the magician He faces a major change after its third season ends later this month, with Henry Cavill stepping away from the main role of Geralt, to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth for upcoming seasons. In addition to losing an actor that many fans are determined to keep in their hearts as the one and only Geralt, they’re also losing someone with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the novels on which the series is based. Anya Chalotra recently discussed Cavill’s deep understanding of Andrzej Sapkowski, revealing what it was like working with someone so invested in the material.

No, it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone to work with who loves the material. It really is. Because [Cavill] He knows more than anyone the world of The Witcher, all the rules, regulations, conditions and knowledge of the Witcher – he’s right there. So, to work with that, it’s a blessing because there are days when you might be expiating the world a little more than the next. And he’s there to go, ‘Wait, we’ve got this. “

However, Cavill’s love of the source material appears to have been the main reason for his departure from the series due to his deviating from the story laid out across the novels and making several changes to the characters. This is a view shared by many other fans of Sapkowski’s novels and video games that form the basis of the fantasy show.

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Fans have been divided over the third season of The Witcher


The knowledge that Henry Cavill’s departure is imminent weighs heavily on many The Witcher fans. Although the first part of season 3 didn’t get the kind of hate that spin-off series did blood origin Received, it was definitely a mixed bag of opinions as to whether the show was keeping itself on the right track or veering off a path of less success.

The divide in opinion is certainly driven by the simple question of whether viewers had foreknowledge of this the magician Or coming to the series as someone who hasn’t read books or played video games. In a similar way to how The last of us Viewed differently by gaming enthusiasts, the magician He’ll struggle to overcome the many complaints he gets from long-term fans.

There is no doubt that the biggest test for the magician It will be the transition into Season 4 with Liam Hemsworth’s first episodes. The show’s producers have already hinted that Hemsworth’s arrival will take place in an “induction” fashion in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. The truth of this statement will ultimately be determined by fans once Season 4 comes out. Before that, the second part of Season 3 will arrive on Netflix July 27 to end Cavill’s time as Geralt, and hopefully do so in a way that will satisfy fans enough to return for what comes next.


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