When we were kids, most of us couldn’t wait to get up and watch Saturday morning cartoons featuring our favorite furry creatures like Bugs Bunny, Rescue Rangers, Animaniacs, Popples, and Care Bears. We had two hours after school to watch cartoons in the school. We didn’t have smartphones or tablets. If we had the internet, children wouldn’t use it. It seems that was a million years ago now.

Instead, we relied on our limited friendships with our on-screen animal friends. Fast forward to the current generation, and they have everything at their fingertips. Most kids now enjoy cable streaming services like Netflix and Disney + and have more electronic gadgets than they know what to do with.

Fortunately, we have some excellent personalities to help teach our children some basic lessons. The list of animated animal stars that our kids love is growing day by day. Here is a short list of the most lovable creatures out there.

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10 Mickey Mouse — The Mickey Mouse Club

Disney +

This affectionate mouse in red pants has been around since 1928! We’re nearing the 100-year mark, and Mickey Mouse is still going strong. He and his friends have always been highly regarded by children and adults of all ages. He showed us how friendship works, how we create art, all about counting and our ABCs, and he hasn’t changed much in nearly 100 years.

Mickey Mouse is a tried and true household name when it comes to kids. They love its cute sound, simple shape, colors and great interactive tutorial, Mickey Mouse Club.

9 Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic Prime

Sonic the Hedgehog in the Sonic Frontier video game.

The little blue hedgehog from another planet swooped into our hearts on June 23, 1991, and hasn’t left since. We grew up with the adorable fast blue creature, and now My voice again through Sonic the hedgehog films. sales for My voice The goods went through the roof as every kid seemed to love My voice And his strange life lessons.

My voice It shows our children coping mechanisms, how to deal with friendship, that teamwork is good business, and that no matter how different they are from other children, it in no way means that they are less than these children. Being different is simply being something extra, and that’s great.

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8 Bluey Heeler – Bluey

A scene from Bluey.
BBC Archives

Star bluish, the little blue heeled pup of Australia, and her friends and family are always full of entertaining gossip and tough cases to solve before the episode ends. This is an excellent show for young children because it teaches acceptance, love, kindness, forgiveness, and why friends and families are so important.

This offer is a win-win for parents and children alike. These life lessons are excerpted into seven-minute shows that are highly digestible for all ages and share the perspectives of children and parents. Inclusion is a big part of this show, as the series’ creators recently introduced a deaf character, and there are many key life lessons we can all learn from.

7 Bandy Bows — Gabby’s Dollhouse

Pandy Paws pose on his side.

Gabby’s Dollhouse It is highly underrated and has some of the best lessons and characters that television has to offer our young children. Gabi is a 12-year-old Hispanic girl with a magical cat headband that shrinks her to doll size and enables her to go on adventures with her feline friends.

Some of the likable characters are KikiAnd Cat in the shape of a cake, Kitty FuryAnd And of course, Bandy Bows himself. Bandy Gabe Best friend and constant companion. Together, they explore fictional words, real-life problems, growing up, and friendship.

6 Pete – the cat’s house

Book cover of Pete the Cat and his four adorable buttons
Amazon Prime

house She is one amazing cat. He and his friends explore, create art, surf, fundraise, accept friends with disabilities, and love their parents. This is one of the best animated animal stars for our kids. house He has many great life lessons and offers many ways to experience them. Cat house show Great, the books are also great and helpful for new readers. Kitty house The books are also available for younger audiences.

The story behind the creation cat house Just as heart-warming as the show and the books are, though we hope so cat house do not go far.

5 bob – lac

+ Apple TV

A charming choice for a family movie night, luck The film is about an unlucky kitten, Bob, who worked in the land of fortune, and his unlucky foster child turned adult, Sam who finds a lucky penny. This movie is about working through the hardships of life and staying happy. It is deeply rooted in the fact that if you are a good, honest, and compassionate person, eventually good things will happen to you.

It’s also about making a home out of whatever makes you happiest and being thankful that you have friends and family who support you through thick and thin.

4 Pikachu – Pokemon

Detective Pikachu is cute
Pictures Warner Bros

Pikachu has been around long enough to be a household name. We can’t get enough of the little yellow guy from the countless Pokémon video games, shows, and movies. He has been a childhood favorite ever since his debut the Pokemon: red and green video game.

Pikachu is cute and cuddly. He always puts his friends first and never leaves them to face a battle alone. after detectivePikachuFans are very excited for the upcoming Pikachu movie. Although Pikachu is not in it (nor is Ash), next Pokemon: Janitor It will bring back some of the original Pokémon.

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3 Chase – paw patrol

Chase from Paw Patrol is standing next to his truck.

paw patrol is a successful series, and it makes sense why. Every kid who is asked who their favorite PAW Patrol character is says “Chase” without hesitation. Chase is a police dog in training on the show. The puppies who are training to become rescue dogs are all very ambitious and different, but they still work together anytime the need arises.

This cute dog show gives kids an insight into what it means to be brave and a hero, something many little ones want to grow up to achieve. The show is also very good at teaching kids the proper way to care for animals and is supported by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

2 Baby Shark – Baby Shark Show

Baby Shark standing in a room with a microphone and his family.
Nick Jr.

When we were first introduced to Baby Shark Dance A song, we couldn’t escape it. Baby Shark He was everywhere we went; Even baby shark toys thrived everywhere, sings the song. Korean edutainment giant Pinkfong has reached such a level of success that Baby Shark even got its own show, Baby Shark Big Show. The show is silly and funny as it takes you on adventures in Carnivore Cove.

Kids can learn about different types of sea creatures and why keeping our oceans clean is essential. The show also introduces a whole new set of catchy tunes.

1 Max — the secret life of pets

Max from Secret Life of Pets on the lawn at the dog park.
Lighting and entertainment

Max is the sweet star The secret life of pets, who follows him around while he gets into trouble. His human decided to adopt another dog, Duke. He’s a hairy dog ​​and refuses to let Max believe he’s Number One anymore. Throughout the film, Max learns how to be friends, share, and empathize with other animals, even when it means sharing his beloved owner and home.


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