director’s world Wes Anderson Strange place. Its sets, story, characters, and dialogue are unlike anything in cinema today. During Anderson’s career, he has worked with many famous actors. Some actors like Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, and Owen Wilson became frequent collaborators. Others have had “one-off” appearances, like Cate Blanchett and, most recently, Tom Hanks. All of Anderson’s films featured actors of strong caliber. With the number of actors Anderson has been involved with, one wonders who he could choose next.

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Many talented actors have yet to work with the director, with an infinite number of people yet to work with Anderson. Some actors simply aren’t cut out for Anderson’s more bizarre passions. However, two actors, in particular, could fit right into Anderson’s colorful box. Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone need to appear in Anderson’s Weird and Wonderful Adventure. Why they should be in Anderson’s movie could reflect their recent movie choices. These choices aren’t the only reason they deserve a chance to work with the filmmaker.

Joaquin Phoenix fits Anderson’s quirks

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Phoenix is ​​one of the most interesting actors of his generation. His enigmatic personality could fit nicely into Anderson’s candy-coated world. Coming off a weird, weird turn in Ari Aster’s Bo afraidPhoenix can work in mysterious stories. Anderson himself dabbles in obscurity, which makes imitation of the two seem inevitable. Strangeness and mystery are not the only common feature of these two. The need for their union must occur on a personal level.

Anderson and Phoenix share a sad but common and strange poetic similarity. Anderson’s films feature characters who have suffered a loss of innocence. While Phoenix suffered a loss of innocence in his life. After facing a personal tragedy, working on an Anderson movie can be therapeutic for an actor. Coupling can be something more than therapeutic. It can create something humorous and refreshing for the fans.

Two of Joaquins’ most recent roles have been joker (which won him an Academy Award), and Bo afraid. Both roles were darkly comedic and showed genuine and emotional vulnerability. The ability to display these traits in performance is a key component of understanding Anderson’s writing. Almost all of the Phoenix characters come with some form of emotional baggage. The only problem is that their “baggage” never has a happy solution. Anderson could help bring needed catharsis and show new depths to the famous actor.

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Emma Stone has played a quirky role before

Emma Stone as Cruella
Pictures of Walt Disney

Emma Stone has really shown her quirky side in her performance. I really got involved with Strange Worlds after working with directors like Yorgos Lanthimos and Alejandro G. Inarritu. It was after she showcased her talents as a more dramatic performer and won an Academy Award. Her performance shows a versatility in the ways that would flourish in Anderson’s film. This versatile ability makes her ideal for a weak character in Anderson’s world. Two renderings, in particular, prove why she fit in his textiles.

Favorite And Cruella He played a more eccentric role. Both characters had dark pasts but handled their roles with great humor. A sense of humor is a crucial component of Anderson’s film. Through her many roles, Stone has proven that she can always apply a comedic touch. However, its mix of drama and comedy proves why it’s such a good fit.

Since she won an Oscar for la la land, Stone’s choices are becoming more murky. Working with directors like Lanthimos and Damien Chazelle made her develop as a performer. She has now found a balance between serious and comical screen presence. Working on a Wes Anderson movie would allow her the chance to let those skills develop. Her quirky and humorous sensibilities could fit in well with this style. It will also allow her to be reunited with her rational man Co-starring Joaquin Phoenix. This movie was much darker than the Wes Anderson movie.

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Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are two of Hollywood’s hardest working actors. Both of them have displayed serious range with their performances. Being able to employ such emotional depth would be perfect for Anderson’s film. The stories he tells are about people who are emotionally stunted or even broken.

His films give these characters a chance at redemption, which both Stone and Phoenix can portray effortlessly. Both actors are able to play incredibly quirky and likable characters. Instead of playing unconventional characters prone to violence, Anderson could make them likable. Pairing them with Wes Anderson can create a unique experience for fans and non-fans alike.

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