We’re halfway through 2023, and countless movies have already hit screens, with some receiving huge critical and commercial acclaim while the rest are either global disasters or mediocre productions. In fact, every month has seen at least a few of these mixes, which, while not quite on the level of being the year’s best, entertained audiences enough to get them all day long.

In particular, the past month has seen a huge surge in the release of high-quality films such as extraction 2And Spider-Man: Through the Spider-VerseAnd bogeymanAnd the lesson and (arguably) the light. It should be noted that although many highly anticipated films have already been released, many others are waiting for the right time to indulge viewers in a series of surprises. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best movies of the month, ranging from all genres from comedy to action.

Flood (July 14)

Saban Films

If there’s no creature feature on the calendar, it’s not going to be a properly fun movie month, no matter how many expected movies are going to be released. Fortunately for us, the flood It infiltrated July’s top horror flicks with its spooky premise about predatory crocodiles.

The story takes place in a Louisiana prison when a massive hurricane’s flooding brings something far more terrifying than rising waters in front of the survivors: a relentless horde of hungry alligators of abnormal size. With no way out, the prisoners and guards form an alliance to fight their way out in hopes of surviving the disaster.

Birdbox Barcelona (July 14)

Still image from Birdbox Barcelona

Bird box, which was released in 2018, was an instant hit for Netflix, and many fans wondered why there wasn’t a sequel made to this amazing horror movie. To their delight, five years later, a show titled Birdbox Barcelonawhich takes place in Europe during the same timeline, was highlighted by Netflix.

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The story follows a business executive named Sebastian who, during the end of the world, unites with his young daughter Ana and tries to make their way through the barren streets of Barcelona in hopes of finding a sanctuary where they may be free from all horror. However, was it that simple in a world Bird box?

Quicksand (July 14)

Quicksand 2023 movie
Sanger Films

Survival films expose audiences to more harsh realities than the exciting adventures they hope to witness. Upcoming thriller Quicksand He perfectly depicts that with his story that presents the worst case scenarios that one can find themselves in the wilderness.

The film stars Carolina Gaitan and Alain Hocko as an American couple on the verge of divorce. During one of their business conferences, the couple take a walk through a rain forest that ends up getting them trapped in quicksand. With no one left to help, the pair fight for their survival in the sinking sands while dealing with a venomous snake.

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 (July 12)

Mission: Impossible 7 What to expect
Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

with Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 As the longest installment in the franchise with a running time of 2 hours and 43 minutes, the stakes are even higher this time around. Although Tom Cruise is still counting on a hit Top Gun: Maverickthis seventh Mission: Impossible The movie is expected to hit the fandom with a few surprises.

While the film’s plot was never made clear and remains somewhat of a mystery, Ethan Hunt will once again battle a global threat, but this time for the benefit of both the world and his comrades.

Insidious: The Red Door (July 7)

It remains insidious red door
Film District

the insidious The franchise has evolved with each entry and has proven that the more you travel, the more exciting and terrifying the journey can be. Furthermore, every movie in the franchise has centered around an apocalyptic spiritual realm known as More, and the fifth installment, Insidious: The Red Dooryou decided to take the adventure to the next level with the spooky setting.

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The film will see the return of the Lambert family, who only appeared in the first two films but were absent in the subsequent two films. This time around, Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Dalton (Ty Simpkins) will muster their unimaginable courage to traverse the depths of The More to confront the demons lurking within.

Joey Ride (July 7)

Joy ride movie

Many films have dealt with the concept of Asian immigrants doing their best to adjust after moving to Western countries such as the United States, but most do not focus on this issue specifically. in the next movie Joy RideWe have a similar issue with actors Ashley Park (Emily in Paris), Cherry Cola (Good problem), Stephanie Hsu (Everything everywhere at once), and Sabrina Wu. Surprisingly dirty comedy breaks down stereotypes and assumptions in a funny way.

The Out-Laws (July 7)

Pierce Brosnan, Adam Devine, Ellen Barkin, and Nina Donev in The Out-Laws

Outlaws It is one of the most anticipated comedies of the year, directed by Tyler Spindel and produced by Adam Sandler. The film stars Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries), Pierce Brosnan (Tomorrow never dies) and Adam Devine (Workaholic), and follows a bank manager about to become engaged to the love of his life.

However, he soon discovers that a group of criminals known as the “Ghost Bandits” have robbed his bank, and he suspects future in-laws to be involved. Given the producer’s track record of success in the comedy genre, Outlaws It should be an interesting addition to the lineup of the month.

Crusades (7 July)

Still from the Crusades
VMI worldwide

Adolescence can be very exciting for many people, especially if they have friends who can organize rock concerts on the weekends and love affairs to help them get through those grueling emotional years. The upcoming comedy with the tagline “Love knows no age” brings the realities of high school as three friends at Our Lady of the Crusades, an all-boys high school, learn that their school is merging with the rivals.

Knowing their lives will take a nasty turn once this happens, they form a pact for one last epic weekend where they break the rules, make love, and make more rivals while having immeasurable amounts of fun. If you like teen comedies, Crusades It could be a great movie to watch this month.

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Bad Girl Boogey (July 4)

Bad Girl Boogey movie
One way production

This may not be the best time to release Halloween slasher movies, however Bad Girl Boogie He insists on hitting theaters ASAP. The film hopes to create an authentic alien picture while retaining the main traits of the slasher subgenre: gore and grit.

In the movie, blood was spilled by someone wearing a parasite mask who cursed Halloween with black magic. 16 years later, Angel (Lisa Fanto) loses his best friend at the hands of the same killer, and they’re determined to track him down. However, before they attempt such a daring feat, they must be ready to face their fears and save those they hold dear before the killer gets to them first.

Voice of Freedom (4th of July)

Voice of Freedom movie
Santa Fe movies

Movies based on true stories always bring something unpleasant and disturbing to light, perhaps because of the belief that these things are happening somewhere in the world right now. Freedom’s voice It is one such movie that deals with the reality of unfortunate young souls who get caught up in the sex trade and spend the rest of their lives hoping someone will come to their rescue.

In this biopic directed by Alejandro Monteverde, we follow a former government agent as he embarks on a perilous mission to save several children from becoming victims of trafficking. The film was considered incredibly powerful and persuasive by audiences, especially conservative and religious.


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