As one of the most popular streaming services in the world, Netflix It is known for constantly adding new movies and TV shows, from spy thrillers to poignant slice-of-life stories. While most of these shows are weekend leisure that can be binge-watched in a short while, the streaming device also tends to hold some good shows and movie franchises. Like Marvel and star Wars Series, these films end with many dangling plot threads that can be explored in subsequent entries.

Or, as is often the case, we encounter a series like 13 reasons why, which would have ended after the second season except for Netflix needing to capitalize on its success. It seems that Netflix is ​​not only producing a large number of TV shows, but also plans to create movie franchises that, if successful, will bring an innovative form of entertainment to its subscribers. This begs the question: what will be Netflix’s next major franchise, and will it succeed?

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Why is Netflix looking to expand into franchises?


Netflix has amassed an impressive library of movies across several genres, perfect for a quick day of relaxation or watching marathons to blow off steam on the weekend. It clearly dominates in this sense, although a good portion of these productions often disappoint viewers. So, rather than creating endless movies and shows that won’t help grow the player, it makes more sense to stick with successful movie series.

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Consider some recent Netflix movies and shows, such as 1899which was quickly canceled after the first season, and troll, a Norwegian monster movie would be great for a popcorn movie, but these wouldn’t be enough to make Netflix our first choice for streaming. If Netflix adopts the method of dividing a blockbuster movie or series into several installments, the chances of them being successful will increase even more.

What could be Streamer’s next big franchise?

New Netflix franchises

This isn’t the first time Netflix has tried this approach, as Weird things It was definitely the most popular pick among fans in recent years, as it is darkwhich, while similar to Weird things, is more violent and dirty. These are just a few examples of many, but Netflix hasn’t invested in movie franchises as much as it has in TV shows. extraction It’s a reasonably possible choice for a streamer because the second movie, while not quite what fans expected, is an action spectacle, especially the first hour.

how Thor: Love and Thunder Not quite hitting the mark, Chris Hemsworth might just stick with it extraction Like Tom Cruise did Mission: Impossible All these years. gray man is another excellent choice, as it’s based on a novel by Mark Greaney, who wrote several sequels to the book series. with the Rousseau brothersAvengers: Endgame) in charge, the movie turned out to be an amazing action movie, and with more films, it is bound to become one of the most exciting franchises. The only concern is the cost and how much Netflix can afford to continue to invest in this franchise.

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However, these two things aren’t the end of the road because Netflix is ​​already producing more movie potential, like Gal Gadot stone heartwhich will launch a franchise in the same way as the feature film series, and red noticewhich stars three iconic actors, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, and will see a sequel in 2024 or 2025. Netflix has also invested heavily in Zack Snyder, from his previous zombie movie Army of the Dead to his new sci-fi thriller Rebel Moon. , which is hoped to be the start of a franchise.

Other examples include Take out the kniveswith Netflix acquiring the rights to the sequel after the first movie was a hit, and the second was a hit for the streaming network. Fear Street It was one of the best horror franchises that Netflix has ever produced, and given how each movie has maintained its originality throughout, it has the potential to become an even bigger franchise. On the TV side, Netflix has invested in both The Witcher and DC’s Sandman.

Will these franchises work?

New Netflix franchises

Up until this point, fans are excited to know that the streaming service will bring a slew of amazing movies to the table, but can they pull it off? With few exceptions, Netflix tends to have a style of speeding through things rather than taking its time to make the project more fruitful. If these franchises are to be successful, even if they are not to scale star Wars And Mission: ImpossibleNetflix must spend its time carefully developing each script.

movies like red notice She was somewhat repetitive with the concept, but its undeniable popularity is due to its star-studded main cast, which would cost a huge budget even for Netflix. So, if it’s going to spend billions of dollars on these franchises, it better do it right by focusing equally on story selection, production quality, and a cast that will catch the eye of their fans. There is a good chance that some of these franchises will thrive; However, this is by no means certain for all of them.


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