Oh, summer…a haven of peace, happiness, and good times. Every year, when the long-awaited summer vacation approaches, hundreds (and thousands) of families prepare to enjoy a well-deserved rest, before returning to their usual routines and daily obligations. What could go wrong? What inconvenience can arise?

    I Hate Summer, the new movie directed by Ver García Ruiz and written by David Marquez, will resolve these doubts. And it is that if things get complicated, a quiet summer can turn into real chaos and frantic adventure (all accompanied by a good laugh, of course).

    Leandro Betancourt

    Skillfully using the tone of comedy, the director of ‘Derailed’ has placed himself in command of a cast of posh characters, headed by famous faces of Spanish cinema such as: Malena Alterio, Julian Lopez, Roberto Alamo, Kira Miro, Maria Poto, Jordi Sanchez and Mariano Venancio.

    In addition, we will be able to enjoy explanations John Yara And from youth Javier Lira and Atsiber Razkin. Finally, to complete the cast of the family, we will meet the child actors: Scarlett Arce, Lucas Ruiz and Diego Ruiz.

    I hate summer

    Leandro Betancourt

    In ‘Odio el Verano’ we will accompany three Spanish couples on their paradisiacal holiday in the Canary Islands. It comes to Alonso and Marisa (sweeper and tarot reader, played by Alamo and Alterio); Horoscope and Fatima (the owners of a delicatessen, Sanchez and Boto brought them in); And Calatrava and Vicki (plastic surgeon and influencer, played by Lopez and Miro).

    They all have something in common: They rent the same house for their vacations due to a travel agency’s mistake. Nobody is willing to part with it, and because of the loneliness of the place, they don’t have many alternatives to solve the situation. Finally, they agree to share the villa for the whole summer.

    With their obvious differences shown on the table, The days on the island will be crazy and full of funny moments and crazy situations. Despite this, this ordeal will become an ideal opportunity for coexistence and understanding (collective and personal…)

    I hate summer

    Leandro Betancourt

    I Hate Summer was produced by Ghislain Barrois, lvaro Augustin (Telecinco Cinema) and Miguel Menéndez de Zubillaga (Mono Pictures AIE), in association with Sony Pictures International Productions.

    After six weeks of shooting in Tenerife and one in Madrid, the film is almost finished shooting in the Spanish capital. Soon we will be able to learn more about these three families and their unforgettable holidays.

    Actor and writer specializing in film criticism, graduated from Carlos III University of Madrid, Estudio Corazza for Actor and ECAM.


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