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Not much is known about the future Revival of the King of the Hill on Hulu. But according to actor Stephen Root, the series will see a leap forward in time.

When will the King of the Hill revival happen?

Speaking to Screen Rant, Root — who plays Bill Dauterive, Buck Strickland, and other voices in King of the Hill — said schedule readings for the revival began sometime in April. He also stated that as far as he knew, the series would jump forward to an unspecified point in the future.

“I think we’ll jump in that time a little bit until Bobby is a bit older, and it’ll be fun. We started table reading in April, so I’m looking forward to that,” Root said.

Root also gave insight into Dauterive’s character. The actor was asked what he thinks the character will be up to, and what he thinks he would prefer more: cutting hair (his job in the series) or grilling, which the character also took an interest in.

“I think Bill, as the bumbling snob that he is, is actually an excellent hairstylist,” said Root. “But I think his Louisiana roots probably make him the better barbecue maker. I would say barbecue at this point. If Bill can remember his name!”

the king of the hill The revival will once again be executive produced by Daniels and Judge, with the latter also returning to voice his role as Hank Hill. The project is produced by 20th Television Animation and Bandera Entertainment.

It will also be executive produced by Dustin Davis along with 3 Arts’ original producers Michael Rottenberg and Howard Klein. This isn’t the first time Hulu has green-lighted an animated revival for Fox, as the launcher pre-ordered the upcoming reboot of Futurama.


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