There was certainly no shortage of stories Tom Cruise that have been reported over the years, though there is one that stands out as the actor’s weirdest. As of now, Cruise’s latest movie release, Mission: Impossible – Dida Arithmetic Part 1, imminent. Before the premiere, Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie spoke with The Times to help promote the film. During the conversation, McQuarrie revealed how when he first met Cruz, he asked the actor to tell him “the weirdest story you’ve ever heard about yourself.”

To that, Cruz laughed and shared how his greatest myth is that people on movie sets “were not allowed to look me in the eye.” This is a rumor that goes back many years, with claims that Cruise would withhold eye contact on sets such as the movies magnolia And The last samurai. Anyway, that hasn’t happened much in recent years, given the charismatic reputation Cruise has developed since then, which includes dancing with the cast and crew on movie sets.

An exception may have been when Cruise warned a crew member that they would be fired if they continued to violate the strict safety protocols that were put in place during filming. Mission: Impossible 7 during a pandemic. While taping the reaction wasn’t Cruise’s best moment, the actor actually got a lot of support at the time because of how seriously he took production safety measures. like his Mission: Impossible Co-star Simon Pegg now adds to The Times, he’s been there a lot is at stake with production, providing some additional context for the situation.

“Everything Tom cared about, in terms of his job, was at stake because of the pandemic,” Big says. “For him there was a risk that this virus would wipe cinema off the face of this earth.”

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Cruise has also been described as someone who enjoys interacting with fans. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Cruz talked about how he frequently takes pictures, signs autographs, and chats with people who approach him — certainly not typical behavior for someone who is rumored to abhor eye contact. Even Kimmel noted how he personally saw Cruz standing in front of “a group of 500 people outside our stage,” patiently posing and taking pictures with each and every one of them. The actor explained that he simply enjoys meeting others.

“I love talking to people,” Cruz said, referring to the way he initially makes his films “for them.”

Cruz has made great efforts for his films to provide the best theatrical experience to the viewers. You certainly can’t argue with the results, given the how Top Gun: Maverick It dominated theaters last year, after being recognized by many as instrumental in “saving” cinema. Looks like Cruz is doing it again with his new movie, eg Misson: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 It debuted to extremely high marks from critics with its early reviews. It is also expected to set the new record for best opening for Mission: Impossible film.

You can catch cruise on the big screen when Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 It was released to theaters on July 10, 2023.


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