics and PuffCorp, tried to stay under some crowd-pleasing marketing persuasions, both secret projects went awry with unforeseen risks and fatal distortions for the people stationed there. Through each game, the player not only comes into contact with many different types of mutants that they must fend off, but also attains a basic understanding of survival in the enchanting depths of vast green landscapes and is also introduced to concepts such as world resurrection through the means of technology. and alternate dimension travel. As some major productions have already shown, these different storytelling branches do wonders when used with a big budget. Let’s take a look at how to do that Children of the Forest It can easily be transformed into a different entertainment.

The greatest danger to players in this overly beautiful and deceptively beautiful game doesn’t necessarily come from the ever-decreasing life bars at the bottom left of the screen. Whether you’re building a house or exploring a cave, all different types of cannibals and mutants can strike from the shadows, leaving you confused and wielding any kind of weapon. Some of the more extreme varieties include red beet titans, mutant babies, and a creature called Fingers that has a walking mouth that has many limbs in place of lips. It is currently airing on HBO and is receiving much acclaim. The last of us Viewers are also presented with several similar monsters called The Infected. From fast-paced runners to stealthy stalkers, these terrifying visuals are part of why viewers are so drawn in every week, and that same aspect could work even better on the big screen if done right.

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Transform an underground resort into a new dark reality

Go inside the cube

Some of the more compelling theatrical versions involve a fairly simple premise thrown on its head with subtle but ever-increasing disastrous consequences. Take, for example, old And Ring in the cabin, two recent psychological thriller films directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Before the dark and supernatural elements took over, characters from both films would celebrate life and go on vacation to remote places.

With this sudden and poignant turn of events, the masses were captured and caught in a vicious cycle. Going beyond the character you play (be it a father searching for his missing son or a mercenary searching for a displaced rich family), the angelic mirages created by these $2 billion corporations can serve as an introduction that slowly introduces viewers into this elaborate but nightmarish world. A quiet, peaceful underground playground for the rich and famous is suddenly torn apart from within by otherworldly energies located directly below. This definitely sounds like a movie that many will see.

Survive in the wild

Crossing winter lands

The essence of what makes Children of the Forest An excellent experience for gamers is not only the details placed in the environment but also the always-on survival element. The dangers on the island, mixed with the dense green cover made of trees and shrubs, create an overwhelming sense of isolation that forces players to think quickly on their feet. Considering the theme of survival is already present in popular films like Liam Neeson GrayDaniel Radcliffe the forest Even Matt Damon The MartianJust imagine if other weird sides were thrown into the mix like diabolically designed frenzied creatures and revolutionary arcane technology. Filled with sequels and prequels, such a mashup would be an unseen feat at today’s box office. Related: Best Anti-Natural Movies

very soon, Children of the Forest Not only will it become available for other systems, but it will jump into the hands of the aspiring director or producer launching this game franchise straight to the big screen. But until then, we can all enjoy the ride as it was originally intended.


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