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Actor and director Tyler Perry You don’t want to see Josephine Wright lose her home. Wright is a 93-year-old from South Carolina who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Pelly Point Investments Group over her Hilton Head Island home. According to TMZ, Bailey Point was trying to buy Wright’s land, and after she refused, a lawsuit was filed against her in an attempt to take possession of it.

On Instagram, Perry responded to the situation. the to make The star feels bright and has offered to join her in the fight to keep her home. Including a video of a news story about the legal battle, Perry wrote a message saying, “I’ve been a fighter pretty much my whole life,” said 93-year-old Josephine Wright. Well, that makes us two. Mrs. Wright, please tell where you will appear and what you need to help you fight.”

As of now, it is not known whether Wright reached out to Perry and whether the two discussed the situation further. TMZ quoted Perry as calling the lawsuit “frivolous” in a local television interview about the ordeal. The report also states that things started when Bailey Point acquired 29 acres of land behind the house but were turned down when they offered to buy the Wright property. According to Wright, the company then began harassing her which led to the suit being filed as a way of trying to get her to leave.

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Tyler Perry joins the fight


“It baffled me at first, but then it pissed me off,” Wright said of the lawsuit in a news report. “I guess they thought I would be so worried about the inconveniences I would say, but they don’t know me. I’m here to fight for what I have. I just want to keep my possessions and they leave on their own.”

She continued, “I don’t want to say anything that could be used against me, but I think they are unscrupulous and greedy, and they want all the property they can get into their hands.”

According to the lawsuit, areas of Wright’s property are technically on Pelly Point land. Although she had already paid to move a shed, she has since been told that her porch, which is not easy to move, is also on property owned by the company. However, if money was the issue, it shouldn’t be, because others who wanted to help were giving Wright help, too. A GoFundMe page was launched to provide the financial resources she will need to win her battle. To date, the fundraiser has raised over $145,000 in donations.

The GoFundMe page reads, “We hope to raise enough money to cover her attorney’s costs, cover any property taxes, and erect fencing to create a barrier between the grandmother’s property and the new development that recently paved a 22-foot driveway from her back porch. An area that was once acres of pristine woodland and swamp and the refuge for the diverse wildlife of Hilton Head.”


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