Dungeons and Dragons It has been a global phenomenon for more than 50 years. It is where players set their own missions and develop their characters. D&D is a simple tabletop role-playing game that can keep fans occupied for days, and the epitome of the fantasy genre in pop culture. Dungeons and Dragons It appears in the media over the years as in Weird things, where fans see the boys playing the game in the first episode. Other shows like Community And The Big Bang Theory Also refer to this backgammon board game.

The board game was recently made into a movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. The game follows a group of heroes who come together on a mission in order to stop evil or achieve a common goal. Sometimes, the group of players is saving the world, while, other times, they’re on a mission to steal some gold. Either way, there’s no shortage of quest stories for the big and small screen that audiences will want to join in on. Here are 10 movies and TV shows inspired by Dungeons and Dragons for next viewing.

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10 Dragon Prince


Three children go on a journey that could change the course of a war between two kingdoms. a Netflix original series, Dragon Prince Full of lore and magic that enrich each episode along with the likable and witty characters in the story. The show’s plot is a bit too serious for its main characters, but it manages to sneak in moments of humor. all in all, Dragon Prince It embodies the atmosphere enjoyed by the players D&D When they sit around their table and decide on their next task.

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9 onwards

Ian and Barley drive in the front.
Disney Pixar

Disney and Pixar got together to create the movie onwardswhich Screen Rant says mirrors some D&D themes. The movie was not very popular after its release and seemed to fly under the radar to most audiences. However, the movie was clearly inspired by Dungeons and Dragons But it’s set in urban fantasy with elves, centaurs, and every other magical creature that can be found in a board game. onwards crept up in the classics D&D Monster: the gelatinous cube. The film follows two brothers, Ian and Barley, as they search for the magical item that will allow them to speak to their deceased father for just one day.

8 Adventure time

Cartoon Network

Members Adventure time He could argue that every episode could be a game Dungeons and Dragons. The Land of Ooo is divided into multiple kingdoms dedicated to a single aesthetic like candy, fire, and slime. The evil Ice King is constantly causing trouble that forces the heroic human Finn, his shapeshifting dog, and his adoptive brother Jake to stop him. The show plays differently D&D The gimmicks have just the right amount of humor between the characters. Each adventure feels haphazard while each episode is bursting with lore that continues to grow.

7 The Hobbit trilogy

The hobbit
Pictures Warner Bros

The hobbit is an episodic tale of Bilbo Baggins who sets off on a grand adventure. He leaves his quiet life behind despite his better judgment and ends up becoming the most important player in his mission. The trilogy is set prior to the events of the Lord of the Rings series. Joining forces with a wizard and thirteen dwarves, Bilbo and his friends must take back the dwarves’ home and treasure from the dragon, Smaug. Looks like Tolkien was taking a page out of a file Dungeons and Dragons Playbook while writing The hobbit.

6 Merlin

Merlin show

The Arthurian legend has been brought to the BBC along with its show Merlin. The TV series was a re-imagining of Arthur’s story while in a fantasy world. Each episode follows Merlin and Arthur on a different adventure where saving the world seems to be the ultimate goal. At some point, Merlin went on a quest to bring magic back to Camelot which seems like the plot from the Dungeons guide. Merlin It brings in mythical and legendary characters to build a world most people already know, but gives it a refreshing and classic feel to a story as old as time.

5 princess bride

Princess Bride Westley Buttercup
Twentieth Century Fox

princess bride Blends romance, adventure, and comedy in a classic fantasy thriller. Westley is on a mission to save his only love, Buttercup, while encountering enemies and making some allies along the way. The characters in the movie are creative and at times a little crazy and can easily be played through D&D a class. princess bride It has developed a large following over the years and will remain a classic in the fantasy genre as it retells the hero’s final journey – risking his life for love.

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4 His dark materials

His dark materials

Human spirits can walk alongside their human counterpart in animal form known as demons His dark materials. Lyra lives in an alternate universe where her best friend has been kidnapped, which forces her to go on a quest to find him. She jumps between worlds and finds herself in a land of wizards, armored polar bears, and even a multiverse filled with a magical particle called dust. The book-turned-TV-show trilogy series has big fights and poses philosophical questions that Collider describes as the importance of freedom and companionship. These mystical themes and creatures would make the perfect copy for anyone D&D campaign.

3 Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy (1)
Walt Disney Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy It may be a sci-fi movie, but the movies look like any movie Dungeons and Dragons research. The team that makes up the Guardians comes from all over the galaxy, which gives it the interesting backstory that it has so many players to offer D&D counterparts. The team’s constant conflict with each other often gets in the way of their mission, but each one slowly comes together towards the end of each film. Often found family themes are a story on file Dungeons and Dragons Game.

2 Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender
MTV Networks

Nickelodeon brought the masses Avatar: The Last Airbenderwhich some of her fans like D&D You might argue that it’s one huge campaign. Aang and Katara are the magicians, while Sokka is a fighter who goes on their biggest journey to restore peace to the four nations. The world has been under threat from the Fire Nation for over 100 years, and the characters explore serious topics with just the right amount of heart and humor. The show’s biggest bad comes off as the worst kind of evil that would make any Dungeon master jealous for not thinking about it.

1 The Lord of the Rings trilogy

the Lord of the Rings
New Line Cinema

Going off on a magical quest is often what makes a D&D Campaign happens to be a plot the Lord of the Rings. More specifically, The Fellowship of the Ring, which involves crossing various lands and is often dangerous. Frodo Baggins begins the Heroes’ Journey as he is summoned to make his way across Middle-Earth to take the One Ring to Mount Doom. The series has created one of the most imaginative worlds to ever hit screens while also telling one of the most compelling tales of trying to stay pure through experiences that test one’s resolve.


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