The beloved young adult science fiction/fantasy novel series by Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl It was in movie production hell for nineteen years until Disney finally produced an adaptation. Even then, things became worrisome with the release when it was moved from a theatrical release to a streaming debut three years ago, and Disney said Artemis Fowl It was less than well received that would be a laughable understatement. With Disney’s lowest Rotten Tomato score of any Disney adaptation, fans were more disappointed with the movie; They were disgusted. After two decades of waiting and hoping, audiences were treated to a less-than-magical movie plagued by bad writing, bad acting, bad editing, bad directing, bad, bad, bad. Despite this high production value and masterful director, Artemis Fowl He was lazy, awkward, poor and boring. As a result, fans and critics derided the film, and it quickly became an absolute flop and became another casualty in the long history of failed book-to-movie franchises.

Today’s movie

However, there is another opportunity to adapt a failed book. Rick Riordan Percy Jackson and the Olympians The series is getting a reboot on Disney+ next year, even after both films flopped over ten years ago. It’s a great way to reboot failed but beloved franchises and give these stories the chance they deserve. Here’s why Artemis Fowl The Disney+ series deserves a reboot.

What Went Wrong in a Disney Movie?

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Among the many issues with Disney Artemis FowlThe biggest problem that spoiled the entire movie was that it deviated from the books and changed everything. When making edits, changes should be expected, especially with paper-to-screen changes, but not to this degree. Fans reasonably expected a similarity to the book, but it just didn’t happen here. The changes were all confusing and pointless, but it was the changes to Artemis Fowl himself that broke the movie. Artemis is the son of an Irish mob boss in the books and a ruthless criminal mastermind, who steals powerful magical creatures at twelve due to his own selfish whims and plays the villain of the story. However, in the movie, his father is the protector of humanity, and Artie is just a regular kid who is neither a criminal nor a mastermind at all. Director Kenneth Branagh revealed that this change was motivated by the belief that the Artemis of the books would be “kind of hard to accept” for audiences. Although this statement seems to forget that children kill each other in hunger Games It was well received by moviegoers. There’s a prequel coming this year (those movies stayed remarkably close to the books, too). the problem with Artemis Fowl Is that Disney didn’t trust audiences to handle the premise of the books itself and made something else entirely: a simply miserable movie that couldn’t help but upset fans, confuse newcomers, and kill all hopes for a sequel.

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Series can adapt the full story

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Adaptation series offers a lot of opportunities for Artemis Fowl and Disney. The show’s biggest advantage is the ability to tell a complete and satisfying story. Every movie adaptation of a book has to cut through a lot of material due to time constraints, but a series can take as much time as it takes to tell the story.

Percy Jackson Five books, and the series will receive five seasons. Artemis Fowl The same format should be copied, one season per book. And since the series contains nine original books, there is plenty of material that could be adapted.

Allowing a season for each book gives enough time to flesh out characters and stories that the hour-and-a-half movie couldn’t make time for. By spending so much time building out the wonderful world of Culver, the series can capture the wonders of Haven and the magical creatures that live below. This will also help viewers follow Artemis’ journey from evil child to good man that followed him in the books. Unfortunately, Disney jumped the gun by making little Artie a hero from the get-go and skipping his growth as a person, both morally and physically, as Artemis learns how to help others (or at least think about others from time to time).

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Disney must stay true to the books

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The only way Disney can recover from a fiasco Artemis Fowl film To remain faithful to the books on the show. The story in the movie was altered beyond recognition and suffered a deflection (throw away) from the entire premise Artemis Fowl. However, almost every mod of anything that succeeds does so because it stays true to the source material. Takes The last of usthe HBO adaptation that just finished its debut run, has been dominating broadcasts for months and will likely dominate the upcoming award season. The last of us It’s being lauded and beloved not for changing things but for staying true to the source material, only making changes when necessary, which makes sense to help improve the show. Staying true to the original script is the only way Disney can have a franchise with it Artemis FowlAnd the story is worth telling.


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