when Zoe 101 It ended in 2008, and fans were left with more questions than answers. After Chase returns from London, and he and Zoe kiss, what happens? How is their relationship going? Quinn and Logan finally show the others that they are in love, but will their public relationship last? What does everyone decide after graduation when they have to go home or to college? The series finale was exhilarating and made the characters’ futures look hopeful, but true fans desperately want to know if their predictions came true. Fortunately, reports of a new movie have been confirmed. Zoe 102work is underway to give fans closure.

At this time, we know that at least seven actors are returning to reprise their roles. Since their days as students at Pacific Coast Academy, some have spent their time on screen, and some have started families. Both returning cast members are excited to be back together to shoot their new movie. See what he throws Zoe 101 before they start working on it Zoe 102.

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Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoe Brooks)

Nickelodeon Productions

Jamie Lynn Spears She was originally known as the “younger sister of Britney Spears”, but she made her way out of that shadow once she gained her fans who got to know her as Zoe Brooks from the popular Nickelodeon show, Zoe 101. At the end of 2007, Spears’ younger sister announced her pregnancy (she was 16 years old at the time), which led to many rumors about the end of the show. After giving birth to her daughter, Spears left the public eye for five years. This gave Spears time to regroup, get away from the cameras and questions, and take the time to learn to be a mother with her daughter.

When Spears returned to the spotlight, she did so in full force. Initially focusing on her music career, in 2013, Spears released her debut single, “How Could I Want More,” from her extended play album. the journey. The song was a huge hit for country music fans, but her biggest break within the genre was co-writing the Platinum-certified single “I Got the Boy”. In 2020 Spears appeared as a regular in the romantic drama television series, Sweet magnolia. At this time, Spears was enjoying motherhood with two young children while working on her comeback Zoe 101 a personality.

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Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews)

Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews - Zoey 101
Nickelodeon Productions

when Sean FlynnCharacter, Chase Matthews, was temporarily written out Zoe 101He said it was so he could focus on his education. Fans are devastated to see Zoe and Chase break up, but his choice to walk away to better himself is respectable. After the series ended, Flynn took a short break from acting altogether. He returned to the industry to act in films such as Hatfields and McCoys: Bad BloodAnd The return of the killer shrewAnd Another Robin Hood.

In an interview with Traditional Relationships, Flynn appears grateful for his time on set Zoe 101. He talks about how it shaped him and helped him grow as a young man. However, Flynn appears to be much happier behind the camera than in front of it with his latest job at the Donatello Arm. He talks about how the company does a great job capturing a product using 360 Motion video photography. Flynn has played it astutely staying away from any controversy that has arisen since his days as the quirky Chase Matthews, but he’s excited to return to the role with his former Nickelodeon family.

Erin Sanders (Quinn Penske)

Erin Sanders as Queen from Zoey 101
Nickelodeon Productions

when Erin Sanders She went to audition for the role of Nicole, and was beaten by Alexa Nicolas. However, Sanders was such a brilliant actress at the young age of 13 that Dan Schneider decided to write in the twisted science genius fans know as Quinn Pensky. Sanders got into character flawlessly, and the rest is history.

after Zoe 101 Done, Sanders immediately picked up a recurring role on the Nickelodeon show big time rush As Camille Roberts, she starred in CBS The Young and the Restless. For the most part, Sanders has mainly appeared in other TV series such as herbsAnd CSI: MiamiAnd Melissa and Joey. She even joined several of them Zoe 101 costars when restarting all of that. At this time, anyone can find this yoga and meditation instructor posting pictures on her Instagram. Fans are curious to see how this woman of color will reprise her role as recognizable Queen Zoe 102. Will you stay with Logan? Fans sure hope so!

Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese)

Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese - Zoey 101
Nickelodeon Productions

Matthew UnderwoodThe cute bully-turned-babyboy’s performance had fans falling in on themselves. Originally, Logan Reese was a flirtatious guy who was easy to hate, but as the series went on, Logan opened up and became a (mostly) real man. It seems Underwood has always been a likable person, or so it seems Twitter and Instagram.

beyond his days Zoe 101Underwood has taken some time away from the camera life. In 2017, he appeared in and landed roles in TV movies The Magic Studio And golden stars. After that, he wore several shorts incl Jamie Lynn Spears and Chantel Jeffries: Follow me Where many origin Zoe 101 His fellow cast members got together to create a new version of the show’s theme song. Fans were excited to see the former cast members reunite, and even more excited to know that Underwood will be returning as Logan in the series Zoe 102.

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Christopher Massey (Michael Barrett)

Christopher Massey as Michael Barrett from Zoey 101
Nickelodeon Productions

Christopher Massey He comes from a somewhat talented family as he and his younger brother, Kyle Massey, found fame as child stars. Kyle Massey has appeared in Disney shows such as This is very crow (Christopher Massey guest-starred in one episode), Corey at homeAnd fish hook. On the other hand, Christopher Massey landed his lead role as Michael Barrett in the Nickelodeon movie Zoe 101 series.

From his days as a determined teen, the elder Macy has found himself fathering three adorable children: Maria, Bella, and Carter. There have been a few instances where Massey has been involved with law enforcement; In 2015, the Massey Brothers were assaulted and robbed by rapper Lil’ Twist at Kyle Massey’s home, and in 2016 Christopher Massey was charged with domestic violence for allegedly pushing the mother of his eldest daughter. Charges were not pressed in the second incident.

With Massey seemingly comfortable with his lifestyle and posting his own hip-hop and rap songs on Apple Music, he’s excited to be back on screen as the lovable Michael Barrett on the set of Zoe 102 film.

Abby Wilde (Stacy Dillson)

Abby Wilde as Stacy Dillson from Zoey 101
Nickelodeon Productions

It took some time to Abe WildeStacy Dillson’s personality grows on people. Annoying but innocent, fans couldn’t help but feel bad that this little girl had the absolute worst luck in the world. In contrast, Wilde’s luck outside of the show was very different from her character’s.

immediately after Zoe 101 The series ended, Wilde starred in a drama called A family of four. Wilde reprized her bizarre role as Stacy in both iCarly And Sam and Kat. Other than that, Wilde seems to be keeping to herself. During the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, Wilde created and began hosting a podcast, Cringe Benefits. She gained a small following as she talked to people about childhood nostalgia and what growing up did to those memories. Now she gets a chance to delve into her childhood role as the clumsy Stacey back in the Zoe 102 film.

Jack Salvatore Jr. (Mark Del Figgalo)

Jack Salvatore as Mark Del Figgalo from Zoey 101
Nickelodeon Productions

Mark Del Figgalo was an ordinary guy who wasn’t as colorful and crazy as the rest of his PCA colleagues. This made him a somewhat dull person (which was the purpose) in the series. Jack Salvatore Jr, on the other hand, is anything but boring. He managed to land a few guest roles on TV series, and had a recurring role on 10 things I hate about you TV Series.

Instead of pursuing life on stage, Salvatore Jr. managed to become a production assistant writer for Nickelodeon shows like victorious And Sam and Kat. He realized he liked being behind the scenes more than in front of the camera, so he stayed in the industry and now works in production. As for his personal life, Salvatore Jr. is a happy father and husband. His wife, Christine Pemberton, gave birth to their first daughter in September 2022.


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