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Hugo Ruiz One night with Adela made waves in Tribeca Film Festival, hidden in the midnight section. This Spanish mystery, Ruiz’s film debut, swept the festival and took home the Best New Fiction Director award, a title previously held by the likes of Michel Garza Cervera for Hoysera. It’s a noteworthy achievement for a film that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and has taken the festival by storm. Produced by Muertos de Envidia and FTFCam, the film unfolds the haunting and twisted story of Adela, a deeply emotionally scarred nightclub activist who is consumed by revenge against those she believes wronged her.

As night falls, we witness the mysterious life of Adela. Through the bleak night scenes she treads, he leads the audience on a captivating journey, bringing together the fragments of her tortured soul. The movie is visually stunning, shot through a series of one-shot sequences, each with its own distinct style and aesthetic. Moreover, the film owes much of its appeal to the towering performance of Laura Galan, who carries the film with her deft deftness on her shoulders. Galan’s acting strength is no surprise, given her stellar performance in finger (2022), which was a success at Sundance. In addition, #ConUnPack will oversee international sales and distribution in Spain according to Variety.

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The movie is also part of a larger, ambitious tapestry – a trilogy in the making. Each film in the trilogy unfolds simultaneously, centering around Adela’s eventful and fateful night. Ruiz’s inspiration for the movie Victoria (2015), a suspense thriller noted for its slick implementation of the one-sequence shot concept.

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A dance in the dark

Muertos de Envidia / FTFCam

cleverness One night with Adela It is evident in his pace, which expertly weaves information and character development. Ruiz handled the storytelling with meticulous detail, incorporating subtle clues and nuances to retain the audience’s interest. The film strategically uses long shots without the risk of losing engagement. For example, an early scene depicts Adela clutching her camera as she begins to sweep through the night, a seemingly mundane act that sparks curiosity and sets the stage for later discoveries.

The film builds to a climax in an evocative dance sequence that is thematically rich and central to the narrative. In this scene, Galán’s performance is nothing short of breathtaking. The dance, set on the ruins of her life, is an expressive and comforting release for Adela. Here, she reveals raw emotions and pent-up anger against her perceived tormentors.

what makes One night with Adela A cinematic curiosity is its commitment to one-sequence photography. While this method provides filmmakers with a unique avenue for storytelling, it is also fraught with challenges. Physical limitations, as well as a lack of editing opportunities, require carefully planned execution. Yet Ruiz embraces these limitations, using them to craft a visual language that is both restrained and liberating in his storytelling.

One night with Adela An artistic tour de force, it weaves a dark psychological tapestry through its inventive use of single-sequence shots, flawless pacing, and powerful central performances. As the harrowing night with Adela unfolds, the audience is drawn into a world that is both disturbing and captivating. Through Ruiz’s lens, we are led on a captivating journey into the night, where shadows dance and secrets are revealed.


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