As reported by PEOPLE, ends with us Author Colin Hoover finally addresses the controversy surrounding the casting Blake Lively And Justin Baldoni In a movie adaptation of her book. At Book Bonanza (the annual book festival founded by Hoover and her sisters), he The New York Times The best-selling author has discussed the upcoming film adaptation of her novel ends with us and backlash towards the cast.

ends with us It is based on Hoover’s 2016 romance novel of the same title. The story follows Lily (a recent college graduate) and Ryle (a neurosurgeon). As the pair begin to develop feelings for each other, Lily’s ex, Atlas, unexpectedly returns to her life and begins to complicate things.

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Despite the book’s popularity, the film adaptation of Hoover’s novel has received backlash since it was first announced that Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni would play Lily and Ryle. The criticism was a result of the apparent age gap between the cast and who they are ends with us counterparts.

While Lively, at 35, is more than a decade older than 23-year-old character Lily, Baldoni (who is also serving as the director of the romantic adaptation) is nine years older than 30-year-old Ryle.

At the June 23 Book Festival (five months after announcing the film’s casting), Hoover finally gave an explanation for the age differences between the cast and characters.

Hoover said (via Today), “I went back when I wrote ends with usthe new adult [genre] She was very popular. You were writing college-age characters. That’s what I was contracted to do.”

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Colleen Hoover states that her characters’ aging makes sense “there’s no twenty-something neurosurgeon”.


Then she said, “I didn’t know neurosurgeons went to school for 50 years. There isn’t a 20-year-old neurosurgeon.”

The writer indicated that she saw the film adaptation as a way to right this wrong, adding: “When I started making this movie, I was like, ‘We need to age them because I messed it up.’ So it’s my fault.”

Hoover went on to say that she was “thrilled” with the casting choices, adding that she had been “obsessed” with the live-action since her days as Serena van der Woodsen. gossip girl. However, Hoover said she didn’t allow herself to “really get excited” about the movie because there’s still a chance something might happen. She said, “It’s not over filming. Anything could go wrong.”

Hoover also told fans of the book who “dissatisfied with the clothes and whatnot” should criticize until they saw the end result in theatres. She said, “I’ve seen a couple of outfits that are completely out of context. I’m not worried about that.”

Hoover went on to tell her fans, “I don’t remember describing the clothes at all. I don’t care what they’re wearing. In my head, it’s about the conversation they’re having and the story.”

So far, she added, she was “blown away” by the results of the edit. Hoover said, “I’ve seen the footage they’ve shot so far. I’m not crying. I know I write sentimental books but I’m not an emotional person. And I cried a lot on set.”

The author added, “You guys are going to be so happy. I’m so happy and now my expectations are high and I’m going to keep them there.”


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