When some of us were kids, there was no internet. You actually had to buy the newspaper or go to your local movie theater and see what they were playing and what show you were planning on attending. Reserved seats? Think again. Going to see your favorite movie was the combination of stale popcorn, warm Coca-Cola, and a big crowd trying to fit into a tiny room where digital projections were a pipe dream come true. Summer was the same, only compounded by the vacationing crowd who sometimes had nothing but a movie theater to take a break from the scorching heat.

There will never be a summer blockbuster like 1982. It’s in the books. With the many films that followed his previous entries, Spielberg dominated the industry, and horror showed why he was so huge during the ’80s. You’d think this would be comparable to the current trend of multiples where there’s always an MCU movie spinoff or a Disney animated production, but we guarantee you it’s not. There was no streaming, and VHS technology is not comparable. You had to go to the theater, and if you weren’t going to school, watching your next favorite movie on the big screen seemed like a great idea.

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We could make a timeline for this thing, but we’d rather make a few changes and give you an idea of ​​how the summer of 1982 movie went by genres.

The Saga (and its long-awaited sequel)

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In the ’80s, Rocky Balboa was a staple of pop culture. He has become the American boxer and the lead in sports films. The first two movies were huge hits, and the third one Rocky III He was no exception. This one brought Sylvester Stallone’s Balboa against Mr. T Clubber, and Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger played in the background. Talk about an effective recipe. It was released on May 28, and it’s no wonder that it became the second highest-grossing movie of 1982 in the entire world.

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But a few days ago, America met Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan the Barbarian. The movie, which was released on May 14, delivered an epic fantasy thriller with enough violence to make everyone hungry for more sword-wielding heroes. It is curious that the producers initially considered Charles Bronson for the main role, in addition to Stallone. His choice was to make this summer his.

Star Trek It also returned to theaters that year and made an impressive statement in the form of a sequel that is still considered one of the best in movie history. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan It was released on June 4, and it was a huge success at the box office. It cost much less than the first and gave a dramatic backbone to a series that didn’t have that much presence in the movie. Of course, the producers were very pleased with the result. This and audiences who were hypnotized by the fantastic special effects and the gorgeous hairdo of Riccardo Montalban.

the horror

evil soul

And panicked screams were heard in theaters during the summer of 1982. But all was well. You are with your family for release evil soul on June 4th. Spielberg and Hooper fought for the PG rating that allowed him to blow the minds of kids all over the world. It was the highest-grossing horror film of 1982, and confirmed Spielberg’s touch as important and effective. It was so successful, it was actually released during Halloween that year again. And what did people do? They have come to see Freelings encounter unimaginable beings from other realms.

But it wasn’t all so great in 1982 in terms of the box office. John Carpenter thing It was released on June 25th and it might have been an excellent feature, but that summer, it wasn’t a hit from the audience’s point of view. This actually caused Carpenter to lose directing work fire starter. However, can you imagine watching thing in 1982? It’s one of those experiences that few of us dream of. Texture, special effects, cold, blood sampling scene. What a great horror movie!

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Then on August 13, all bets were off and Jason Voorhees slashed box office projections. Friday the thirteenth part three It was 3D, promised to end the trilogy (Hah! We were suckers), and was the most violent of the bunch. This is actually taken evil soul from first place and became the second highest-grossing horror film of 1982. A double movie with these two would have been a 13-year-old’s dream.


Tron 1982 1200 x 630
Buena Vista distribution

In 1982, we were able to see other worlds as well. Science fiction promised to be huge with the advancement of special effects. A friendly alien has paved the way for dreams to come true, even if it means saying goodbye to your best friend.

any. t. extra terrestrial It was released on June 11 and changed cinema. I have stepped on success star Wars and quickly the highest-grossing movie of all time. Spielberg proved once again that aliens weren’t that bad, and thing You didn’t even make us fail on this idea. This one has it all. Cool kids, BMXs, great use of speaking and spelling, and Reese’s bites. We can only imagine seeing ET and Elliott fly by the Moon, with John Williams’ dots in the background for the first time. We don’t know if people cheered, or if they just stared in awe because Spielberg redesigned the blockbuster concept yet again.

Blade Runner It was released on June 25th and the reason is simple. Producer Alan Ladd Jr. That the number 25 was the lucky number that gave him previous results in the form of star Wars. However, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi blockbuster wasn’t quite as good as its summer partners. It was a more complex movie, and it wasn’t quite as family-friendly as its peers. For those of you lucky enough to see it back in the day, we can only guess which version you saw. Yes, in its theatrical run Blade Runner It was already plagued by the tweaks and cuts that make the franchise confusing as to release. Anyway, imagine a dual feature show with this show and thing.

Then on July 9th, minds broke when Steven Lisberger You see issued. No one fully understood computers, and Disney’s hottest live-action movie got characters inside a mainframe computer. Anyway, it was the great special effects that got people going to theaters and enjoying the adventures of a very clever man inside a world only one could understand. To this day, we haven’t forgotten the sound of the light cycle collapsing.


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