Apple TV silo It has quickly become one of the most popular (if not the most popular) TV series on the streaming service. For those of you who might be stuck in the gutter, Silo is a dystopian sci-fi drama set in a ruined, toxic future. The community lives in a huge underground silo that extends hundreds and hundreds of floors deep into the Earth’s surface. In this silo, the people in the community live in a community of rules and regulations meant to protect them.

From this description, silo It doesn’t seem out of place compared to other post-apocalyptic sci-fi titles like modified carbon or Snow hole. However, his popularity has skyrocketed and he has received positive feedback from both critics and audiences. Science fiction shows don’t always draw in audiences the way genre does in film. So, what sets this drama series apart from other sci-fi shows? Especially in streaming like Apple TV?

Familiar with the originality of the orbits

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Who doesn’t love a good science fiction to begin with? The science fiction genre mixes with other cinematic genres such as fantasy and horror. silo It is no different in this respect. Still, there is a sense of comfort in watching it because of one thing: the familiarity.

A large group of people living in a condensed area is a common trope in the dystopian science fiction subgenre. It gives us time to get to know the main cast and how they interact in a more claustrophobic setting. There is also a clear energy dynamic system where the workers are on the lower levels of the silo. Senior officials are known as the IT department who monitor in and out of the silo.

There is a sense of authenticity in such familiar metaphors. If the sci-fi tropes feel too familiar or cliché, the show won’t be entertaining. A running theme in the series is that the history before the silo is unknown. It really adds a sense of mystery to the world. There are no historical texts, technology (such as clocks and cameras) is forbidden, and society really doesn’t know the conditions of the world above ground.

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Good adaptation of a book series

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Apple TV silo Depends on wool Book series written by Hugh Howey. It started as a self-published short story called wool Back in 2011 which continued a more fleshed out narrative. This novel consists of stories 1-5. The plot of the series follows the story of the first story.

It begins with the trip of Holston, whose wife died when she went to clean the sensors outside the silo. He seeks answers about what happened to her because she was adamant that the high officials were lying about the state of the outside. The show’s plot then shifts to Juliet, who is also searching for answers regarding the silo.

silo It’s not the first sci-fi show to be adapted from a book, and it won’t be the last. This does not mean that silo is a completely faithful adaptation of the novel. Some changes and additions are required to understand the TV plot versus the new plot, such as the addition of a murder mystery to better understand the ways of the IT team running the silo.

The changes amplify the tension of this isolated feeling. The silo had to be larger in the series than in the novel. It may be to give the impression that this hermitage holds the last of mankind, so it must be made larger to fit all.

Silo has a great staff

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Of course, we can’t talk about the greatness of the show without bringing up the cast. It’s safe to say that the cast for this series has been well chosen in terms of both talent and versatility.

The main cast consists of Rebecca Ferguson (Juliet), Common (Sims), Rashida Jones (Alison), Avi Nash (Lucas Kyle), Tim Robbins (Bernard) and Harriet Walter (Martha Walker). Ferguson has a wide range of genres under her belt, including science fiction fantasy Dune and Stephen King Dr. Sleep.

She’s a well-coordinated actress when it comes to darker themes. Then there’s rapper-turned-actor Common, who has won three Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. He has become famous in the music and film industry, where he has lent his talents in voice acting as well. Jones is a stand-up comedian, so it was surprising to see her in more of a drama series. She doesn’t disappoint, she takes the genre like it’s a piece of cake.

Nash is no stranger to apocalyptic TV sitcoms, as we see him on the walking Dead. While primarily a film actor, he has also starred in other shows: Silicon Valley and loop of black mirror. What can we say about Tim Robbins? He is a prominent Hollywood actor and filmmaker, with blockbusters like The best And Shawshank Redemption under his belt. Like Common, Robbins has also received an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards.

Finally, we have Harriet Walter, who has worked on several TV shows since the 1980s. For her acting skills and contributions to drama, she was awarded a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

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There are many other reasons silo is the best Apple TV show of 2023. The set designs are great, but ominous. The series’ soundtrack (composed by Atlee Uvarsson) contains hopeful melodies that transition into a mystical atmosphere. The show has an interesting plot from a best-selling series of novels. In addition to an impressive array of multiple acting talents.

No wonder this show is soaring in popularity. With Season 2 fast approaching (and Season 1 recently aired on Friday, June 30), we can’t wait to see the progression of this series, and hopefully there will be many more seasons for years to come.


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