A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was only one family interesting enough to write a story about. While the Skywalker family may be an integral part of star Wars Franchising, the space is so big, sometimes it’s just unrealistic to have such a narrow focus on one asset. some star Wars’ Most of the likable characters are the ones introduced outside of the main trilogies.

The addition of new players has helped bring life to the screen, and has allowed them to develop naturally rather than being shoehorned in to fit the Skywalker bloodline. Many of these characters who started out anonymously are some of the biggest fan favorites to date. Who are these characters who started small and grew to fame, and what makes them successful?


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Ahsoka Tano first appeared in the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She is introduced as Anakin’s Padawan, though Anakin is less thrilled to accept her at first. Ahsoka quickly became a staple in anime Clone Wars TV program. In the original movie and subsequent spin-off, we don’t get much background on Ahsoka, but that works in her character’s favor. There is no old name you are trying to live up to. It’s simply Ahsoka Tano.

In the end, we get more of Ahsoka’s family backstory My grandfather’s tales, but that was years after she had already established herself as a core character. Part of what made her character so popular is that fans got to watch her grow up and become more confident in her character and Jedi in Clone Wars TV program. The show isn’t shy about developing Ahsoka’s emotional depth, making it easier for fans to interact with her.

It’s especially heartbreaking to watch Ahsoka’s departure in Season 5. However, fans were flattered when Ahsoka showed up Star Wars Rebelsand more in the seventh season of Clone Wars which focused heavily on Ahsoka and her whereabouts during the execution of Order 66.

Ahsoka became so likable that she made her live-action debut in the second season of The Mandalorian And she’ll be getting her own live show very soon.

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While it may seem impossible now when The Mandalorian For the first time, Mando – also known as Din Djarin – was unknown. He was a new character in the franchise with a level of mystery to him that people were curious about; He was quiet, calm and kind. He was quick with a blaster and had a cowboy personality. The Mandalorian and Mandalore were briefly introduced in Clone Wars TV show, but Mando gave fans a deeper insight into the culture, customs, and personalities behind the cult.

Mando was already an interesting character on his own, but the addition of his unlikely sidekick, Grogu, only helped solidify Mando’s place in the game. star Wars pantheon. Now, he has become one of the most popular characters in the series, so much so that two out of the seven episodes of the series Boba Fett book They were only ostensibly around him.


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Cassian Andor is first introduced in Rogue One As a ruthless rebel leader who knows how to handle himself. He was smart, and he was more morally ambiguous than some of the other, more traditional Rebel heroes, which gave him a unique and complex edge. Again, in his first appearance, Andor was simply a new character with no previous connections or ties to the star Wars being. Andor’s blank slate made it easy for actor Diego Luna to bring him to life in a very convincing way.

Andor’s character was then recently expanded on Andor TV program. The show itself was very good, expanding on how the rebellion first began with thrilling episodes including events like a gold heist and a prison break, and with Andor’s character at its center, it made it even more interesting. It will be interesting to see what happens to Endor in the future as he fights against the Empire.

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bad batch

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The bad batch, also known as Clone Force 99, was first introduced in the seventh season of the series Clone Wars as a group of genetically modified clones, each with their own unique physical skill set. Bad Batch first appeared to help with the mission to rescue Echo, a clone he focused on earlier in the series, from Skako Minor. Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo, along with their “sister” Omega, star in bad batch.

while Clone Wars She pioneered stories about the clones, humanizing them and giving audiences more context for their locations in the galaxy, bad batch He takes the same ideas and applies them to this unique group of clones. With the bad batch, we can see what it’s like for the clones moving on after the war. There’s also an obvious family connection that develops between the team, and the Bad Batch’s unique personalities make them an interesting squad to watch. It’s not clear if they will ever appear in live action, but given their increasing popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising if they did.

The great irony of these characters is that they are now famous and known in the canon. But this is just a sign of their success. Many of these characters were first introduced in various media before getting a larger story of their own, often in the form of a TV show. Having a large cast of characters helps diversify the canon and create a more realistic galaxy. star Wars They shouldn’t be afraid to keep introducing new and interesting characters to the canon, taking bold leaps, and telling stories alongside those focused on the main trilogies, because they clearly have a knack for it.


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