the the eighties And The nineties It was a great decade an act films. from Terminator 2: Judgment Day to matrixThere seems to always be a steady stream of explosive action thrillers that audiences must check out. Whether you like martial arts movies starring Jackie Chan, or action shooters with Tom Cruise doing his own stunts, the 80’s and 90’s were movies for movie lovers of all kinds of action.

Some of today’s biggest stars made a name for themselves in the ’80s and ’90s. Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, was a huge bodybuilding and movie star long before he became governor of California. It’s absolutely amazing how many Hollywood movie heroes from those eras still exist, a testament to their true courage, longevity and true acting skills. Although it’s not an exhaustive list, here are the biggest action movie stars from the ’80s and ’90s.

10 Bruce Willis

Twentieth Century Fox

Bruce Willis He is a bona fide action star. Although it started with Cybill Shepherd in the 19080 TV series moon lightMost fans know him from Die hard franchise. the first Die hard The film is considered one of the influential action films of the 1990s. In it, Willis plays John McClane, an ordinary guy trying to get home for Christmas to reunite with his estranged wife. Instead, the Christmas party in his wife’s office is hijacked by a group of terrorists, led by the sinister (but brilliant) Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman).

Many of Bruce Willis’s later films were filled with memorable moments. Includes highlights from the 80’s and 90’s Die Hard 2And The last scoutAnd JackalAnd disasterAnd The fifth element. In the year 2022, Willis has been forced to retire from acting due to suffering from aphasia, a brain condition that affects areas of the brain that control expression and understanding. Bruce Willis is definitely an action movie legend in many people’s eyes.

9 Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan as Lee in Rush Hour
New Line Cinema

Jackie Chan He started acting in small roles in the 1960s, but broke into the American movie scene in the 1980s. Hailing from British Hong Kong, Chan successfully starred in 1980s action films such as detective storyAnd Drunk masterAnd young mr. Chan’s popularity in the United States of America boomed in the 1990s with blockbusters like rush hour And Rumble in the Bronx. Chan is famous for performing all his stunts in his movies. He has appeared in over 150 films but has slowed down in recent years. After all, he is almost 70 years old.

Jackie Chan is one of the most amazing Hollywood actors. He received an Honorary Academy Award in 2016 for his “extraordinary contribution to film” and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Chan’s martial arts and hand-to-hand combat scenes were signatures of his films in the 80’s and 90’s, and his ability to perform his own fight scenes makes him a superstar action star.

8 Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell as Plissken Snake in Escape from New York
AVCO Embassy’s photo

Kurt Russell is a jack of all trades in American cinemas. Before becoming Santa in The Christmas Chronicles, he was a cowboy at Tombstone and a hockey coach at Miracle, among others. Russell got his start much earlier, however, appearing in some great action films in the 80’s and 90’s. His first major film was in 1981 Escape from New YorkDirected by John Carpenter, where he plays Snake Pilssken, an ex-soldier tasked with saving the President of the United States.

Later, Kurt Russell starred in a series of popular action films, incl Big problem in little ChinaAnd Executive decisionAnd Escape from Los AngelesAnd Tango and coins. Russell dominates the big screen with his gruff manner, snarky attitude, and willingness to shoot anyone who gets in his way. Radio Silence Productions is working on a “reorder” for Escape from New Yorkalthough Russell’s participation in the project has not yet been confirmed.

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7 Sylvester Stallone

Expendables 2 - Bike vs Chopper

It’s almost impossible to talk about action stars of the ’80s and ’90s without mentioning this Sylvester Stallone. Sly has been captivating audiences with his signature sound and look for more than five decades. His big breakthrough came in 1976 with the movie Boxing rockywhere he played the minor title character who was chosen to fight heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).

Stallone’s career exploded when he got into action movies. His impressive physique made him the perfect candidate to play Rambo in 1982 first blood. Foxy would play the character several times over the next three decades. His strong 80’s and 90’s resume also includes hits like destroyer manAnd Interesting endingAnd Judge DreddFor example but not limited to.

