If you are longing for more scary scares than horror tycoon James WanLuckily, you won’t have long to wait. After five years and much anticipation from fans, his last installment Sorcery being, The nun 2, is set to hit theaters early this fall. While we’re still (somewhat) eagerly awaiting the official trailer, Warner Bros. has decided to thrill audiences with something else. According to a report from Collider, some new images have dropped from the movie, giving audiences a deeper look at what to expect from the return of the demonic Valak to the big screen.

The nun 2 It is being directed by Michael Chavez, who also directed it Damn La Llorona (2019) and Conjuring: Satan made me do it (2021). Both are two more James Wan titles Sorcery universe, which has since become the most successful horror film of all time.

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The movie is a direct sequel to 2018’s the nunwhich was directed by Corinne Hardy. Although the film was panned by critics, it did well at the box office, making it another hit in the genre-spanning franchise. The sequel was announced at last year’s CinemaCon event, and the hype around it has certainly been building ever since. The film was written by Ian Goldberg (Fear of the Walking Dead) and Richard Ning and Akeelah Cooper who previously worked on James Wan’s now-iconic sci-fi horror comedy M3GAN (2022).

Wan is producing the film alongside returning collaborators Peter Safran and Judson Scott. Reprising her role again as Erin’s sister is Taissa Farmiga, alongside Storm Reid in an undisclosed lead role, The Chronicles of Narnia alum Anna Poppleuil, French actor Jonas Ploquet and, of course, Bonnie Aarons as the demonic nun Valack.

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While specific details about the movie are still mostly under wraps, the premise will be decided four years after it ended the nun, which saw Sister Irene (Farmiga) face off against the brutal Flack (Aruns) at St. Carta’s Monastery in Romania. Eventually, Valak makes his getaway by possessing an unsuspecting delivery man named Maurice (Bloquet), claiming yet another victim while continuing to terrorize anyone who gets in his way.

While we’ll have to wait and see what happens with both Erin and Valack in the upcoming sequel, Maurice can already be seen in an exorcism video twenty years later at a symposium by the Warrens, as well as in Lorraine’s vision of her husband Ed’s death. If these two harrowing tales and newly released photos are anything to go by, we may be seeing what turns out to be a grim end for someone of interest.

The nun 2 It is set to haunt its way to theaters everywhere on September 8th. Check out the latest trailer for the movie below, along with all the new photos Warner Bros. has released.


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