Pokemon It is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, grossing $77 billion. Thanks to video games, trading cards, and a popular animated series, this franchise has stood for nearly 30 years. After all these years, he can still attract new fans. the Pokemon An essential part of the success of the series is the anime as fans have followed Ash Ketchum and his traveling trusty Pikachu to become a Pokémon Master.

After 25 years, Ash’s story finally comes to an end as the final episode of the original Pokemon It was broadcast in Japan on March 24, 2023. The series will continue with a new movie, pokemon horizons: the series, But the conclusion of Ash and Pikachu’s journey truly marks the end of an era. For those curious about when the final episodes will air in North America or those who just want to visit the franchise, here are the details on where you can catch Pokemon series.

Pokemon TV

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Pokemon A huge franchise with so many spin-off series and movies, it actually has its own streaming platform. The Pokémon TV app features a wide variety of episodes with a full catalog from Seasons 1 to 5, as well as Episodes 20 to 24, some of the most recent seasons of the series.

The app is constantly rotating episodes and is the best source for the series. It is also the most economical source because it is freely available. It can be downloaded on Nintendo Switch, mobile devices like iPhones and Android devices, or TVs like Roku, Kindle Fire, and Apple TV.

Pokémon on Netflix

Meow and Meow
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Arguably the most popular streaming service, Netflix is ​​the one people are most likely to access, though that may change with their new password sharing rules. Netflix and Pokemon The two had such a strong history together that the service is the fore of the first season Nile League And the most recent Seasons 23 through 25 are titled Trips. Season 25 titled final flight, A new batch of episodes recently aired on February 24, 2023. The final episodes of Ash’s adventure are scheduled to premiere sometime in 2023.

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Netflix is ​​showing the mini-series Pokemon: Arcus Records, which is part of a trip story for this supplement. Netflix also has files Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution, CGI remake of Pokémon: The First Movie. Pokemon Fans should definitely invest in Netflix, as a live-action series is set to premiere on the streaming service.

other broadcast services

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Pokemon It’s been around for a long time, and with so many different spin-offs to the main story, it’s been split between different broadcasters. Prime Video and Freevee both contain Seasons 14-16, which have been subtitled black and white, Plus seasons 20 through 22 which are sun moon. Chapters 17 through 19, known as Pokemon XY, Available on Hulu. Hoopla has it Diamond And Pearlnamely seasons 10 through 12. Various seasons are also available for purchase through Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

What about middle Pokemon seasons?

May Pokemon
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One will notice that there seems to be a huge gap in the seasons available to watch. The first few seasons of the series include who Nile League To the end Master’s quest When Ash’s mates Brock and Misty leave easily. Then there’s the jump from Season 5 to Season 14, with the rare exception of Seasons 10 through 12 which is available on Hoopla. All Seasons 6 to 13 are available for purchase on various platforms but they are not easily accessible like the other seasons.

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There is no particular reason why these middle seasons are not as readily available as the other seasons. The biggest factor may be these seasons airing at Pokemon The franchise was at its lowest point in terms of popularity. Seasons 1 to 5 were Pokemon During what many consider the golden age, while seasons 14 onwards coincided with a resurgence in the franchise thanks to games like Pokemon Black And Pokemon White.

Benefits of watching all episodes of Pokemon

Ash with some Pokemon
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the Pokemon The cartoon ran for 1,234 episodes making for plenty of TV shows to catch up on, so anyone willing to binge that long can definitely go wrong. Pokemon. One factor for wanting to go back and watch Pokemon For anyone who has stopped watching it is to revisit the franchise that brought them such joy in their youth.

Watching this series is like stepping back into a simpler time; Catch up on old episodes can be similar to seeing old friends. One can also catch up where they left off, to see how far Ash and Pikachu have gone on their journey. It can be enjoyed as a nostalgic cartoon feature but also an opportunity to make new memories with friends, loved ones or even children.

Ash Ketchum’s story has gone on for years, and while the audience that watched him has grown, he’s remained the same 10-year-old boy who wanted to be a Pokémon master. For years, audiences have seen episodes of Pokemon It ends with “To Be Continued…” and that was also a promise to the viewer. They can always come back and continue Pokemon. Even with Ash’s story complete, the world of Pokemon It will always be available for viewers to come back to and discover new audiences. Thanks to streaming, it’s now easier than ever.


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