The answer to why such a groundbreaking series as Yellowstone It seems that the reason for the breakdown is that the leading and noble warehouse of the complex and respected John Dutton, Kevin Costner, collects his coat and hat.

Kevin Costner leaving the project he declared he loves and has a personal interest in has always hit his fan base like a ton of bricks. However, the departure of the actual lead in the series isn’t the only problem plaguing it Yellowstone.

1883 and other dispersals


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despite its prequel 1883 trying to breathe new life into the franchise, Yellowstone It loses viewership along with public interest. the problem with Yellowstone It’s not the acting, the characterization, or the heartbreaking news Kevin Costner has left on the series. The problem, quite simply, is bad writing.

Evidence of this forced scripting—bad writing—can be found in the characters. While Wes Bentley faithfully fulfills his role as the overshadowed “good boy” and long-suffering family patriarch Jaime Dutton, his counterpart Beth (played by Kelly Reilly) only seems to be there later in the series to act as a contrast. And she plays the annoying and annoying sister, or at least she’s in trouble.

Constant bickering and arguing between disparate siblings can be a bonus in the dramatic development department or an exit to pointless drama. With this brother-versus-sister dynamic, there seems to be no twist whatsoever, and so fans are left with the always arguing rich, yet cute, naughty, and insulting. The “poor little rich family” style is completely unrelatable.

Another problem with Yellowstone’s graffiti tends to be its improbable and convoluted moments of suspense. Either Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton character is irresponsible or just an absentee father because he repeatedly puts his son Carter (faithfully played by Finn Little) into difficult, dangerous, and sometimes ridiculous and ridiculous situations.

One week, Case left Carter alone for a few hours only to be attacked by a mountain lion. Two weeks later, Case leaves Carter alone in the desert again, and this time Carter is attacked by rattlesnakes. After a while, these unnecessary tentpoles of drama stop feeling like an original drama and more like boring plot points that suffer through actual story development if not incorrect homages. Lacey.

Cowboys and Indians again?

The cast in 1883
Paramount +

In season two especially, it can be very difficult for viewers and fans to get to know the Dutton clan as they struggle against the story’s main villain Gil Birmingham (Chief Thomas). Although filtered through the supposed matrix of confusing real estate law, gaming laws, and gambling, the truth is that the bad guy in the story is a Native American. And as disappointing as it sounds, the fusion thread that runs through Yellowstone’s story is modern-day cowboys versus Indians.

There is nothing wrong with this genre per se; Zane Gray is an incredible Western creative genius who seems to still be releasing books long after his death.

The problem is, viewers have been there and done that. Without removing the moral or the philosophical – it simply does not fit with current trends that white Anglo-Saxon Christians are the hero, valiantly defending the land and property they have stolen from the natives. Astute observers and cultured viewers see through this violent facade and want something deeper, something more substantial, that describes what a Western can really be.

Since there is no humor in the series, the audience can be made to believe that a joke here or there will save this fiasco. The problem with shows that display this level of seriousness, sometimes described as “gritty” or “relentless,” is that the never-ending drama, shame, and constant grit gets tedious. Nobody ever breaks their toe? Does little Carter never wear a shirt backwards? Nobody drops anything?

Overemphasizing a personality’s internal conflict, tension, conflict, or external anger only emphasizes one aspect of that personality. This is a problem for Yellowstone And her book. Why can’t they provide clear, realistic and complete characters? Every character is terrified or angry all the time, and such a situation is forever untenable, not even for the Oscar-winning actors playing said characters.

The previously mentioned prequel 1883 It appears that news of Costner’s departure has been delivered, an apparent and unrepentant ploy to attract new viewers and prop up Yellowstone’s sagging numbers.

Kevin Costner and the book

Kevin Costner Golden Globe
Kevin Costner and MW/Twitter

Kevin Costner is currently working on another Western project, Horizon: An American Epicwhich may have diverted his focus Yellowstone. Of course, many other problems also appeared off-screen.

Automatically blaming the staff writers and charging Kevin Costner for leaving is easy enough. Those two problems could prove insurmountable enough for Paramount to nail them down. If one added that a writers’ strike would slow production, die-hard viewers, along with casual observers, would be left with the feeling that Yellowstone He won’t come back. And even if it does, the show is likely to be just an empty shell of what it once promised.


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