Disney’s most successful weapon in the streaming wars failed woefully this year, as it did throughout the third season of The Mandalorian, the beloved Star Wars series that served as Disney+’s flagship has struggled to find its footing, following plenty of poorly developed plot threads with no clear overarching goal and no justification for continued existence. This left viewers increasingly dissatisfied, leading to a significant drop in viewership until the show reached record lows.

We know that famed director Jon Favreau of both Star Wars and MCU fame was already working on season 4 before season 3 even premiered, as well as being Disney’s most famous and popular show in decades – Baby Yoda will live forever in the mind of the internet – from Doubtful that The Mandalorian It will be canceled after one (extremely difficult) season. Since it looks like Season 3 isn’t the last we’ll see of Mando and Grogu, here’s what we want to see happen and change in Season 4 of The Mandalorian.

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What happened to Grogu after escaping from Order 66

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The greatest question of the entire series has been the subject of many theories over the years and has been on fans’ minds since the beginning – how did Grogu survive and escape Order 66? – is finally answered in Season 3, becoming the most memorable reveal of the season.

In a flashback through Grogu’s mind, we see the green young woman rescued from the Great Jedi Purge by Jedi Master Kelleran Beq (played excellently by Ahmed Best, who previously portrayed the controversial Jar Jar Binks), who delivers Grogu safely through destroying the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, before escaping into hyperspace.

While this answered the biggest question we had The MandalorianIt excites a lot. Where did they go? What happened to Beck? How did Grogu end up in captivity, which started this whole series? Lots of mysteries that still need to be demystified in Season 4.

Grogu has a role besides being cute

The Mandalorian Season 3 with Grogu aka Baby Yoda

Speaking of Grogu (who voiced him, anyway?), the famous little green baby Yoda who took the internet by storm within hours of his surprise debut, became a beloved pop culture figure and a great meme, more famous than most real-life celebrities, Needs more to do on The Mandalorian Season four.

What made the show incredibly popular was Baby Yoda and Daddy Mando’s relationship together. Their adventures across the galaxy made a true father-son duo that fans love. However, in the third season, Grogu had nothing to do all the way through.

Although there were some moments in the finale where the dynamic duo battled it out with some sinister red robes in an amazing tag team battle, where Mando officially adopted Grogu as his son, there was no real development between the popular couple or any interaction whatsoever. Instead, Grogu has spent the entire season simply following Mando, reminiscing about tragedies with The Armorer, and playing space golf with Duchess Lizzo.

Season 3 made Grogu feel more like a meme than a character, simply appearing in any scene just to be nice and sell more Baby Yoda dolls for Disney. We need to see a real big character build for this little green guy soon in Season 4 if he’s going to be the greatest Jedi ever.

Mando to have a role in his program

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Grogu wasn’t the only one needing more work in Season 3, as Mando (Pedro Pascal) himself doesn’t have much to do with his own show. While Grogu has spent most of the season after Mando, Mando has spent the entire season after Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff), the hereditary ruler of Mandalore.

The Mandalorian It suddenly becomes The Bo-Katan Show, and the show’s producer has confirmed that Mando is no longer the titular Mandalorian. Season 3 ends with a bit more focus on Mando, so we assume the show is back with Mando as the main character again, and in Season 4, we want Mando to have a more prominent role in its series.

Kara Dune to return

Gina Carano, Cara Dune

Great credit for the first two seasons of The MandalorianThe character Cara Dune was the original fan-favorite of the series and Mando’s ally in many adventures until her sudden and notable disappearance from Season 3 due to actress Gina Carano’s implausible firing from the show due to a controversial social media post that just didn’t happen. No such response from Lucasfilm.

Dune character returns to The Mandalorian In Season 4, not only will compensation be a good fit for the actress, but it will also help provide some much-needed stability to the show as the familiar face returns to help Mando and Grogu across the galaxy.

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Compelling side adventures

The Mandalorian-Din-Algarin-Bo-Katan

The term “filler” in television has a negative connotation nowadays, however The Mandalorian He has traditionally excelled at telling anthology stories because we all loved seeing a fanatical and intimidating bounty hunter take on exciting one-off projects with his sweet green little son/friend across the expanses of space.

However, Season 3 suffered greatly from the side quests, which were only diverted from the main plotline of the season (they were pretty hard to follow anyway), which were often frustrating at best and often frustrating at worst. Since Season 3 ended with Mando and Grogu returning to the world of bounty hunting, Season 4 needs some more compelling side adventures for our favorite duo ahead.

Focused story

Dr. Pershing and Elijah Kane in The Mandalorian.

The biggest flaw in Season 3, and one that blighted the entire show for most viewers, was the aimless story throughout. Mando and Grogu spent most of the episodes on random side quests, which only detracted from the show rather than supplemented it, even an entire episode focused on two background characters from previous seasons, and the events of the entire episode had no connection outside of it.

Since the main storyline in Season 3 wasn’t as compelling anyway, Season 4 needs a more focused story to keep the investment and interest going.

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New villain

The Mandalorian season-3 episode 7 moff Gideon Base

Giancarlo Esposito has proven himself excellent as Moff Gideon in all three seasons The Mandalorian. While the third season dealt with the cloning technology used by Emperor Palpatine in Celestial RiseWith everything poor narrative of the sequel trilogy and Gideon’s apparent demise at the end of the season, the cheap villain resurrections clearly have to stop. It’s time for a new antagonist to fill the role of the supervillain in it The Mandalorian Season four.


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