Sex and the City It hit the then cable television network, HBO, on June 6, 1998. The series follows four women who are in love and live in New York City. Derived from the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell, the series took Bushnell’s advice columns from the New York Observer and gave us Carrie Bradshaw – the character most people are forever grateful for. More than 25 years later, the four main women are still household names to many adoring fans. In fact, fans of the show often identify themselves as one of four women: Carrie, the fashion writer and writer obsessed with love, Samantha the implausible sexual being, Charlotte the mother of the group, or the dedicated, hardworking Miranda.

But what makes these women icons all these years later? As for Carrie, she is one of the easiest people to relate to if you have a passion for fashion and love. Samantha is an icon thanks to her strong will and all-around boss status. Charlotte is kind, caring, and helps out in the wilderness for her friends, while Miranda is the more responsible one.

From guest appearances to iconic fashion moments, the Sex and the City The franchise has found a way to stay relevant for a quarter of a century. How do you ask? By giving her fans someone to love. It’s true that the series wasn’t known for its real-life stories, but even without it, the series was a hit thanks to its four female leads.

Carrie Bradshaw


Arguably, Carrie is one of the most talked about characters in Beloved Sex and the City The franchise thanks to its playfulness and fast life. She is a writer living in New York City who has a reputation for spending most of her money on fashion – something many can relate to! Besides her amazing ability to walk in designer shoes, she’s an upbeat, tough, and down-to-earth longtime New Yorker. Carrie is seen as a devoted friend, though she can be seen as selfish at times. Despite this, Carrie is the unofficial leader of the group and the glue that holds them together.

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Samantha Jones

Sex and the City Samantha

Outside of Carrie, Samantha is another celebrity Sex and the City a personality. Putting aside the feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, Carrie and Samantha are probably the closest of friends on the set. Where Carrie is more reserved, Samantha is fun and adventurous. She is the quickest to go after what she wants and can hold her own against any man who tries to get in her way. Samantha is very in touch with her sexuality and isn’t afraid to flaunt it, no matter her age. When she had cancer, she faced it and won. It’s safe to say that nothing could stop Samantha.

Miranda Hobbs

Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon

Miranda is perhaps the most practical member of the group. She is a lawyer who has made the most of her life. A fierce, strong, and loyal person, Miranda has had a tougher life than her friends. In the early days of the original Sex and the City In the series, she ends up expectantly pregnant after she has a fling with Steve the bartender. While motherhood may not have been what she wanted at that moment, she and Steve worked together to give Brady the best life possible.

Miranda is also not one to give up on her friends or family, which is something that often puts her in last. Her frantic work-life balance makes her life chaotic, a life that leads her into her later years to realize that she wasn’t what she wanted to be. This is something to explore And just like that… Which Miranda fans loved to see.

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Charlotte York

And just like that
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Charlotte is the mother of the group, responsible, kind and affectionate. She is seen as the most level-headed and calm, thing Sex and the City Her fans love her. She is undeniably beautiful, as is the entire group, but Charlotte’s beauty is kind of polished and complete. She flatters the wild side of other women, although she herself can lose them too. Charlotte will always go the extra mile for her friends and family.

When she fell in love with Harry, unwillingly at first, and got engaged, she turned to the Jewish faith for him. When she had problems conceiving, she held her head high and moved on for adoption, though she later managed to conceive herself. in And just like that… When her baby girl fell out of Charlotte’s girly style, she did what she could to understand the changes she was going through. No matter the obstacle, Charlotte can overcome it.


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