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Tom Holland Known as a serial spoiler. MCU star, who rose to fame after joining the franchise Captain America: Civil War To give life to Spider-Man, he was one of the Marvel Studios celebs who revealed most of the secrets related to the ever-mysterious surprises of the saga films.

Earlier this month, his latest title project hit Apple TV+ crowded room It was another great opportunity for Holland to unveil the details behind the show’s complex story. But he didn’t, and there’s a good reason for that.

While speaking with Screen Rant, the actor explained that the MCU spoilers are pretty basic, while also shedding light on the mystery behind crowded room It was more complex and would definitely spoil the audience experience:

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Yeah, it’s interesting, spoilers for the Marvel movies, they’re pretty basic. It’s, ‘Who’s the villain?’ What does the outfit look like? Where’s the place? What’s going on?” But what I love about this show, and why I’m so excited for it to show up, is that we put together this puzzle, [and] The puzzle will be yours to try to solve. There are many periods of this show where you can work it out before we tell you what it is. And I’m really excited to see how fans react to this style of show, which is why I’m so careful not to give anything away.”

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What is a crowded room?

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Starring Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried, The Crowded Room is set in New York in 1979, following the story of Danny Sullivan, a young man involved in a shooting. Through various interviews, detective Rhea Goodwin will try to reconstruct the events outside Sullivan’s mind to discover the truth.

However, the journey they both will take through the young man’s memories and his complex life will lead them to discover a deeper and darker secret, buried in his subconscious, that will change their lives forever.

The series is based on the 1981 book, The Minds of Billy Milligan By Daniel Keyes, about the case of the titled man who was accused of various crimes and later diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

crowded room It also stars Sasha Lane as Ariana, Will Chase as Marlin Reid, Lior Raz as Yitzak Safdie, and Emmy Rossum as Candy Sullivan.

The series marks Holland’s latest effort to break away from Peter Parker, taking on more dramatic roles as he’s already done in projects like The Russo Brothers. cherry, Antonio Campos Satan all the time Or even be a part of some other concession just like he tried to do with it unknown. In any case, he will use a file Spider Man The suit is back in the fourth installment of the saga, though it doesn’t have a release date at the moment.


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