6 Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver as Ripley
Twentieth Century Fox

Sigourney Weaver He is an incredibly talented and intelligent actor. She grew up in New York City and holds a graduate degree in Fine Arts from Yale University. Her career took off after she appeared in James Cameron’s 1979 science fiction film alien. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the sequel, Aliens.

While Weaver’s filmography is wide and varied, she also starred in 1984 Ghostbusters1992 Alien 3and 1995 imitative. Her confidence and screen presence make her a great action hero. Recently, Weaver has lent her voice talents to Pixar films such as Find Dory And WALL-E, And also starring Cameron symbol picture franchise.

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando
Twentieth Century Fox

Arnold Schwarzenegger He is the king of action movies. He was born in Austria and started bodybuilding as a young man in the sixties. From there, he moved on to films in the 1970s and landed his first acting job position or terminator in 1984. He is in many great films, but the best is the sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Daywhere he plays a reprogrammed T-800 Terminator sent back in time to protect John Connor (Edward Furlong).

The Governor smashed action roles in the 1980s, starring in Commando (1985), Predator (1987), and Running Man (1987). Score a pair of ’90s classics: ’90s total recall and 1994 True lies. Schwarzenegger is always strong and gorgeous on screen, making him one of the best action actors in the world.

4 Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner
Warner Bros.

Harrison Ford Not your usual star. He doesn’t usually shoot or start huge explosions, but he has a wide range of action, adventure, and sci-fi movies. Ford is very charismatic and great at using a lot of stunts in his movies. He had a huge hit as Rick Deckard in 1982 Blade Runner And he never looked back.

after star Wars And Indiana Jones From the 1980s films, Ford entered into pure action films. Include his highlights Clear and present dangerAnd Air Force OneAnd Patriot Games. His latest flick Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny It will hit theaters in June 2023 and fans will be glad Ford has no plans to retire anytime soon.

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3 Jean-Claude Van Damme

Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme
Canon group

If you remember Tamagotchis, Blockbuster, and Grunge music from the ’90s, you definitely do Jean-Claude Van Damme. The martial arts star worked odd jobs and struggled financially until his breakout role in blood sports in 1988. Van Damme’s popularity rose during the 1990s with films such as timecopAnd Street FighterAnd sudden death. Everyone at the time seemed to want to be like Van Damme.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s film career has been more varied since the 1990s. He even had a voice cameo in 2022 Minions: The Rise of a Gru as a fictitious persona of himself named Jean Cloyd. Van Damme’s best days may be in the past, but he’s a martial arts movie legend who has become a huge star because of his unique style of performance, athleticism, and charismatic image.

2 Steven Seagal

With HBO Max's planned Siege reboot, will Steven Seagal return as Casey Ryback?
Warner Bros.

Another martial arts star who rose to fame in the 90’s is Steven Seagal. He is a 7th Dan black belt in martial arts and got his start in a dojo in Japan in the early 1970s. Seagal started acting in 1987, but his biggest movie was in 1992 Under siege. He then directed and starred in 1994 On a mortal landand shared the screen with action star Kurt Russell in 1996 Executive decision.

Seagal has been in a hot seat lately, often under fire for his controversial political views and relationships with Russian leaders. He has also been the subject of several lawsuits since the 1990s and has been accused of mistreating performers on set. Seagal and Van Damme also had a bit of a feud in the ’90s, with fans still arguing over who was the better action star.

1 Wesley Snipes

Blade Wesley Snipes
New Line Cinema

Before he was an action movie star, Wesley Snipes She appeared in comedy movies like White men can’t jump And major league. Snipes became a household name after playing the iconic title character in 1998 code. Snipes was a “day-walker”, a half-human, half-vampire who prowled the night hunting vampires. code It was a movie that was considered particularly gory for its time, and Snipes was a dynamic leading man.

Although he was mostly in the news in the 2000s due to his tax and legal troubles, Wesley Snipes was a huge star in ’90s action movies. His impressive films include destroyer man with Sylvester Stallone, sunshine With Sean Connery and US Marshals With Tommy Lee Jones. Snipes is finally back with a small part in the critically acclaimed 2019 Eddie Murphy film Dolemite is my name.


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