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Tom Hardy’s third exit as Eddie Brock in The poison It appears that the franchise is aiming for an October 2024 release Venom 3 Production hasn’t even begun yet, and the writer’s strike continues to cause problems for several films, it looks like fans will have at least over a year to see where the anti-hero Hardy goes after his brief excursion into the MCU in the post-credits scene Spider-Man: No way home.

Despite being very popular with the masses, The Venom franchise has yet to catch the eye of critics, but it’s by far Sony’s most successful Spider-Man-related show that doesn’t feature the web-slinger itself. There’s been a lot of speculation about where Sony’s Spider-Man villain universe is headed, with the bombshell that it was Morbius It seems to connect with the MCU, but others like the future Craven the hunter And Madam Webb They’re doing their own thing, and it’s still hard to say where Venom fits into all of this right now.

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While there was very little information about what the third was poison The movie will look like, we know it’s coming out before poison Writer Kelly Marcel, with Andy Serkis declining to return as director after that Venom: Let there be massacre. In addition, it was recently announced that Juno Temple has joined the cast of the film, and through the actress the new release date window was revealed. while talking with diverseIn Exclaim!, Temple said filming would begin “very, very soon” and she was “thrilled to be a part of it”.

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Is the poison delayed by the writer’s stroke?

Back in February, Tom Hardy revealed that he was working on pre-production on his third take as the Marvel symbiote. after the original poison It has taken in over $800 million at the box office – more than the likes of the MCU Thor: Love and Thunder Almost double this year Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Managed – The 2021 film was put on hold due to the Covid pandemic, but still grossed an impressive $507 million at the time, the seventh-highest gross of the year.

While this setup Venom 3 To expedite production, things were going slowly, made worse by the arrival of the WGA writer’s strike, which reportedly affected the start of the three quel production. How much of a problem this issue will cause the film to achieve its current target release of October 2024 is yet to be seen, but after a disappointing MorbiusHowever, the last thing Sony wants to do is throw away its best chances that its “Spider-Man without Spider-Man” movies will gain solid ground at the box office in the years to come. If the choice came between pushing back the release date, or rushing the movie out, Sony has in the past been happy to make fans wait for movies, despite the hype they might cause.


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