While the story of Clark Kent/Superman and Bruce Wayne/Batman may be more historically significant to the history and development of comic books, no superhero is more integral to cinematic history than “The Webb’s Friendly Neighborhood Essay.” It’s hard to overstate the significance of Sam Raimi’s 2002 game-changing film Spider Man It was when it first came out in theaters that the first time I felt like Hollywood understood the unique formula that has made Stan Lee comic books so popular over the years.

Previously, 1978 Superman: The Movie He was successful, but his legacy was short-lived; Superman Another popular sci-fi series has become in the wake of the post-star Wars The blockbuster movie industry. Likewise, 1989 Batman He capitalized on Tim Burton’s career, but didn’t inspire a resurgence in the superhero genre thanks to his notorious failures. Batman forever And Batman and Robin. It took the Marvel adaptations like 1998 code and 2000 X-Men To bring life to the genre, but he was a marksman Spider Man This started the trend we see today.

Although successful Spider Man and 2004 Spider-Man 2to fail Spider-Man 3 She urged Sony Pictures Entertainment to quickly change plans and work on the reboot in order to keep the rights to the character so she doesn’t return to Marvel Studios (via NPR). The result was The Amazing Spider-Man, a film that remains divisive among the fan community; Although many have accused it of being a generic reboot, the movie has its share of defenders, including Roger Ebert. Ebert claimed that The Amazing Spider-Man in more detail and provides better reasons for why Peter Parker should cast himself as the superhero. Here’s why The Amazing Spider-Man He deserves more credit.

appearance of age elements

Sony Pictures

The chief criticism was that The Amazing Spider-Man In the series, despite some differences, the film’s narration was almost identical to Raimi’s first novel Spider Man film. This is mostly true, though as Andrew Garfield’s version of Peter Parker competes for the love of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Tobey Maguire’s Peter has always been smitten with his neighbor Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), the stories play out in a very similar fashion. However, there have been several attempts to update that story The Amazing Spider-Man Make the story look new again.

Peter from Garfield didn’t have the perfect friends and community that Maguire had; This was made to reflect the changing era, and how differently a superhero of this era might look from a more nostalgic time. This is no slight towards either movie franchise; Raimi’s films may be set in the modern era, but they feel stripped from the pages of Raimi’s original comic book stories from the ’60s, and so retain that idealism. relatively, The Amazing Spider-Man It is set in a more cohesive version of New York City where the story of a young man who finds his identity takes on a whole new meaning.

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Changes in the tone of the coming-of-age novel also affected the supporting characters the filmmakers chose to use. One of the bright spots in Raimi’s trilogy was James Franco’s Harry Osborn, best friend who turns against Peter when he realizes the truth about the spider. -man. This was perfect for Raimi’s interpretation, however The Amazing Spider-Man It should show that Peter will experience a different kind of struggle. Many young people today struggle with and conflict with authority, which is demonstrated by Peter’s reluctant alliance with Captain Stacy (played brilliantly by Rescue actor Denis Leary); It wasn’t important to show the difference between policemen and guards.

Performed by Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider-Man

Perhaps Garfield’s Peter Parker’s biggest insult against him is just that social network The actor simply looked too old for the part; This is sadly true, but it’s a sin that many modern high school movies make. It sure makes it hard to relate to great high school movies like the perks of being a wallflower or edge seventeen, but it doesn’t make it any worse when it comes to story and direction. In retrospect, Garfield really does a great job of differentiating himself from Maguire and giving the character a unique spin.

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Compared to Maguire’s portrayal of the classic “geeky boy” who would have appeared in one of the original comics, Garfield has attempted to play a more modern version of Peter that reflects today’s youth culture. Isolated, he struggled with parental issues, and found himself questioning his place in a world dominated by corporations and commercial interests. Garfield’s interpretation may be up for debate, but his overall filmography suggests he’s clearly the best actor to play Spider-Man.

Many younger fans prefer Tom Holland’s interpretation of Spider-Man that has now appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which basically balances out what Garfield and Maguire did. While it’s fun to see Holland’s version of Spider-Man interact with other Marvel characters, his attempt to fit him into a universe of pre-existing superheroes makes him feel less special in comparison.

The sequels ruined it

The Amazing Spider-Man
Sony Pictures launch

Movies are often restricted by the reputation of disappointing sequels that fail to live up to expectations. The amazing spider-man 2 It was released just two years later and basically screwed up the franchise before it even got started; While Garfield cannot be faulted for his performance, the film was the subject of studio interference.

It was clear that Sony was trying to create many of the future The Amazing Spider-Man sequels, as well as several spin-off franchises focusing on the villains. There’s even an expanded subplot featuring Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson that was cut entirely from the movie. As a result, the sequel has jeopardized what could have been a unique, albeit niche setting for the beloved Stan Lee material.


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