Capital He has been known for producing animated films for many years, since the first film, Superman: Doomsday, released in 2007, has evolved to the point where many people prefer animated films over the current live-action films. On top of that, it was always weird to explore different comic themes in each movie and the next Justice League The adaptation, which is rated R for viewers, is no exception.

Justice League: World of War, the tenth entry in the Tomorrowverse, is an upcoming DC animated film. The film authentically sees the development of the multiverse without giving the audience any idea of ​​what’s going on, and ties the stories together until the very end to prepare for the final confrontation. That being said, while it is possible Justice League: World of War It’s just going to be another DC animated feature that’s got people talking for a while, and the different aspects could be unique and exciting for fans to see.

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DC’s Trinity is stranded in the world of Warworld

DC Comics

the Justice League: World of War The trailer made it clear that it will feature DC Trinity consisting of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Instead of fighting an imminent threat threatening Earth, they are stranded on different worlds and forced to battle enemies that terrorize their individual locations.

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While Batman is depicted in a different version of Starkaris, a place explained in the comics to be forgotten over time, Wonder Woman finds herself in the Wild West, which gives her story as a badass cowgirl. Most intriguing of all is Superman, who is stranded in a black-and-white world overrun by the race of shape-shifting creatures known as the White Martians.

While each of them appears to be in a distinct world, we learn at the end of the trailer that they are all on the same planet – the Mongol war world. It could mean that the planet Mongul contains pocket worlds, and according to DC Comics, Mongul’s mind serves as a battle station that rules the entire planet. It will be interesting to see how DC’s Trinity confronts the forces of Warworld and wins together.

R rated for its gory violence

Justice League Warworld Why you should be excited
Warner Bros. Animation

The DC Animated Universe has a long history of R-rated movies, starting with Batman: The Killing Joke and continue with Dark justice leagueAnd Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, and many others, so this isn’t the first of its kind. However, since each movie has been driven by violence and action, it only makes sense that DC would continue to provide fans with more of what they crave.

While James Gunn has various plans for the live-action DCU, the animated franchise is also stepping up its game thanks to a steady stream of new comic book adaptations and adult-oriented fare.

Will we see the brutal Mongols as an opponent

Justice League Warworld Why you should be excited
DC Comics

As mentioned earlier, the DC trinity will still be stuck in Mongul’s Warworld, but what makes it so terrifying that fans should be excited to see it in film? Apparently, during the Bronze Age of comics, Mongul was seen as an untouchable character with powers that not even Superman could match.

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On top of that, he’s fought practically every superhero in the comics, including the Flash, Green Lantern, and Supergirl, even cornering stronger heroes like Aquaman, Green Arrow, Batman, and Hal Jordan with his weapon, the Black Mercy.

Because of his absolute domination of his home planet, Mongul is often referred to as the “War Lord of the World”, and no one can equal his power there. However, knowing that he will be facing off against DC’s Trinity in the upcoming movie, that may change, albeit not an easy battle to win.

The first Justice League animated movie in the new era of tomorrow

Justice League Warworld Why you should be excited
Warner Bros. Animation

While DC has released many animated films over the years, they also had a reboot in 2013 with the Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, which established the film’s continuity for a few more years. but, Justice League: Apokolips War In 2020, the animated universe reset again, leading to the “Tomorrowverse” that began the same year. Superman: The Man of Tomorrow.

After that, he witnessed the release Justice Society: World War IIAnd Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1 & 2And Green Lantern: Beware my powerAnd legion of superheroes, And some other short and extended films. on condition Justice League Movies often don’t end in one go. Justice League: World of War It will be the first animation Justice League A movie in the new Tomorrowverse era. It should be noted, however, that it has not been confirmed that it will be a sequel to the DC Animated Universe, which included multiple films from 2013 to 2020, as there were no crossovers between them.

Jeff Wamster, who also directed Legion of Superheroesreturns to Justice League: Warworld, with a screenplay by Jeremy Adams (supernatural), Josie Campbell (Shi Ra and the Princesses of Power) and Ernie the Early Bird (Dark Justice League: Apocalypse War). The main cast includes Jensen Ackles as Batman, Stana Katic as Wonder Woman, and Darren Criss as Superman.

Justice League: World of War It will be available digitally and on Blu-ray starting July 25th.


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