There seems to be an older generation of filmmakers who have earned enough word of mouth from their industry buddies that they can fund whatever passion project they are excited about; Despite the fact that their last few films were commercial flops (even if they were successful), both Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola racked up big budgets for their next films. Moonflower Killers And Metropolis, respectively. It’s exciting to see that a lifetime of great work has paid off in the financing of their next work, as great directors deserve the resources to pursue original films on the largest possible canvas. Regardless if it’s something as financially significant as James Cameron Avatar: Water Road Or a commercially divisive one like Ridley Scott The last duelThese directors deserve the opportunity to see their films.

Unfortunately, not every great director is warranted for this opportunity. The aforementioned filmmakers represent an older generation that emerged through a very different theatrical system that did not have the complexities of the broadcast era. movies like Good guys And symbol picture Not only were they financial hits, they were also critical hits; Today, there seems to be a greater disparity between films that get rave reviews and those that do well at the box office. It is sad to see that some of the filmmakers are no longer viable commercially after a string of box office failures. Gore Verbinski He has not made a new movie after both The lone knight And A cure for wellness It bombed at the box office, which is an unfortunate fate for two interesting films and one incredible director. Here’s why Gore Verbinski deserves a comeback.

The Pirates trilogy is one of the best successful franchises out there

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It’s strange to see how intellectual property has become more dominant than anything else in today’s theatrical market, and how the idea of ​​an “original” movie starting a franchise has become so rare. While there are spin-offs like John Wick Which seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, the idea of ​​something like Pirates of the Caribbean The trilogy being made today looks completely implausible. Although it was based on a theme park from Walt Disney World, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl It is unlike any kind of movie that was successful at the time. Pirate movies haven’t been popular for quite some time; While Disney made some real swashbuckler classics in its golden age, films like Roman Polanski failed Pirates! and the notorious Renny Harlin Cutthroat Island He suggested it was just a doomed species.

However, Verbinski manages to capture the best of modern films. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl It was relatively classic in its story, with “The Hero’s Journey” harkening back to classic stories such as star Wars And the Lord of the Rings. What made it unique was Verbinski’s commitment to the practical sword, he spent time developing a rich mythology, and most importantly, giving Johnny Depp the freedom to give one of the most iconic characters in film history. Not only did Captain Jack Sparrow become one of the most popular characters in recent memory, but the performance earned Depp his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor (for which he would lose out to Sean Penn). mysterious river).

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He succeeds in every kind

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While not quite as perfect as its predecessor, 2006 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End It never lacks in ambition, craftsmanship, and entertainment value Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Disney certainly learned their lesson when they tried not to bring Verbinski back for other parts. The serious failure of 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and 2017 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Tell No Tales indicates that Verbinski, not Depp, was responsible for the success of the original trilogy.

Instead of going back to work with Deb on someone else Pirates of the Caribbean A film that would inevitably attempt to commit a story that didn’t warrant a continuation, Verbinski understood why the trilogy was so successful in the first place. Jack Sparrow works best as a supporting character who makes the hero more interesting, a role similarly occupied by Harrison Ford’s Han Solo in the original star Wars Triple. Verbinski decided it would be best to get Depp on other films that would show a different side of their collaborative abilities; 2011 Rango It was a strange Western epic that certainly happened to be a talking animal. The fact that it was such a success and even took home an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature is proof that the Academy Awards are indeed ready to embrace whimsical projects.

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Depp isn’t the only major movie star who has benefited from working with Verbinski. his movie in 2001 Mexican It was a romantic thriller romantic comedy that gave Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts some of the best material of their careers; He likewise helped Nicolas Cage rejuvenate his late career with his brilliant work in dark comedies Meteorologist – meteorologista movie that doesn’t adhere to traditional standards of plot conventions at all.

His failure is interesting

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Although it was a legendary failure at the box office, The lone knight Not the disaster it was made out to be. Some audiences were expecting another adventure story similar to this one Pirates of the Caribbean, only for a slow, methodical Western epic about the collapse of the American West and the takeover of capitalism. In many ways, it felt like this generation’s generation Heaven’s Gate, another great Western that was initially met with intense loathing, but later became a mega classic. Hopefully more audiences will appreciate the uniqueness of the project which is now widely available on Disney+ alongside other films from the era.


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