In the same vein as other forensic procedures, but with an armed forces spin that added a lot of spice to the mix, NCIS It has become a huge hit since its debut in 2003. While the show was separate from gag It has since grown into a vast franchise of its own. With a whopping 20 seasons behind it now, the original show also has three spin-offs and a potential fourth on its way with NCIS: Sydney.

It was great and entertaining All this time, finding ways to mix complex storylines with an amazing cast of characters who all have distinct skills, traits, and backstories. It was already doing so well before that, that by the third season, a new character was introduced – one that would go on to become a firm favorite among many fans. Although she is an American of Chilean descent, Cote de Pablo She gained instant fame as she was a huge hit on the show where she played Ziva David, an Israeli Mossad agent.

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However, after becoming a series regular until the eleventh season, it was suddenly announced that de Pablo would be leaving the show for “undisclosed reasons”. Fans of the show, de Pablo, and Ziva were devastated to hear this, and it’s always been a divisive issue as to why she really left the show. While fans glimpsed her afterward, when the truth came out later, it caused mixed reactions. Here’s why Cote de Pablo really left NCIS.

Legacy Cote de Pablo as Ziva


Soon after she started appearing on the show, it was easy for fans to become instantly enamored with Ziva David. After all, the character was stunningly beautiful and tough as nails, with a fierce and independent spirit running through it. Ziva also brought all the expertise and great qualities that Mossad has been known around the world as one of the most prestigious intelligence agencies in the world. Through Ziva, it was easy to understand why real Mossad agents were respected and respected, even among other spies.

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She was skilled with basically any weapon, had advanced piloting skills, and was deadly in more than one form of martial arts. Although quiet and reserved at first, she begins to open up more and earns the respect of her new team week after week as she uses her physical prowess and mental intelligence to great effect whenever needed. As more of her backstory is revealed, her character also shows more depth and becomes more attached to her dark past.

There seems to be one thing missing. When Ziva begins to build romantic tension with co-star Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, their subsequent relationship finally brings Ziva’s character closer in every way fans could have hoped. She appeared as one of the most memorable and likable characters on the show for eight years, which made it hard for fans to accept when she left so abruptly.

Cote de Pablo leaves NCIS

De Pablo as Ziva on NCIS

Announcing the departure of Cote de Pablo NCIS He appeared out of the blue when it was announced in 2013. The network’s statement was vague to say the least, adding to the frustration of fans everywhere who loved the character. Among other things, CBS said the following in a statement.

“We respect Cott’s decision, and we thank her for being an important part of the ‘NCIS’ cast. Over the eight wonderful years playing Ziva David, Cott and CBS share a huge respect for the ‘NCIS’ audience, and we look forward to working with her and the producers on proper closure on this. Chapter of Ziva’s story.

With more questions than answers, it will take a while for fans to gain some sense of closure about what really went on behind the scenes. It was an inexplicable decision, to say the least. Not only was Cote de Pablo one of the most popular stars of the show, but her character arc didn’t indicate anything was building up to the departure. More importantly, even though she played an Israeli, Cott’s rise as an actress and strength of character became an inspiration to Latin American women.

María José de Pablo Fernandez, who later took the stage name Cote de Pablo, moved to the United States at the age of 10 when her mother, also an actress, got a job in Miami. She studied acting and soon hosted shows in her teens before completing her studies in Music and Theater through Carnegie Mellon University. As a complete unknown in the industry, her rise as Ziva made her an icon for many people while her character was also a triumph for people of other races as well.

The real reason for leaving

Cote de Pablo at NCIS

It would take nearly three years before de Pablo finally opened up publicly about why she really left. NCIS suddenly. During a public appearance to promote a movie she was in, the actress answered questions candidly and revealed a lot about what really happened. The answers were partially captured in a fan video that finally provided some real answers.

“Look, I love this character. I worked for eight years crafting this character and I love her. I felt or realized that the character wasn’t treated with the respect that I thought she wasn’t worth the money in the world (that would make me stay)… They were going to send her back to Israel and make her a sad woman.” And miserable. I said, “What am I leaving for all the women who watch and follow the show?” And I didn’t think it was fair, so I said, “Unless someone can write something really great, I’m not going back.”

There were noticeable cheers from the audience when de Pablo admitted this. Her explanation that the character wasn’t respectful enough resonated with fans once they learned the truth behind her departure.

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After building Ziva up as a strong and formidable character, it seemed counterproductive that her character was going to head in such an extravagant direction. Fans’ disappointment has been mitigated at least a bit now that they’ve got some answers, and luckily for them, it wasn’t the last they saw of Ziva either.

The Return of Ziva and What Cote de Pablo Did Next

Cote de Pablo as Ziva on NCIS

After leaving the show, Cote de Pablo remained active as an actress. She appeared in the biographical survival drama, 33, Based on the famous real-life Chilean mining disaster. She has also been in two other TV movies and a mini-series Mother in law since. Fans were also overjoyed when it was announced that she and Michael Weatherly will be co-producing a show called MIA together. However, the Displays No big waves happened after that.

In between all of this, de Pablo sent fans into ecstasy when Ziva finally got back into action NCISthough only as a temporary one as she appeared in four episodes of Season 17. While it was great to see her in action again, now that people know how personal the decision to leave the show was, none of her fans deplored Cott’s decision to leave. NCIS – No matter how bad it has been losing beloved Ziva David since then.


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