when Two party hotelpilot It premiered in October 2019, and no one could have expected it to be such a huge hit as it has been, least of all its creator Vivienne Medrano. Medrano, or VivziePop, had previously had moderate success two parties, but nothing of this magnitude. The pilot’s popularity caught the attention of several studios, with A24 choosing it as their first animated series. Rather than letting the hype die down before the launch of the new A24 Two party hotelMedrano, through its company SpindleHorse, has greenlighted another project that takes place in the same world.

Hellova Boss It premiered approximately one year later Two party hotel It landed the first time and has since proven to be a huge success in its own right. The series follows the IMP (Instant Killing Professionals), a group of demon slayers who specialize in killing targets on Earth, usually at the behest of a vengeful cursed spirit. The group consists of Moxxie and Millie, a married couple driven by their love and lust for violence; Loona, the Hellhound’s assistant and adopted daughter of her boss who’d rather be anywhere else; and Blitzo, the clown-turned-assassin and titular boss. To regularly access Earth, Blitzo gets help from one of the Goetic lords of Hell, Stolas, in exchange for sexual favours.

unlike Two party hotelAnd Hellova Boss It is a spin-off series centered around its characters and their relationships. From the web series available today, Hellova Boss is one of its best thanks to its stellar animation, characters and voice actors, music, and storytelling.

Outstanding animation


Web series tend to be low budget, which makes independent animation a nightmare to work in. However, thanks for Medrano’s experience creating two parties hotel, She had the know-how and resources to quickly assemble a strong team in order Helluva. Not often that indie shows don’t have the talent and funding behind them, so, when a web series comes along, it’s bound to be impressive. Animation format Hellova Boss Cool, with a lot of early 2000s cartoon like designs invader zim And The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The thick line work, varied color palettes, and unique character designs give it a boost Hellova Boss A standout look, especially in the world of adult animation.

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A talented voice actor and musician

Helluva Boss Beezlebub

Medrano isn’t shy about her love of musicals, so it’s no surprise that musical numbers play an important role in both series. every episode of Hellova Boss It features at least one song, some of which are non-themed songs about what’s happening on screen and others more akin to a Disney musical number or music video.

The many musical numbers in Hellova Boss Backed by great voices, many of them Broadway actors. The person who appears most is Bryce Pinkham as Stolas; The actor made a name for himself on stage when he was nominated for a Tony Award and a Grammy for his lead role in The A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. The demonic clown Fizzarolli is voiced by Alex Brightman, the actor who created the title role in the Broadway adaptation of Beetlejuice. The Stolas’ daughter is voiced by stage actress Barrett Wilbert Wade, best known for her performance as Janis Sarkeesian in mean girls music. Disney fans will recognize Stolas’ father Paimon as Jonathan Freeman, longtime voice of Jafar and originator of the role on stage. Asmodeus is voiced by James Monroe Iglehart, who appeared alongside Freeman as the Genie on Broadway Aladdin. The first season culminated in pop icon Keisha as Queen Beelzebub.

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Hellova Boss It features several other stellar and familiar non-singing voices, led by Moxxie actor Richard Horowitz (the one and only Invader Zim). Voiced by Millie, his wife instinct anatomy alum Vivian Nixon, and other notable guest voices include Mara Wilson, Jinkx Monsoon, and Maxwell Atoms (creator of Billy and Mandy).

Emotionally complex characters

Hellova Boss Stolas Octavia

Hellova Boss is a horror comedy, but that doesn’t stop the writers from infusing the characters and situations with enormous emotional depth. Between the rampant penis jokes and the onslaught of curse words, Hellova Boss He allows his characters to experience their feelings in the show’s quieter moments. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself tearing up in these scenes as the characters deal with topics like divorce, abandonment, and feeling unworthy of love.

The representation of queer characters on the show is a refreshing example of episodic representation, which shows LGBT people whose sexuality is a part of them but does not define them. The show allows its characters to just be, and the problems they face are usually unrelated to their sexual and gender identities. Many of the main and supporting cast fall under the LGBTQ+ banner — Blitzo is pansexual, Moxxie is bisexual, and Millie’s sister Sallie Mae is transgender, to name a few.

Hellova Boss It’s not for everyone, and it’s not particularly for kids, which the show clearly demonstrates through its opening warnings about “demonic infestations,” among other things. But for adults familiar with 2000s-era anime and shows like Invader Zim, Helluva Boss It is a recognizable update that should be pulled. The animation, music, and voice acting are on par or better than many animated series from the major networks, and because they’re completely independent, Hellova Boss It is not in danger of being evaporated from existence by overzealous CEOs. The comedy is silly and wry, the heartfelt moments are given more weight and gravitas, and the queer characters’ acting is refreshingly honest.

Hellova Boss Not only is it one of the best web series right now, it’s also one of the best animated series for adults, all available on YouTube for free.


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