Carl Fredrickson, the beloved old man who has won the hearts of millions, returns to the screen again. The next is a Pixar-titled short Carl’s history It follows Carl as he embarks on another adventure. in higherthe audience witnesses as Carl embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

He designed his family home into a flying ship, which he used to travel to tropical South America. There, Carl faces an extreme struggle as he protects his newfound bogus grandson, Russell, his animal friends Doug and Kevin, and the cherished memory of his late wife.

In later works, audiences witnessed Carl adjusting to suburban home life excavated days. Carl broke out of his comfort zone by moving into a close-knit neighborhood and community, finally shedding his adventurous secluded pre-South American lifestyle. Finally, Carl lets his loved ones in, and in doing so, cements the next stage of his adventure: a loving, fun, and purposeful life.

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Carl’s history Carl picks up frantically and nervously and – of course – gleefully prepares for an upcoming romantic evening. Carl brought the fans to tears higher And excavated days. Here’s why he’s doing it again in his upcoming animated short.

Up’s opening scene is a tearjerker

Walt Disney Studios

The opening scene of the 2009 Pixar movie higher It features a heart-wrenching montage. Fans are allowed into the lovable world of Carl and Ellie Fredrickson, the founding members (and only two) of the “Grape Soda Adventure Club.” The montage follows a boy and a girl through the various stages of their romantic relationship—from whimsical, pretend-seeking toddlers to teenage flirtations, and throughout their wedding.

Carl and Ellie plan their adventure in Paradise Falls, a remote tropical utopia in South America. However, life gets in the way. The two are busy establishing their lives together as they buy a house, work, plan their family, and deal with the daily problems of life.

In the end, it’s too late. Carl and Ellie are very old, and Ellie is very ill. Their “adventure” is left unfinished, and Ellie selflessly urges Carl to continue their dreams after her death. When Ellie pushes the scrapbook into Carl’s hands, she appears to be telling him to continue his adventurous plans (i.e. travel to Paradise Falls).

However, the bigger message Ellie was conveying was that she life With Carl it was adventurous. It wasn’t the exotic jungle they had previously discussed, but their colorful, colorful home and perfect routine was the adventure she wanted. This skinny landscape paves the way for higherwhich is a great way to engage audiences in the heartbreaking story of Carl Fredrickson.

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Carl’s history is an adventure

Carl's history

After the opening scene higher and the substantive character development that followed, audiences have every reason to be rooting for Carl Fredrickson. He passed a complicated and sad phase of his life by honoring the memory of his late wife. Furthermore, he was able to honor Ellie’s memory by finally acknowledging what her message meant.

When Carl parted ways with his colorful home atop Paradise Falls – the same one he and Ellie had been living in – it seemed like the adventure was over. He “completed” the task and finished the “unfinished business” in Ellie’s life. This was the moment he finally understood.

Saying goodbye to the house, Carl admits that Paradise Falls wasn’t the point. The maps, the travel plans, the houses covered in balloons, all the things he became obsessed with in the aftermath of Ellie’s death — that wasn’t the adventure. Adventure was a shared life with the one you love.

Carl understands what Ellie tried to tell him years ago, and with a deep breath, he embarks on a new adventure with Russell, Doug, and an excessive amount of dogs. Carl sought another life to share with the people he loved (or more accurately, would eventually love in his own bad way).

Carl’s history It would bring audiences to tears by reminding us of both Ellie’s selflessness and Carl’s bravery. Ellie searched for Carl all those years, fearing that he might undo the next chapter in his life. Now, Carl anxiously prepares for his first date in decades, bravely confronting the unknown world of romance.

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A wonderful tribute to Ed Asner

Ed Asner in Cobra Kai

To many, Ed Asner was known as “Lou Grant” from The Mary Tyler Moore Show or “Carl Fredrickson” from higher. However, the veteran actor has had a vast career that spans generations, titles, genres, and even performance mediums. Asner has had 411 titles to his name, starting in 1957 and continuing to this day, with many more titles in post-production.

With seven Emmy Awards for his performance, Asner remains one of the most honored actors in the history of the Primetime Emmy organization. Asner was inducted into the Emmy Hall of Fame in 1996, and he is also the only actor to win Emmys for performing the same character in a drama and comedy. While Asner may be best known for his performances in higherHe has had a highly acclaimed career spanning nearly seven decades.

Ed Asner continued his work until the end of his life. He reprized the role of Carl Fredrickson for excavated daysBut the actor passed away in 2021 just two days before the premiere. Before the movie premiere Carl’s historyTheWrap confirmed whether Asner was involved with the production prior to his death.

In a short presentation at Pixar, Peterson [director] He said he thought “Carl’s Date” was the “arch” on top of the “Up” story and that it would likely be the last material from The World (at least for now). Part of this has to do with the fact that Asner died just a few months after recording his dialogue for “Carl’s Date” (he recorded the dialogue in the spring of 2021 and died the same August) and part of it has to do with how perfect the short film ends. It’s elegant, simple, and incredibly powerful, in a way that the best Pixar films, long or short, usually are. “

Carl’s history It premiered in theaters on June 16, 2023, ahead of the release of Pixar’s new, racist.


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