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Harry Potter a star Tom Felton Share an article to E! Remember the news late Robbie Coltrane On his supposed seventy-third birthday. Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, has worked with Coltrane on the franchise for over a decade. The actor recalled the fun times they had while filming the Harry Potter films. Coltrane passed away last October 2022 due to multiple organ failure.

Felton began his heartfelt message, recalling their early days shooting the film. he wrote,

“In the early days of Harry Potter, the cast consisted of two distinct groups: children and adults. Emma Watson was nine when we started filming; Dan Radcliffe was 11; I was 13. Maggie Smith and Richard Harris, by comparison, were In your 60s and 70s. Do the math: I was either one of the kids, or I was one of the adults. Unless you were Robbie Coltrane.”

Felton was fascinated by the way Coltrane was able to bond with both groups on set. The actor was also impressed with how knowledgeable Coltrane was on various subjects. he added,

Somehow Robbie managed to be an adult and a child at the same time, keeping his footing in both camps. His knowledge of the world was amazing. He was well versed in just about any subject you might care to mention, from engineering to geography, from history to travel – and that meant he He had something to contribute to any mature conversation that might happen on set. You could tell the older actors appreciated and respected his experience.”

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Without Hagrid, there is no Hogwarts

Aside from being a great friend, Felton went on to detail how professional Coltrane was. The actor shared that he learned a lot from the late star. he added,

Robbie knew how important it was to know your lines, to be on your mark, to play in front of the camera. We learned our trade from watching him. He gave us all a great example of how to master the basic skills of being on set, but never in a boring or condescending way. Although he routinely had to deal with an overwhelming amount of hair, makeup, suits, and suits, he somehow managed to create an environment that allowed us all to be fun.”

Felton ended the speech by sharing how much Coltrane meant to the franchise and how much he missed his friend. he finished,

“And Robbie was endlessly cheerful. He was constantly sassy. Most of all, he was always kind. He never took himself too seriously—and those characteristics lie at the heart of it all, I think, because if Robbie takes himself seriously… “If he forgot what it meant to be nice, there would be no Hagrid. Without Hagrid, there would be no Hogwarts. And no one can or will ever play that gentle giant half like my lost friend Robbie Coltrane.”


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