Amy Nominations are just around the corner. On July 12, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is set to reveal its annual nominations for the best shows and shows that television had to make in the 2022-23 season.

And the Emmys love to play favorites. It is almost a guarantee of last year’s drama and comedy series winners, Succession And Ted Lasso, would dominate the lineup, along with re-favorites such as Abbott ElementaryAnd Better Call SaulAnd white lotus.

But the downside to playing favorites is that fresh blood is often left in the dust. So here are four new and returning TV shows that we’d love to see earn Emmy recognition this year.

AndorDrama Series, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Guest Actor

Disney +

Dragon house It probably has a “blockbuster prestige TV” slot in the bag, but more deserving is it Andor. It is by far one of the most unique and original series to come out of Scope star Wars the universe long ago, Andor It was the rare “twelve hour movie” season that didn’t run out of steam and kept the pace throughout.

In exploring a more coherent and morally ambiguous side of star Wars Universe, showrunner Tony Gilroy and his team cleverly explore the political intrigue that led to the rise of the Rebel Alliance, as well as how this in turn propelled the titular Andor from self-indulgent smuggler to hero fighting for a cause.

In a Perfect World, it would be a nod to the drama series without thinking, while Diego Luna expertly plots his character’s transformation from survival to heroism. And Stellan Skarsgard gave a human face to the Rebel Alliance as Lothon’s leader Rael, expertly showing Rael’s willingness to get his hands dirty to win the war. And the Guest Actor category would honestly be incomplete without Andy Serkis, whose role in the late season storyline was quite memorable.

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Reservation Dogs: Comedy Series, All Acting Categories

Reservation dogs

One of the most inexcusable Emmys of the past year was the poignant and heartily funny slice-of-life series. Reservation dogs. Her debut season earned a total zero Nominations despite outstanding writing and directing, and a perfect cast. Its second season, even better than the first, qualifies this year, and one hopes the Emmys can right their wrong this time around.

Ideally, all four young actors, Devery Jacobs, Defron Won-A-Tay, Lean Factor, and Paulina Alexis, should receive nominations. The titular “Rez Dogs” faced new challenges to their friendship and the pressures of impending adulthood, along with lingering grief over their friend Daniel’s suicide, as the band flawlessly navigated these journeys.

The particularly impressive factor was in a heartbreaking spotlight where the laid-back coward is sent to live in a group home after a custody mix-up, and Alexis remains as tomboy Willie Jack, deeply affected by the death of her cousin Daniel. But all four of these actors deserve at least two nominations, each better than the first season, and the Emmys should pay attention to that.

Mrs. Davis: Limited Series, Lead Actress

Cast Mrs. Davis

One of the best new series from 2023 that no one watched was Mrs. Davisa maddening, philosophical, and oddly engaging creation from Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof, the respective minds behind The Big Bang Theory And Lost. The series focused on a nun caught in the midst of a war behind an artificial intelligence and freedom fighters opposing it, and the resulting journey is just as crazy as it sounds.

Over the course of its eight episodes, the show has always poised to fall into self-parody, an ambitious blend of outlandish slapstick with musings about what it means to be human that often threatens to go off the rails. However, he never crosses that line, remaining engaging, funny, and adorable throughout as he wraps up his story with surprising implications.

For her sheer ambition alone, Mrs. Davis Well deserved in the Limited Series category. Equally important to its success was lead Betty Gilpin, who played the absurdity of the conflict utterly directly. For giving the series a heart it might have otherwise lacked, she also deserves a nomination.

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Shrinkage: Comedy Series, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor

Harrison Ford Shrink
+ Apple TV

Considering her Emmy adoration over the past two years, it seems like a given Ted Lasso It would be competitive again for its third and possibly final season, despite mixed reception from critics and fans alike. But arguably more worthy this time around is the new drama from Ted Lasso Creators Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein, shrank.

The series centers on Jamie (Jason Segel), a therapist on a downward spiral since the death of his wife, who decides to become a “psychoguard”. Specifically, he embarks on a mission to breathe ethical barriers with his patients to help them more quickly. Much like Ted Lassoit effectively mixes pathos with subtle humor, though the series deserves props for pulling that off with a darker emotional undercurrent.

And while the show deserves recognition for a sitcom, it’s really been borne on the shoulders of the performers. Jason Segel was tailor-made for the role of Jimmy, deftly navigating the show’s mix of gloom and humor. But Harrison Ford is the real standout as Jimmy’s mentoring therapist who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and continues the surprising but welcome return to pushing his limits as an actor in his twilight years. He’s funny out loud and deserves an Emmy.


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