With endless opportunities and scientific avenues to explore, how can any other species compete with Science fiction movie genreIn terms of its characters? With films about time travel, exploring the deep corners of space, characters in sci-fi movies are like no other.

The science fiction movie genre is full of many compelling characters. From space wizards, a time-traveling teen, and a talking raccoon, there are a few species that feature so many weird and very interesting characters. So, without further ado, here are the greatest characters of all time in the science fiction genre.

10 RoboCop / Alex Murphy – The RoboCop franchise

Orion Pictures

Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) was once a tough, loyal, and respected Detroit police officer, but after a drug bust goes wrong, Alex Murphy is brutally murdered by notorious crime boss, Clarence Bodeker (Kurtwood Smith). After his brutal murder, Alex Murphy was later integrated into a cybernetic law enforcement unit, OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, or as he is more commonly known, RoboCop.

RoboCop still has a lot of Alex Murphy’s past values, with the added bonus of being virtually indestructible and having a large arsenal of deadly weapons. RoboCop is one of the most iconic characters in cinema history, through his streamlined design, his incredibly violent ways of getting justice, and just because he’s a great character.

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9 Neo – The Matrix franchise

Keanu Reeves stops bullets in The Matrix
Warner Bros.

The “chosen ones” are always great characters. Whether it’s Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter, one well-chosen story never disappoints, and Neo (Keanu Reeves) is one of the best characters around. Starting his journey as an ordinary computer programmer, who soon discovers a secret “rebellion” intended to bring down The Matrix, Neo soon learns his destiny and becomes “The One”. Unearthing some awesome martial arts skills and powers, Neo is one of the most powerful characters in cinema history that could even give Superman a run for his money.

8 T-800 – Terminator franchise

doomsday terminator 2
Triple star pictures

Beginning his journey as a competitor, the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) quickly fell into our hearts when he was tasked with rescuing John Connor in one of the best action movies of all time, T2: Judgment Day. at first finisher In the movie, we got to see the T-800’s deadly skills and arsenal as an unstoppable, no-kill machine. However, the T-800 grows on a more human level in the T2where he and John Connor develop a truly endearing friendship that brings the death of the T-800 to an end T2 So heartbreaking. We don’t cry, you.

7 Marty McFly and Doc Brown – Back to the Future franchise

Back to the future movie
Universal Pictures

What makes Back to the future The films do very well is Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). Is it weird that a high school student is best friends with an older scientist? certainly. Is it explained how and why they are both friends? No. Are they two of the most compelling and likable duos in cinema history? Without a doubt.

Marty McFly is an incredibly cool character. He rides skateboards, has a stylish sense of fashion, and exudes enough charm to make anyone swoon. Doc Brown is a fun, smart, and soulful scientist that we just can’t help but love.

6 Yoda – Star Wars franchise

Yoda with a lightsaber

Few characters are as wise or deadly as the great Jedi Master Yoda. Yoda without one of the most famous characters, and not only in star Wars Or science fiction, but in cinema as a whole. Grand Jedi Master Yoda is undoubtedly the most powerful Jedi Master in the world star Wars date. Incredibly gifted with strength, he lifts heavier objects than any other Jedi, and combined with the ability to deflect force lightning with his hands, Yoda is the only Jedi who can perform such a feat. Likewise, his fighting skills are impressive, unique, and deadly, as he leaps and turns across the battlefield and into a duel.

Likewise, Yoda took two of his Padawans under his wing, shaping them into two of the most powerful Jedi Masters in the galaxy. Hiding from the Empire for decades before dying of old age, the green Jedi quickly manifested himself as a Force ghost, an ability not all Jedi could master.

5 Rocket Raccoon – Guardians of the Galaxy franchise

Raccoon Rocket
Walt Disney Studios

We never thought we’d shed a tear for our talking tech genius, Talking Raccoon. However, in the year 2023, we have our eyes stunned by the adorable Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper). His history of testing, the loss of his best friend, and then his family shaped him into the tortured and heroic Rocket we know and love today. James Gunn really did something special when he made audiences fall in love with Rocket everywhere. His jokes are hilarious, his tech is impressive, and don’t tell Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), but Rocket just might be the best pilot in the galaxy.

Seeing Rocket finally lead the Guardians is the perfect ending for his character. At least for now, as far as we hope to see him again, his arc in the MCU has been very compelling and totally satisfying.

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4 Han Solo – Star Wars franchise

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars
Twentieth Century Fox

The arrogant, yet incredibly skilled and fearless scoundrel, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is a fascinating character in the star Wars being. His witty insults and dialogue made his character instantly memorable, but it was his skills with the cannon and the smooth ways in which he drives the iconic Millennium Falcon where we really fell in love with his character. He’s one of the coolest characters in cinema, and were it not for Harrison Ford’s captivating performance, Han Solo wouldn’t be half as likable as he is today.

3 Ellen Ripley – Foreign Franchise

Aliens Ellen Ripley
Twentieth Century Fox

When portraying cinema’s most badass heroine, Ellen Ripley has to be the first to come to mind. She has fought the deadliest and most terrifying monsters in cinema history, the Xenomorphs, on many occasions and has always been on top. She is smart, resilient, and will always protect those she truly cares about. The moment when Ripley steps out of the shadows in a giant yellow mech suit, before yelling, “Get off it, you bitch,” is the perfect example of this and one of the most exciting moments in cinematic history.

2 Spock – Star Trek franchise

Star Trek Spock
Paramount Television

Captain Kirk (William Shatner) may also deserve to be among the best sci-fi movie characters, however, Spock (Leonard Nimoy) is undoubtedly the most compelling and charismatic character in the series. Star Trek being. Spock’s wit and willingness to do what’s right saved him Enterprise crew more times than we can count. a few moments in Star Trek History is as memorable as Spock’s sacrifice in it Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn, where he preaches the iconic quote, “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the man.” This scene is very emotional for fans of the show, as is the cast EnterpriseSpock is part of our family and Star Trek It just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Fortunately, it isn’t long before Spock is brought back to life, as the group returns the favor and risks everything to get their friend back.

1 Darth Vader – Star Wars franchise


There is no better movie villain than Darth Vader. His black armor, red lightsaber, tremendous Force abilities, and iconic voice make him one of the coolest villains in movie history. Not only does Darth Vader look cool, his abilities don’t make the character as fictional as it is today; It’s Vader’s convincing and shocking personality that makes Vader such a brilliant villain.

Beginning life as a slave on his mother’s side, Anakin quickly becomes a member of the Jedi Order thanks to Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson). However, after Qui-Gon loses a duel to the deadly Darth Maul, Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) becomes his new master. From there his journey to the dark side only deepened, he lost his mother, Padmé (Natalie Portman) died in childbirth, his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, left the Jedi Order after the Jedi Order turned its back on her, and Obi-Wan was forced to battle and defeat Anakin Skywalker. Where his journey as Darth Vader began.

His arc isn’t quite as dark, as Darth Vader eventually meets his son and after a short while sees Luke (Mark Hamill) get electrocuted by the Emperor, Darth Vader’s master, Vader then turns the tide to save his son, killing Vader in the process .


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