to say that transformers A once divisive movie franchise would be an understatement. While the original series of animation, comic books, and source material have a loyal following, fans have been divided over the ways director Michael Bay brought the franchise to the big screen. File appears transformers The series is now moving in a new direction out of the Bay, but the reaction is mixed to Bumblebee And Transformers: Rise of the Monsters It indicates that some lessons of the past have not been heeded.

The amazing thing is that every part of transformers The franchise seems to be making various mistakes. Pai is a divisive filmmaker, but he has made good films by such as The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Pain and Gain, Ambulance, And 13 hours: The secret soldiers in Benghazi. the first transformers The movie from 2007 isn’t necessarily a classic, but it’s more competent than any of the disastrous sequels that followed.

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Amid the pressures of a different writer’s strike, 2009 Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Create a complex mythology that makes no sense whatsoever, and try to start connecting the Autobots and Deception myths to the history of the world. while 2011 Transformers: Dark of the Moon It featured more coherent action and less obnoxious humour, and suffered from many of the plot’s own inconsistencies.

While this “original trilogy” of films isn’t something to be celebrated as “great cinema,” it does feel more cohesive than the wild directions the franchise has taken in the years since. A large part of this is due to Shia LaBeoufwhose performance as Sam Witwicky is the most fully integrated “human” character in the entire series.

Star power Shia LaBeouf

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LaBeouf is an actor who frequently makes headlines for his erratic behavior and controversial statements; While it’s unfortunate that scandals, gossip, and LaBeouf’s personal issues often dominate the conversation surrounding his performances, they have no merit in his films themselves. LaBeouf may have earned the reputation of being “difficult to work with,” but he has certainly had the attention of major influential directors such as Steven Spielberg, Lars von Trier, Oliver Stone, Robert Redford, Andrea Arnold, Francis Lawrence, David Ayer, and most recently Abel Ferrera, who has cast him in his filmography. the last Padre Pew.

LaBeouf is an actor who can elevate the source material he works with, and Sam’s character rocks all three transformers The movies are actually more understandable than whatever mythical nonsense Bay tries to add about the role of the Autobots and Decepticons in reaction to human history. The first film sees him as a likable young man looking for a way to find himself, which makes Optimus Prime an interesting mentor for him. While most of the cast never feels like they’re interacting with anything other than a green screen, LaBeouf really does try to make it seem like Sam has a real relationship with the Autobots.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Not a movie that needs any kind of defense. Bay himself cited the film as a disgrace to his career, according to The Guardian, as the script had not been completed when the film began shooting amid an early writer’s strike that began in 2007. Most of the film’s problems are with its humor, which often draws on racial and ethnic stereotypes. and becomes very disrespectful; The only humor that really works in the movie are LaBeouf’s choppy choices and her bizarre performances. The most serious tone Transformers: Dark of the Moon This is reflected by LaBeouf, whose maturity as an actor is evident when Sam tries to find work in modern-day New York.

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Lack of likeable characters

Mark Wahlberg demands the truth in the new Transformers: Age of Extinction clip
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LaBeouf transformers The co-stars can’t be blamed for the lackluster material they were given to work with, as no actor could have made some terrible dialogue sound any better. Although John Turturro, Frances McDormand, Jon Voight, and John Malkovich are among the best actors of their generation, they can’t turn Bay’s characters into anything other than filler roles that waste time between plot points. Still, LaBeouf shows that Sam is at least a character the audience can empathize with. It’s amazing how far out of control the series got once Sam got out of the series.

2014 Transformers: Age of Extinction He attempted a “soft reboot” of the series with Mark Wahlberg’s new character Cady Yeager as the protagonist. Whereas a father figure as the new face of the franchise might seem like a good idea for the franchise The era of extinction Unlike its predecessors, Wahlberg proved to be an unsavory addition to the series, only distracting from a story that became more confusing with each passing revelation. It didn’t help that the film’s regressive sexual politics, often inappropriate humor, and plot holes made Kidd difficult to take seriously. Audiences probably didn’t realize how good it was when LaBeouf was the face of the series!

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appearance of age elements

Transformers (2007) by Michael Bay
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The reason is that 2007 transformers The best live-action movie in the series remains that it’s the most straightforward. The search for “All Spark” is a compelling enough way to introduce Transformers on Earth, and Sam serves as the audience’s “avatar” as they learn about the planet’s history. At the same time, he’s also an awkward teen trying to pay for college, work on his first relationship, and deal with his annoying parents.

Of all the films in this series, the year 2007 transformers He feels most associated with executive producer Steven Spielberg, who knows a thing or two about “coming of age” stories. while transformers Crustier than any of the Amblin classics Spielberg has produced, there’s an integrity to seeing Sam trying to define the kind of person he wants to be that’s more emotionally real than anything else in the franchise.


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