James Cameron Titanic It’s coming to Netflix in a few days, and some are saying the streaming platform should have been late in adding the hit movie to its library of available titles. The movie will begin airing on July 1 in the US and Canada, and the announcement comes shortly after the Titan submarine tragedy. The tourist submarine, operated by OceanGate, was on its way to the Titanic wreck site in the Atlantic Ocean when it was destroyed by an implosion, killing all five on board.

timing Titanic The hit on Netflix shortly after the tourist incident drew some criticism on social media. “The timing is so wrong,” one person said in response to the news, while another Twitter user said, “Titanic To be on Netflix after the submarine explodes is bad timing.”

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“Brother, my Netflix friend,” said another person. “I even loved Titanic The movie, but its release after the unfortunate event that claimed 5 lives is bad timing.

This isn’t the only new title coming to Netflix that has drawn some criticism over the timing. The streamer also recently released a trailer for deepest breathIt is a documentary series about deep water freediving. These two deepest breath And Titanic They’re making their way onto Netflix in the days after Titan exploded near the sinking ship, leaving some people scratching their heads.

Netflix drops trailer for deep-sea diving documentary and brings it back Titanic While all things are going on now an unrealized level of “excellent timing you guys,” as someone else says.

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Isn’t this the right time to visit Titanic again?

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Most likely, Netflix already had plans for the debut Titanic And deepest breath on the service in the near future, though criticisms still suggest releases should have been given more time. In any case, the Titanic tragedy is clearly a renewed interest in the Titanic for many around the world, given the massive coverage of the incident. Even if the timing wasn’t intentional, Titanic It still could be streaming more on Netflix next month than it would have if the tragedy hadn’t happened. After all, Celine Dion’s theme song to the movie has seen a host of hundreds of thousands of plays streamed on Spotify since the tragedy.

“I was struck by the resemblance to the Titanic disaster itself, in which the captain was repeatedly warned of ice in front of his ship, and yet it vaporized at full speed on an ice field on a moonless night and so many people died as a result,” Titanic Director James Cameron also said about the incident. “For us, it’s a very similar tragedy where the warnings weren’t heeded. And for it to happen in the exact same location with all the diving that’s happening around the world, I think it’s amazing. It’s really surreal.”

Titanic It will start streaming on Netflix on July 1, 2023. If you can’t wait, you can currently stream the movie for free Also on Pluto TV.


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